would believe me? I don’t understand why you don’t seem happy when I have grown this much?”

Pyro frowned at his remarks, but he wasn’t speak wrong for her to counter.

As he said, it was she who had extended the hand and asked him to join and he really did grow strong

The problem was that the power of his is enough to threaten her

‘If he betrays me, there will be no way out.’

However, if she did something to make him walk away that would be a problem, so she responded in a calm voice.

What else is important? If you have become this strong, it is good.”

“it is nice to see you being cool.”

Why did you come to find me? I don’t think you are here to show off your strength.”

Jamie decided to stop pissing her off and get to the point

“I think you know why I called, right?”

“You talking about that Zenith?”

“Zenith is one thing, but there are a few churches which suddenly attacked the north.
The Seldam Kingdom is targeted by the Church of Nothingness and is in a difficult state.
What the hell happened in heaven? It isnt unrelated either, so I want you to be honest with me”

May gods had united to hit the North.

Even the supposed non allies bean to join in.
is that all?

The reason Ricky became like this was because of their holy power which was united and exploded.
It was clear that something was happening in heaven.

He didn’t think Pyro was so isolated from knowing anything, he thought she would know a gist of it.

“Why did the Church of Nothingness come? Why did thoe bastards touch my people.
I need you to tell me.
You see I am a bit angry,”

Simply put, Zenith’s politics worked.”

“Politics worked?”

“As you know, the Gods who attacked the North this time were all taking root across the central line of the continent.
Zenith insisted that they have more believes in order to keep the ‘South’ in check”

South in check

In other words it means to keep Ra in check.

To that end, Zenith was in a position to approach the Gods of central line and invade the North to absorb that and increase their power

But Jamie couldn’t understand.

This isn’t something Ra would ignore

Even Satan had knelt down in 10 seconds and Zenith can contain it by increasing the believes?

Clearly there were other purposes for doing this.

“And the other Gods? I think the marginalized will be upset?’

“I do not know about their situation.
What is certain is that the five of them united but it is true that they do not trust each other.”


on the surface they speak about keeping Ra in check but in reality, isn’t it because each of them had their own reasons?”

Own reasons?

Jamie frowned

He didn’t know what they are and nor did Pyro

It was fortunate that they weren’t united with same intention.
This mean he can separate them and wouldn’t have to deal with all 5 at the same time.

“What are you going to do? Since the apostle is in this state the Pyro Church must have greatly weakened now.”

“Why are you speaking like this is someone else thing? This child belongs to the same church you belong to.”

“You are not going to make them pay, right?”

“Huh! I plan make them pay.
How dare they lay hands on my child… it is unforgivable.”

“Then good.”

“What do you mean?”

“When I deal with the Church of Nothingess, I want you to stop the other ones from interfering.”

“… are you confident?’


Jamie smirked as he sad

“Let’s try it here”

Black mana gushed out making Pyro frown


“Well, you don’t have to worry.”

Jamie spoke with a smile.

“Because I am not going to lose this time.”

No matter how the opponent is

“What? that grey shield?”

“Uh…? It wasn’t there normally”

Beiros and Ann landed in front of the gray shield which sounded the capital

“It is strong”

When Beiros put his finger on the shield, a spart burst out resisting his touch.
It seemed that this wasn’t something he can break into

It was the same with Ann, which meant outsiders aren’t allowed

“Damn it.
do we have to wait endlessly?’


They arrived at full speed but the guy already left leaving his subordinate alone!

Beiros slammed the shield hard with annoyed face


Then, the shield retained the power and pushed to Beiros again


His body flew several meters and crashed.

“it even reflects the attack.”

Ann looked at the shield with shocked eyes.

She was able to understand things at a glance, bit she couldn’t figure out what kind of structure this shield had.

What was inevitable was that the power of protecting was done by the sacrifice of two royal family members.

No matter how great of a Scholar’s talent she held, it wasn’t possible to grasp the power of a transcendent being

“Shit! Let’s just pierce through it!”

Ann stopped him as annoyed Beiros would turn to away

“I do not think that it is a good idea.”


“I don’t know about the other things but this shield reacts to the maliciousness, I don’t know what kind of malice it reacts to, but hostility only increases the strength of the shield.”

Every time I get annoyed the shield gets stronger?”


“Very annoying… then what? look around.”

“There is nothing we can do so let’s do tha.”

They couldn’t do anything about the shield, so they decided to look around and find a way.

It was the moment Beiros took Ann on his shoulders and flew.

“You don’t have to go back.”

A priest in black robes who wasn’t there a second came back came.
With a necklace which had the shape of an eyeball around, he held out the palm and said.

“The two of you shall return to nothingness.”

And the power of nothingness rushed for the two


“What are you doing, you human trash!”

Beiros smashed the head of the priest at once.

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