k a handful of bread and asked.

“What time?”

“11 o’clock.”

“We can eat and rest too.”


“I envy brother Shino.”

“Me too.”

Van nodded as if he agreed with Anna’s words.

There probably wasn’t a single person who wasn’t envious of Shina among all people in the orphanage.

Ricky spread jam on the bread and said.

“If we work hard, we will be able to get rewarded too.
Until then, let’s all work hard.”



“Dine quietly!”

Van and Anna went silent at the priest’s words.

Ricky looked at them and burst into laughter.

And then the farewell.

In the hall, Bishop Lincoln was holding the hand of Shino, the short-haired boy.

“Today, our young Shino has been chosen by our parent, God Zenith.
Let us all bless him on his path and raise our toast on this significant day.”

When Bishop Lincoln raised the golden cup high, all the believers followed him and raised theirs.

“Bless Shino.”

“Bless him.”

Shino smiled at those words.

From the moment that he heard he was chosen by God Zenith, he couldn’t control his excitement.

He looked at Bishop Lincoln with twinkling eyes.

“Thank you so much, Bishop.”

“Give that gratitude to God.
I am proud of you, Shino.”

Bishop Lincoln stroked Shino’s head.

“May God Zenith bless you.”

I also wish that the Bishop and everyone else here will be blessed.
If it wasn’t for Bishop, I would still be on the streets.”

“Miracles happen to everyone.
If we get a chance, let’s meet someday.”

The farewell didn’t last long.

Shino left in a gorgeous white carriage with everyone’s blessing.

Shino leaned on the window and kept waving his hand.

“Thank you! I will definitely come back and repay you all!”

“Goodbye, Shino!”

“Be happy!”

“I’ll follow you soon!”

His friends were sending him support.

Ricky grabbed his sister’s hand and waved it.
And then, when the carriage was entirely out of sight, he lowered his hand.

“Will brother Shino be happy?”

He will be happy, so will we.”


The siblings held their hands and went back to their rooms.

The carriage stopped late at night.

Shino was in a deep sleep.
The priest who followed him like a knight lightly shook his shoulders.

“We have arrived, Shino.”


“What do you mean already? The moon is up in the sky.”

I slept too much.”

Shino rubbed his sleepy eyes.

And then smiled while asking the priest.

“Is this the main church?”

“… follow me.”

Instead of answering, the priest opened the door of the carriage and went out.

Shino tilted his head and followed.

Looking around, he noticed something strange.


Is the main church of Zenith in the middle of a forest?

He was curious, but he didn’t doubt it.

He was the boy chosen by God.
A brighter future than anyone else was waiting for him.

The forest was eerie, but when he considered it as a sanctuary, it wasn’t scary.

“Let’s go.”

The priest took the lead.

Shino followed him with a smile.

And they arrived at a building.
A building that was so old to be a church.

There was a lot of dust on the building, and the insects’ corpses could be seen.

In particular, there were sculptures of unknown beasts standing on either side of the entrance.


“Let’s go in.”

“Are we in the right place? I don’t think that this is it.”

They were supposed to arrive at the orphanage there, at the main church of Zenith, which had to shine brightly, not an eerie and old building.

“Let’s go in.”

The priest grabbed Shino’s hand with an expressionless face.

He thought something was wrong, but Shino couldn’t resist it.

There is no way something is wrong.
I have been chosen by God!’

No mistake.
God cannot betray him.

Shino took the priest’s hand and followed him.

The inside of the building was weirder than its outside.
Cobwebs were everywhere, and bugs crawled on the dusty floor.

A sight anyone would stop at.
However, the priest kept dragging the light body of the child.

The priest stood in front of a bookshelf and pulled out a particularly clean book.
A secret passage appeared as the bookshelf split in the middle.

It was then that Shino realized that something was wrong.

However, it was too late.

Shino was too weak to resist.
And he ended up being dragged downstairs.

The corpses of all kinds of animals in glass tubes could be seen, and brains-like objects were floating in some liquid.

From half-dissected corpses to squashed skeletons.

Several reagents were being made, and something was boiling in a pot.

“p… Priest?”


“I think, I think we are in the wrong place.”

Shino pretended to not understand and pulled the hand of the Priest.

“Let’s go up.
Le, let’s head to the main church… you said the main church.”

The priest turned and looked at him.
No emotion in his cold eyes.

Shino could feel a chill run down his delicate spine.


“I brought him.”

The priest said.

From somewhere, steps could be heard.

Step, step.
Although it was a natural step, Shino’s heart was pounding.

All the new clothes he received in the church were soaked wet in sweat.


The right wall opened with a loud noise.

Someone walked from there.

Shino’s eyes widened.


We met again.”

The one who appeared from the wall was none other than Bishop Lincoln.
He was supposed to be in the church.
The ones who left Haiss were Shino, the coachman, and the priest next to him.

So how was Bishop Lincoln there?

“You seem scared.”

Have I not been chosen by God?”

“It is true.
God Zenith has personally asked for you.”

“Th, then why did we come here and not the main church?”

“Because this is the place in which we will reach Utopia.”

Bishop Lincoln stoked Shino’s head.

“Children are born innocent.
Unspoiled purity.
Which is great.”


“It is something that adults don’t possess.
Isn’t there a saying that children are like sponges who suck up everything?”

Shino couldn’t understand what the bishop was saying.

“So you have been chosen.”

Bishop smiled and opened his eyes.

A small glimmer of madness in his blue eyes.

“Come in.”

“Is it my turn at last?”

An unpleasant voice, as if scratching against iron.

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Behind the bishop, an old man with glasses walked out.
The hair on the head was sticking out.

The man fixed his glasses and looked at Shino.

“A good test subject.”

This place, this place is full of madness.

Was what Shino thought.

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