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Chapter 46: Now (1)

”Is this enough? How about that, Jin? ”

Han put the prepared silver rod firmly on the floor, and sent a message to Jin, who was working in the same direction in the other direction.

[This is over.
How about the other one?]

[I ’m done here too.]

[no problem.]


Han shook his head when he said that everything was done.

This completes all preparations.

Han tapped the silver rod with a satisfied face.

The handsome blue-haired man who was watching him from behind spoke with a slightly unsure face.

”Is that really of any use? ”

”Are you saying you can ’t trust our genius wizard? ”

”The one you have to deal with is the dragon.
When it comes to magic, it ’s a race that has no one to follow. ”

”Did you see that the elders of your clan also acknowledged it? If you don ’t believe us, you can trust them.

Although the young blue dragon Kamax had a sullen face, he had actually heard the elders of his clan praise the elf woman.

A genius or an idea that even a dragon couldn ’t do.

To be honest, I thought it was too much, and I still don ’t think much of it.

However, within the clan, the words of an adult were absolute, so Kamax was also covering humans who were not like people from this continent.


A loud explosion sounded from above.

Han and Kamax looked over the invisible Dragon Mountain cliffs.

It seemed to have started.

”I ’m going to have to get it working soon. ”

The start of the operation was set at the moment when the sound of a surprise bombing was heard.

Han passed it on to everyone.

”Everyone ready! ”

The sound of all three being prepared was heard through the communicator.

It ’s a tense moment.

If this works, even the terribly powerful dragons will be out of control.

”Start! ”




At the same time, Han turned the upper end of the rod clockwise.

Then, the tip of the stick went up like a lid, and the four properties of water gold and earth fire were expressed in pictures.

When I pressed the water drop shape with my finger, the light turned off as if it had stopped working and turned gray.

Only the other three attributes are lit.

-Dragons are infinitely loved for their innate attributes.
That is their driving force and the source of their terrible power.
If you can shut it down, your plans will be much easier.

Han recalled the words Jamie had hinted at during his stay in Avalon.

This project started solely thanks to his words.

Whether it will succeed or fail is not yet known, but pre-tests showed a successful effect.

’I don ’t know if it will work in battles with many dragons yet…
. ’

The problem is that there are so many dragons to target.

However, the water has already spilled.

There was no time to ponder.

Han raised an auror and shouted.

”Activate! ”


A golden thunder stream began to flow from the silver rod.

The three attributes emitted intense light, and soon the entire rod began to be colored with light.

and soared into the sky.

Simultaneously in all four directions at the exact coordinates.

Kamax murmured as he saw the four lights rising up.

”The showdown. ”

Elemental wall.

Four pillars of light that soar to the end of the sky are connected to each other in the form of a plane.

Four curtains were completed to enclose the entire Dragon Mountains.


”Three attributes disappear. ”

Fire, earth, and iron were paralyzed in it.

That means.

”Hey, Blue Dragon.
run and come. ”

”I don ’t know if it turned out as you expected . ”

Kamax ’s body swelled up and changed into a dragon ’s form.

He said with a twinkle of his long, ripped eyes.

[From now on, it is the time of the Blue Dragon.]

* * *

Dragons are born with attributes given to each clan.

Red dragon and black dragon have fire attribute, blue dragon and green dragon have water attribute, white dragon has iron attribute, and gold dragon has earth attribute.

Of course, just because the properties are the same, the characteristics are not the same.

Red dragons are loved by pure flames, and black dragons wield the power of violent black flames.

Blue dragons know how to manipulate the power of the atmosphere based on water, while green dragons focus on the power of gas and poison.

But in the end, the base of power is the same, so everything is powerless in the confrontation world ’Elemental wall ’!

’Only green dragons can jump. ’

However, green dragons cannot surpass blue dragons according to their aptitude.

This is because it is clearly backwards compatible with the same water properties.

Hawks raised the hardness of his body to diamonds with his powers.

Except for Blue, all the dragon clan are unable to use their power properly.

This is an unwinnable fight.

Hawks flew at great speed with the wings of the hawk wide open.

And he stabbed his spear into the side of the red dragon who was counterattacking.


The Red Dragon, who was already bewildered by the sudden inability to handle the power of fire, fell as it was in an unexpected attack.

Someone from the Red clan who saw the scene shouted at everyone.

[What tricks did they do! From now on, everyone responds with magic!]

Even if the dragon loses the power of the attribute, they are still the masters of magic.

Jackie Chan can be said to be a sorcerer who has reached the supreme state.

Hawks rolled his eyes.

He had already been defeated by a wizard who had reached the absolute supreme state.

How many times have you been worried about the Great Magic War since then?

’Compared to him, like you. ’

lang syne.

The village of the Join tribe, where Hawks was the chieftain, was brutally destroyed by the Black Dragon.

It wasn ’t over.

Among the heterogeneous races that entered the Frontier, most of them were victims of dragons.

That would be only a part.

How many lives have been lost by being trampled on by the dragon ’s evil spirits?

I can ’t stand it when I think about it.

I ’ve always dreamed of a day like this.

The day when I will slaughter the dragons with my own hands.

