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Chapter 48: Salt (2)

”Absorb God? ”

Jamie doubted her ears.

God absorbs God.

Is this idea possible?

I wonder if it was the same with Yeomjee, too, and he laughed.

”He ’s such a bastard.
I didn ’t even expect that I would do something like that.

”You mean the others left it alone? ”

”It ’s not that I left it alone, it was already too late when I realized it. ”

It wasn ’t long before Yeomji was aware of this fact.

Suddenly, Drian ’s divinity disappeared like a lie.
And before long, Khuulun ’s divinity disappeared.

In an instant, the two divinities completely disappeared.

After that, Zenith ’s divinity swelled rapidly, as if she had devoured it.

I found out then.

”Jenice absorbed Drian first.
However, it was not fully absorbed.
It ’s only absorbed one, but if you get caught, you ’ve decided that you might be attacked by other gods.

then . ”

He met Khuulun, leaving Drian to remain alive, and completely absorbed Drian in front of him, giving him the edge of complete power. ”

Zenith, who gained two divine powers at once, absorbed Khuulun without difficulty.

When the three divine powers were combined, from that moment on, he decided that there was no need to hide his power, so he opened his power to the front.

As if from now on, I would go hunting all the gods.

”Zenith will absorb all 12 gods except Ra.
I have no intention of being absorbed by him, but if you do, you will face an enemy as powerful as Ra. ”

If Zenith absorbs all eight gods except for Ra, Obrian, and Brahman, maybe even Ra will surpass him.

As long as he has revealed his ambitions in earnest, he must be defeated before he can absorb more of the other gods.

’Jenice. ’

He even betrayed his colleagues who had been with him for tens of thousands of years.

I ’ve known for a long time that I ’m a garbage child, but I still don ’t hesitate to cross the line.

From my previous life to today, I thought that I would be a very annoying person in the future.

So he must be killed.

One day sooner before it gets bigger.

It ’s obvious what he ’s going to target next.



The possibility that Janice ’s troublemaker would be her next target was obvious.

If it was the original guy, he wouldn ’t even be a one-on-one opponent to the Pyro, but now that he ’s absorbed the two, the story will be different.

However, the Pyro will not be easily defeated.

She has the highest deity among the 12 gods.

If the Pyro had tried to fight properly the other day, Jamie wouldn ’t have been able to defeat her easily.

He was that strong, so he wouldn ’t be devoured in vain like Drian or Khuulun.

I decided to put the Janice issue aside for a while.

Even if I knew the problem, I couldn ’t do it right away.

Instead, I asked Yeomjae what I was curious about.

”I knew in detail how a being like me was reincarnated.
I heard that Gaia planned to be reincarnated through a contract with the main body sealed in the darkness of the beginning, but why does he know? ”

Yeomje was not surprised to receive this question.

Rather, he was making an expression as if he already knew.

”If you know anything, tell me! ”

”Whoa. ”

He sighed in confusion and opened his mouth.

La He and I are brothers. ”

* * *

Yeom-je spoke with a complicated tone.

”The sun god.
He is, like me, the first child of Gaia. ”

” Hey, what nonsense are you talking about all of a sudden? ”

”As I heard.
The gnome is a natural god born to rule the sun of Bless.
Among the brothers, he is the one who inherited the power of the mother god Gaia the most. ”

Jamie ’s head was confused.

Isn ’t it suddenly said that Ra is the brother of the flame emperor, or one of the natural gods?

Aren ’t all the 12 gods, except for the flames, transcendental beings from outer space?

”Didn ’t you tell Oblien that you heard it? It is said that it was La Gnome that gathered the 12 gods. ”

Wandering around all dimensions, he gathered the deities befitting the group of 12 gods one by one.

But I didn ’t know where Ra came from.

Also, Ra was surprisingly familiar with the planet Bless.

why did you know

If he is from Bless, everything is explained.

Being able to attack Bless, knowing what existed there, everything.

Because he knew everything about Bless, he had invaded.

”The insider who knows the most poked in the weakest part. ”

Yeomje started talking in a self-helpful voice.

”At the time, it was impossible for us to respond quickly.
Bless was a peaceful world.
There were hardly any fights, and in the shadow of the mother god Gaia, he just did his best for his job.
On the other hand, the 12 gods were different. ”

Except for Ra, all the 12 gods were accustomed to fighting.

There were those who did not, but even they were far better than the nature gods of Bless.

Moreover, it was very difficult to respond because it was stabbed from the most vulnerable part.

However, the nature gods themselves were very high and the power they had was strong, so they were able to resist somehow.

”But even that didn ’t last long.
He started moving in earnest. ”

At that time, Ra was the strongest of the natural gods, but he was not a different being as it is now.


It was after the incident that happened that day that it evolved into a different being.

”It doesn ’t exist now, but there was a place called Eden.
It was very spacious, and it was so beautiful that just looking at it gave me peace of mind. ”

Ra killed about 200 nature gods there.

It was ruthless violence.

From the time of his birth, he was born with different prices, and he honed his violence while hiding his unsettling thoughts.

In order to collect the 12 gods, he gained experience by traveling through various dimensions, and his power reached a point where it surpassed that of Gaia.

It was a massacre.

Ra killed all the natural gods gathered there, leaving no one behind.

Yeomje, who appeared late, spoke to Ra in the tragedy.

-Why did you do this?

– In order to obtain all three things.

-therefore So you killed people like your family?!

-Because that ’s the way to the next one, Shen-Nong.

