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Chapter 47: The 13th God (2)

This snake bastard!

Behemoth slammed his head into the ground to shake off Bramensia, who was holding him tight.

It was simply pounded in the head, but it was a disaster if the weight hit the ground.


Dust billowed beyond the clouds as if an explosion had occurred from the bottom of the planet.

The power was that great.

Whoops! This stupid beast!

Bramencia groaned at the shock that spread throughout her body.

No matter how hard it was, Behemoth, the largest in the universe, threw his body and attacked it, so it was hard to bear.

He fully opened the power of the marbles.

The golden light came out steadily, and it expanded with mass all at once.


All the marbles he had are the ’power of the planet ’ he ate so far.

The power of the marbles made by compressing them was impossible to withstand, no matter how behemoth.

No matter how big your size is, can you give it a single star? Get crushed and die like this!

Bramencia loosened his neck and flew again.

It was decided that it would be difficult to suffocate by strangling that thick neck.

Instead, I focused on the power of the marble.

At the same time, he held the breath in his mouth.

It was intended to annihilate the existence of the Behemoth together with this land without leaving a trace.

Go away, fake beast!

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!

Breath was fired.

Previously, he was not able to exert his power by being pushed by a massive beam of light, but his breath was known to be a very intimidating technique even among the 12 gods.

No one can stand it if it is orthodox.

”All of them are Bongshinjin (封神陣). ”

A purple light was shot at the point where the breath fell.

The dark-haired boy, Prometheus, jumped up to it with his purple eyes flashing.

At the same time, the strange monsters he summoned began to chant unknown spells from their respective positions.

As the purple light resonated with him, it began to take on a darker color.

Shortly thereafter, an old ancient text appeared around it, and it began to wander around the purple light like a satellite.

Prometheus saw it and muttered.

”Seal the power of God. ”

faster than the rate at which the breath falls.

His new model jumped through space once.

Arriving in front of the purple light, Prometheus joined the index and thumb of both hands in a triangle shape towards the breath falling overhead.

”Ark of the vassal. ”

A magic spell that seals the power of the gods.

Breath attacked Prometheus.

Originally, it was normal that his figure should have disappeared without a trace due to the power of Breath that ripped apart even the space.


[Suction (吸)]


With a bizarre sound, the breath began to be sucked into the triangular hands.

After fully sucking in, Prometheus released his hands and landed down, breathing heavily.

”Heh, heh, heh, heh! ”

White steam flowed from his body enough to obscure his appearance.

The skin also turned pale every moment.
It was the price of sealing the power of God.

It was only blocked once, but his condition deteriorated rapidly.

No matter how much Bramensia ’s breath was, I thought it would last at least two or three times.

”You don ’t have to be frustrated.
It ’s great to be able to block it once.

Jormungand stood silently behind him and looked up at the sky.

The golden dragon floating in the sky was looking down without a reaction.

He couldn ’t read his head, but Jormungand seemed to have a rough idea of what he was thinking.

”It ’s incredibly embarrassing. ”

Even if there was no change in his expression, the man who was running wildly became calm.

It was a sign of a lot of thinking.

Jormungand reached out to Prometheus.

As black mana was supplied to him, the amount of white steam flowing out decreased significantly.

Prometheus ’ skin came alive again.

It was time to let out a short breath and stood up from his seat.

who are you guys

Bramensia ’s voice came from above.

Dare to take my breath…

Just as he was about to express his anger, Behemoth got up and slammed him with his horns.

Where to sell your eyes!

Bramensia ’s body bounced off in the distance, destroying the part of the Dragon Mountains where the remains of the remains.


However, Behemoth was probably not okay, his body leaned forward.

Heavy dust that rises.

Jormungand and Prometheus moved in the direction of his head.

There was a huge head of a Behemoth with a tired expression on his face.

”Are you still fighting ignorantly? ”

At her voice, Behemoth rolled her eyes and looked at her.

Are you Jormungand?

Long time no see.

What are you doing now? Come out quickly if you can help.

”There was a lot to prepare.
The timing was pretty tight.
If I didn ’t make it on time, maybe I should have watched you die.

funny sound.

Behemoth stood up again.

It looked like a landslide as the dust fell.

Taking a weary breath, he saw the dark-haired boy next to her.

he asked, frowned.

what is that guy What makes you feel like an owner?

”You will see it. ”

You must have a lot to explain to your master, Jormungand.

Prometheus, who had been quietly beside him until now, took out a white staff from the subspace.

A blue bead hung from the staff ’s head, which looked like a flower bud.

Behemoth ’s big eyes widened when he saw it.


”I had a bit of trouble getting it.
Prometheus, show your skills and come. ”


Prometheus held the staff in his right hand and spread his sword with his left hand in front.


Black mana tinged with purple swirled.

The staff ’s flower buds were in full bloom.

When the light came on the blue marble, he said to everyone.

”Please help. ”

The monsters of this type shook their heads, crossed their legs, and began to memorize unknown spells again.

The trash bastards are glowing.

Bramencia flew back again, pushing the remnants of the mountain range.

His eyes, unlike before, were stained with a ferocious red color.

