first king, Gav,

And at that time, the head of Welton family sided with King Friedmoor and was selected as one of th founders of nations

Unfortunately, they were given a small estate in the outskirts but at certain point, the Welton family became the best swordsmanship family in the kingdom in an instant

It was that which mattered.”

The secret library had very detailed records of that time.

With the words to prepare for future

“What happened?”

“An old man came to Welton.
The records say that he had a mysterious atmosphere.”

At that time the appearance of the old man who came was described in detail.

An old man with slightly bent waist, short stature and white below the ears

“he said this to the lord.”

-A time when the world is colored in chaos, a hero will be born into your family.

When this story was told by the old man who came out of nowhere, they couldn’t believe it.

-It will be the last chance for humans.
Listen to this old man.
For the sake of your family.

With those words the old man left and the lord pondered over it.
he didn’t take it seriously.
Because it was dismissed as crazy talk.

However one day as if possessed by something the lord began to focus on expanding the size of Welton family.

The family’s vision, the Futility Divide was further developed to 10 forms.

As the generations went on, the will got passed down to the next and the Welton family grew as if they were blessed.

Hundreds of years and Welton came to be called as the best

“It is amazing so far, but its even more surprising after that.
that is what your grandfather went through.”

“grandfather? That is why he knew about me.”

It was right after your grandfather took the position and learned the family secret.
That old man came back.’

Although the description of the appearance of old man who came first was detailed, they should know that recognizing one is difficult as it was all in writing.

However, Chervil said that as soon as he saw the old man, he immediately thought of the description in the book.

-Well prepared.
This is the best environment for the hero to grow up.

As soon as he heard those words, Chervil realized why the Welton family had blindly gone after increasing their influence.

It was ‘strength’.

It is the power of words which made it happen.

The power didn’t encompass the entire Welton family, and it strongly influenced the bloodline

Upon realizing this, Chervis felt goosebumps rise and asked the old man his identity.

-Your helper who wants to repay the humiliation to the unclean ones.

-… unclean ones?

-Welton Lord.
You work harder.
Although I know if you will survive till then, I hope your path can lead the soon to be born hero.

After saying these words, the old man disappeared and Chervil couldn’t deny about this man.

And he thought that if it was something that could affect the family, it would be something transcendent.

The purpose of this man is not known, but he thought there was nothing to lose from listening to him.

Yet, he didn’t know what exactly was being born

He vaguely thought it would be a grandson but Argeno Welton was still a child

And as time passed the status of Chervil began to get stronger and stronger

When he heard that his son and daughter in law were pregnant, he realized that the child was destined to be a hero the old man spoke of.

Because the lord position was handed over to his son, Chervil went on a trip to complete his senses training which he wated to pass to his children.

And he never talked about him to the current Count till the death.

Instead, he just left a record of that time in the library

“if I had known that sooner…”

He felt regretful that that he found out too lake.

But Jamie shook his head


What the old man was intending to say is unknown but everything in the end happen as he said.

He as born and the technique made by chervil was perfectly learned.

“I don’t know if I am the son who will be a hero but if that the old man said is right… then.”

Jamie confidently said to his father

“I am confident that I will not lose to anyone.
So don’t regret about this.
your son has grown up well.”


The Count looked at his son and smiled faintly.

How could this son have grown up this nicely?


Jamie said,

“Who is that old man?”

what is certain is that it cannot be said that he didn’t have much influence on her family.”

A being who can handle ‘words and spirits’ that control the fate of a single family with words.

There are very few beings in the world with that kind of power.

For example


An old man crossing the wasteland

The old man had gray hair to his ears and was short.

He also had a bent waist which made him look smaller.
The old man walked slowly with his hand behind the back, but the background changed suddenly, contrary to how slow he looked

“It is far.”

He tried to avoid what was ahead and it faded

Fortunately, the arrangement made for the Welton family was successful.

By now, he might have become a complete god.

“if it went according to mother’s plan it should be fine.”

The old man smiled bitterly.

Thousand of years had passed since he was in the situation.

He knew it couldn’t helped

For the final puzzle, he turned a traitor and was pointed at by his brothers, but this is his destiny to save th world.

That is how he lived.

‘So I have to do it.’

He is tired of the cruel fates and sufferings.

The old man, the flame was about to burn the last embers

It is only at this point in time when he of 12 God still believes in that man


Meeting him once at the moment of sealing.
Even so, he still remembered the eyes filled with bitter hate.

In order to bring him to this land he had lived a tough life avoiding the eyes of the 12 Gods

‘I will have to check it myself.’

He succeeds in resurrecting and is destined to become a hero, so is fit to save the world?

Yeomjae wanted to see the seeds he had sown with his own eyes

If he is stll the same as back then.

‘I must judge that there is no hope for them.’

At that time, it was impossible.

But he believed

The new born man will be the true hero.

Please, make sure that happens.

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