At first, I didn ’t know what the path to the next after Ra said was.

However, I soon found out.

By killing the natural gods who are like family in the field of Eden, Ra was completely liberated from the ’connection ’.

It meant the transcendence of the physical world, and it leaped to a new level that even the Gods of Ra could never reach.

In the face of such overwhelming power, Yanji Shennong decided that there was no answer at all for now.

So, she secretly made contact with the mother goddess Gaia.

”I talked a lot with my mother. ”

However, no matter what plan they came up with, the only conclusion was that it was impossible.

When he was so desperate, he thought of a trick.

It was too cruel to be a trick, and it was a plan that had to endure a period of terrible torment that I never knew how long it would take.

”It was sacrificing me to buy time. ”

Yeomje betrayed Bless.

12 Attached to the gods and helped kill them.

Everyone called him a traitor, and he was treated worse than he was to Ra.

The more it happened, the more intensely he decided.

As if walking through hell, he killed the mind, and acted like a machine.

On the other hand, he always whipped himself in order not to be eaten by the monster of adaptation.

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”There is only one reason why I have earned so much time. ”

He said, pointing to Jamie with a very tired face.

”Because humans believed in the possibility of a race. ”

The 12 gods, including Ra, were not very wary of the human race.

It had the strange power of power, but it was an ambiguous race that was not comparable to the Godhead.

They tended to be attracted to their great powers, so some began to worship the twelve gods.

It soon acted as a power of divinity, and to the 12 gods, humans were positioned as beings with nothing to lose.

But he knew as much as the salt.

The possibility of the human race is greater than any other race in the vast universe.

Among them, he was sure that a human with enormous potential would be born to threaten even the gods.

However, it was not known when such a human would appear.

So, the dynasty endured and endured terrible times.

”And you appeared. ”

Diablo Volfir.

He was a magic teacher in a remote village, but eventually became the head of the Resistance, the resistance force of the 12 gods.

His magic was comparable to that of the gods, and in fact, the resistance had grown so large that it could confront the powers of the 12 gods.

But it was defeated.

They fought several wars, but in the end they were all defeated.

”But you did not give up. ”

Diablo Volfir returned from the dead and waged a fight against the 12 gods again with a new power called Black Mana.

”There I saw possibilities. ”

Even Diablo, who had black mana in his hands, couldn ’t get over the fortress of the 12 gods, but if he did, he would try again someday.

Although sealed in the darkness of the beginning, he is the only one who can defeat the 12 gods and the sun god Ra.

The project started from there.

Yeomje and Gaia secured the reincarnation point of Diablo Volfir, and helped the Welton family ’s arrangement to bloom successfully.

And then, Jamie was born.

”The more your name and presence became known, the more convinced I was that my thoughts were not wrong. ”

The expression on Yeom-je ’s expression that had spoken up to that point was very bright.

However, his expression darkened again in the following words.

”The problem was that Ra knew it too.
I don ’t know how I knew.
My guess is that he might have been able to intervene in the primordial darkness.
If so, there must have been a way to find out the contents of the contract there.
If that ’s true, it would be really serious, but that ’s not the real problem.

He said with a pretty serious face.

”Even though you knew that, you never even bothered me.
As if you could do it, he did it all by himself.
okay I was on guard. ”

Jamie remembered what Ra had said.

’Be stronger.
Whether you use the Pyro or whatever you do, defeat all enemies that stand in your way.
I ’d like to stack them up like that, and stand in front of the main seat someday. ’

He was looking forward to his own growth.

I still didn ’t know why he wanted him to be so strong, but after hearing the story of the flame, I realized one thing.

”It ’s a sad thing to say.
It ’s so strong that everything feels like a joke.
So maybe you ’re counting on me.
There is even the possibility of making yourself happy. ”

”Maybe, maybe not. ”

The more I listened, the more I couldn ’t understand Ra ’s purpose.

What is certain is that Ra is still a much more dangerous being than Zenith, who is now absorbing other gods.

It was a pain in the ass.

Even though we are doing things we couldn ’t do in our previous life, we still don ’t see the answer.

”There is no point in thinking about it with a headache.
There is only one path I have to walk anyway. ”

Jamie got up.

He said looking up at the sky.

La! I ’m sure you ’re listening!

At those words, Yeomje opened her eyes wide.

I never thought I ’d say something like that out loud.

Jamie continued.

”I know what you are listening to.
You were the one who eavesdropped like a mouse even when you were a Pyro.
So, listen carefully now. ”

He took a light breath and frowned as hard as he could.

”As I said then! I ’m going to rip off your neck, so wipe your neck and wait!! I will kill you, you traitor bastard!! ”

”Hey, look! ”

”Because of you, I lived like a dog for a long time.
very good Please keep an eye on me from the sky.
I ’ll go find them after I ’ve killed all the others.

Then the sky flashed once, and a streak of lightning fell.

It was as if he answered yes.

Jamie snorted.

Poor bastard. ”

Still, it was heartbreaking.

Before, I hated to admit it, but I was a little scared, so I spoke as much as I could.

not today

So, we really made a declaration of war.

Jamie called for the flame with a remorseful face.

”Hey, flame. ”

”You can call me Shin-Nong. ”

i gotta get stronger But I have no intention of becoming a demon yet. ”

Satan ’s essence will be preserved until the very end.

So, I was looking for another way, and it seemed that if it were a flame, he somehow knew the answer.

”Can I learn the power of birth? As an attribute. ”

At that shameless and dignified attitude, Yeomje was at a loss for words for a moment.

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