Everything is annoying

Bramensia decided not to fight according to the circumstances any longer.

everything got boring

As I endured this humiliation, I became irritated by the fights with them, and I also lost my duty to protect Bless.

I don ’t know everything.

I don ’t care what the world will be like.

In the first place, Bless was just one of the many stars I wanted to sink.

Disappear with this star.

The primordial dragon Bramensia.

For him, who had invaded and destroyed countless stars, destroying a single star ’s core was nothing more than a task.

No matter how special Bless is.

[Planet Destruction: The End of the Stars]

Except for the two marbles held in both hands, all the marbles soared into the sky and spread widely, drawing a round circle.

A golden line began to be drawn between the beads.

It was so complicated that it looked like a giant magic circle.

Prometheus looked up at the sky and cried out briefly.

”Heaven! ”

Manipulate the flow of the sky.

His left hand moved intricately and began to form several seals.

Adjust wind speed, control temperature, change the location of sunlight and shape of clouds.

In Ryeo, a country in the East far away from the main continent, there is magic instead of magic.

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Compared to magic, magic is a technique that is very inefficient, but on the contrary, there are things that only magic can do.

Manipulation of phenomena based on nature!

”Twist. ”

The staff ’s flowers in full bloom scatter blue pollen.

Black mana flowed out like a falling petal with him.

A combination of magic and black magic.

”Phenomena destruction! ”


The sky began to crack.

Then, the positions of the marbles were slightly shifted.

The balance of power became strange, and Bramensia ’s skills began to collapse on its own.

Bramencia frowned and cried.

You ’re playing a trick!

He aroused the power of the dragon god and tried to return the marble to its original position.

So .

Dark blue mana is concentrated between the horns.

The energy in the form of small beads was concentrated compared to before.

Behemoth growls and shouts.

Don ’t look away!



Bramensia was able to block the Behemoth ’s beams by grouping the beads of both hands, but it was not a negligible level of attack, so it was pushed back.

That gigantic beast alone was quite overwhelming, but the addition of a strange one made the situation very bad.

’Do you want me to be pushed back! ’

No matter how much his power was cut in half, he was the one who once roamed the universe and ate the stars.

If you are subjected to such clumsy things, you will remain as a disgrace even after you die.

Bramensia squirmed and rushed towards Prometheus with great speed.

Behemoth should be the first to kill him, even if left alone for a while.

He tried to dispel the power of the gods, and this time even intervene in the sky to destroy the status quo.

Even if you don ’t know where he came from, if you continue to let it go, this will become more and more disadvantageous.

”It ’s not like that. ”

Bramensia saw a pitch black thing flying right next to it.

She was an impressive woman with fluttering hair, a black dress, bright red lips, and thick makeup overall.

He jumped right to the side without a trace.

He felt a sense of crisis there and had to withdraw.

[13th Holy Activation]

Kee hee hee hee hee !!

Deafness that feels like it ’s going to break your ears.

Seeing the wriggling darkness, Bramensia gave an expression of disbelief.

four years…
How to ’divine ’?

Why is it that an unknown woman has the power that only twelve people on this earth have?

It was even a pitch-black divinity whose depth was difficult to gauge.

’It ’s deeper than Oblivion ’s vanity. ’

Jormungand raised the corners of his lips upward.


The 13th Black Divinity poured upon him.

”I think you have even gathered believers. ”

Bramensia was swept away by the Black Divinity and fell to the ground.

* * *

Behemoth was astonished at the boy Jormungand had brought and the god Jormungand had shown him.

’That guy, what…
? ’

One broke the power of God by mixing black mana with the strange power he had never seen before, and Jormungand showed his divinity himself, no matter what he did.

Both were difficult situations for Behemoth ’s head to accept.

”Why are you making such a complicated expression? ”

what did you do

He looked at Jormungand sitting next to him with alert eyes.

Jormungand replied that it was difficult to say right now.

”Let ’s talk later. ”

Does the owner know you like that?

”It happens again. ”

Jormungand pointed to Bramensia, who was struggling to get up.

Behemoth didn ’t like her like that.

It ’s been like that ever since.

You can speak right away, but if you don ’t want to say it, you ’ll just turn the answer round and round.

Even if it is an important issue.

Although we were born together, we always couldn ’t understand what ’s inside.

it ’s your job Anyway, after defeating that guy, we ’ll meet the owner soon, so you can listen to it then.
If so, what is that guy? Does it even exist later?

”It is not something that can be said simply.
But to keep it short…
. ”

Jormungand said as he watched Prometheus descending from the sky thwarting Bramensia ’s plans.

”He wants to be the savior of mankind. ”


”Ask him for details.
I don ’t know if you will answer me.
Rather now…
. ”

Jormungand raised the Black Divinity again.

It is her masterpiece that has been painstakingly crafted over a long period of time.

After a long time, now is the time to prove why it was made.

”It ’s time to kill God. ”

Her eyes were torn like snakes.

Jormungand was more enjoyable than ever.

Behemoth looked at her like that and thought.

’It is indeed an ominous deity. ’

I don ’t know what it ’s made of, but one thing is for sure…

The divinity of Jormungand was never made in a normal way.

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