”Today, I will annihilate you from this land!! ”

It was the same elsewhere.

The Blue Dragon and the Frontier Alliance unilaterally pushed the entire dragon.

Black dragons also wanted to gain an edge at first, but when their attributes were sealed, they began to be pushed like a lie.

[What do you do!]

[Things like this .
As a traitor, you have no shame!]

[To hold hands with the bugs.
You guys are the shame of a dragon!]

[The dragon god shouldn ’t have forgiven them!]

It was a rare situation throughout the history of Bless.

How many times was it that the screams and tantrums of dragons erupted everywhere?

It is also at their base.

700 years ago, when the warlock Ganon attacked alone to rescue Maya Trey, this was not the case.

That was then.

A golden light flashed in the sky.


The golden light flashes-! Then, in the form of a beam, it was properly pierced over the mountain range.

Five Blue Dragons and dozens of Frontier Warriors were engulfed in the explosion.

It was tremendous power.

Those near the center disappeared without a trace, and those at the edge of the explosion range barely survived.

Even he was seriously injured and could no longer fight.

[dare! What are you doing in my land!!!]

With a huge roar, an unimaginable peer crushed the Allied Forces.

”Big! ”

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”Of, consciousness . ”

”No, no. ”

Those who could not stand Pierre passed out as if dead.

Even those who endured could not stand properly because there was a great panic.

It was the same with Blue Dragon.
The young dragons stumbled greatly.

The old dragons were not greatly affected by peers, but rather, they felt more fear than those affected by peers.

[Come out.]

[Make sure everyone is prepared.]

The old dragons warned those who did not lose consciousness.

They saw a huge golden dragon slowly descending from the sky.

The light emanating from his body showed that he was an unusual dragon.

Dragon is a being at the apex of a race.

The dragon closest to the dragon god Brahman, and the dragon that inherited his power the most.

[Stop thinking about going back to normal.]

Dragon Lord Acacia said with a low growl.

[I will take all your lives.]

* * *

”Are you ready? ”

When Chiron Seira asked,


Isis clasped her right hand to check the condition before answering.

The arm that had been hit by Chiron Seira ’s breath was completely restored.

”Are you giving me a complete bottle and medicine? ”

She laughed a little at the fact that it was Chiron Seira who had healed her arm.

The person who made the arm like this had it restored to its original state, how could it not be funny?

Then Chiron Seira snorted.

Thank you for saving me then. ”

”Yes~ ”

Isis answered roughly and got up from her seat.

He held the Gram standing on the wall with his right hand and swung it around.

It definitely feels like you have to wield it with your black right hand.

The left hand can be handled just as much as the right hand, but it is better to wield it with the arm you usually use frequently.

Chironsera looked at Isis, who looked fine, and asked her.

”Can you? Rod is strong enough to be incomparable to me. ”

”Otherwise, everyone will die.
By the way, are you all right, Chiron Seira? I ’ve heard Rodwa say you ’re just going to erase it.

Chironsera did not say anything to that question.

I just looked up at the sky covered in black smoke.

As he slowly walked forward, he began to grow in size.

He changed into a body in an instant and said while looking at Isis with his huge eyes.

[Let me go.]

With those brief words, Chiron Seira ’s resolve was confirmed.

Isis nodded and said to Behemoth sitting next to him.

”Do you know what to do? ”

”I can ’t tell. ”

”That is enough.
it will work out somehow.
What is Jamie doing now? ”

”If you ’re that afraid, why didn ’t you ask me to stay? ”

At Behemoth ’s words, Isis smiled and simply stretched.

”How do you hold it? He has work to do. ”

And if you can ’t even do this yourself, you won ’t be able to claim to be a member of his resistance.

”Let ’s go, Chiron Seira. ”

Isis jumped on the back of Chironsera, which was several hundred meters high.

As she stood on it, her feet, along with the blue magic circle, cling to it, and it felt natural, as if she was standing on the ground.

”I feel like a dragon rider. ”

You will be the first and last to fight on my back.]

”It ’s an honor. ”

then Goes!]

As Chiron Seira flapped her wings, the background changed in an instant.

Isis smiled at the tremendous sense of speed.

The two of them broke through the battlefield at once and found a golden old dragon running wild in the distance.

It was Dragon Lord Acacia.

[ ] Forgive me.]

Chironsera muttered like that, and then widened her large snout.

The pioneer is this one.

[Dragon Breath]


The Blue Clan ’s strongest breath hit Acacia.


Hearing the screams of the Dragon Lord, Isis injected a huge amount of aura into the Thunder Dragon Sword.

The blue lan stone embedded in her forehead began to shine brightly.

There is no room to control the power.

power from the start.

”Give me strength. ”


[Absolute Defense: Aegis]

The power that Isis has awakened.

It is an absolute shield that perfectly protects its owner from all powers.

A translucent blue film was formed on her left arm.

Isis flew wavy azure hair and jumped off Chiron Seira ’s back.

Gram scatters lightning and howls.

”Thunderbolt! ”

A streak of blue lightning fell over the Dragon Lord ’s head.

– Continued on next episode –

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