Oblion, the God of Nothingness.

A member of the 12 Gods and the being in charge of nothingness.

An empty space, like the name suggests, is a place where nothing can maintain its shape, and everything loses the meaning of its existence.

For this reason, priests of this church are considered to have lost their existence and given up their lives to obtain priesthood.

It is said that they have the power to return things belonging to the material world to nothingness, and if they fall into that power, no matter how strong they are, they will fall into the swamp of nothingness and fail to escape.

The reason is that the empty space captures everything in the realm of oblivion.

Simply put, it means that whatever happens, things turn to zero.

“If he did this, then there have to be traces.”

As it was a power to touch space, according to the law of equivalent exchange, it would have the same influence as the place where the power is used.

For example, space distortion.

“I knew it.”

Eventually, Jamie was able to find the trace without difficulty.

Right in front of the huge bookshelves where the books he had studied for 5 years were stored, he felt a crack in space.

It is a level that a talented person like Jamie can feel when he concentrates, so if it were any other person, they wouldn’t have known what happened.

“Space Restoration”

As Jamie reached out and turned the hand counterclockwise at the twisted space, a very faintly distorted space began to return.

Then, the bookshelf went from pristine condition to looking like a fierce battle had taken place.
It seemed that the person who used the lab and a priest of Oblion had a fight.

“Time Record.”

As he unfolded mana, the time flow of the place began to change.
First, the time was rewound by one day.

Two days, three, four, and a full month.

The timeline stopped there.


Then the time record period began to be vividly drawn as if it were actually happening before his eyes.

-Who are you!!

The red-haired boy, Lennon, spoke with a vigilant face to the man in a black robe who suddenly appeared.

On the large hood of the man, the eye of oblivion symbolizing emptiness was drawn.

He was a priest of nothingness.

-It is time to return to the void.

-What nonsense is that?

With that, Lennon attacked the priest without further questions.

It was the right decision.
First of all, the floor they were on wasn’t accessible to all.
Because it was a research floor for elders.

However, this man broke into such a place.

Moreover, he spoke words that couldn’t be understood.
Lennon used the fire magic of the Simon family, which he had been learning for five years.

‘In the meantime, he grew.’

With just one hand, he could use the Flame Emperor no one else but his father could.
The Flame Emperor Mode is the buff type magic that maximizes the damage power.

The fire swept the entire lab.

However, the priest unfolded his power, and everything got sucked into the void.

-What is this….!

-The war of the gods will begin.
If you die in the midst of that, you will become the prey of nothingness and my father’s blood and flesh.

-Shut up!

Lennon was struggling to defeat the enemy.

But it wasn’t enough.

The priest here was better than Lennon.
Among the 12 Churches, the most dangerous one was Oblion’s.

If such a high-ranking priest had come, it would be impossible for Lennon to handle.

-Ann… do not come.

Lennon mumbled as he crawled, and the power of nothingness swallowed him whole.

The priest turned back and remained still, and then the eyes behind the hood began to shine.

-Everything has to be finished before he returns

After a few flashes of light, he nodded and answered.

-This land has already been perpetuated in vain.
Return as soon as the work is done.

With that, the time ended.

Jamie’s face contorted.

“Fucking bastards.”

How dare they aim for this place?

He didn’t know why they aimed for this place, but they picked the wrong opponent.

‘What happened to Ann?’

He remembered Lennon muttering the words before being sucked in.
it was a voice that was so small the priest couldn’t hear, but he was able to hear due to checking the timeline.

Ann wasn’t a victim.

‘Do not come out… is it there?’

Before leaving the Magic World, Jamie recalled the research he had stopped.

Could the disciples have been conducting their own study? Jamie moved to the 3rd lab.

The previous place was the 1st lab where theories were brought up.

The 2nd is where the theories are completed and probability calculated.
And the 3rd is where the research results are brought after simulations.

Jamie’s fingerprint was recognized, and the door opened.

Inside were large mechanical devices in the form of a ring, and it was evident that the level was pulled down with the signal of moving around, so it must have worked.

“So the two of them were indeed working on their own.”

Jamie sighed.

Even with Lennon and Ann’s skills, it should have been too hard to understand the theory.
This is because the mechanical device was a part of the deformation system subspace construction device, which was made to mass produce Gremia.

However, Since Gremia itself was a great artifact that could even be compared to Jamie’s three artifacts, he had given up on it.

“Ann must have done a good job.”

A child with the talent of a scholar would understand it to some extent.

She was a genius who didn’t bow down even when compared to himself.

Lennon was a smart kid who supported her well.

The problem is that Jamie thought it would take more than these two to learn the concept.
This is because they didn’t have Jamie, who had full control over Gremia.

And with Lennon not here, no one would be able to control this item they built and bring Ann out.

Jamie moved the level and touched a few things.

And the ring-shaped circle flashed in the light as a portal opened.

Jamie pressed the button labeled “Forces Escape”.

The portal shone, and in front, small particles began to cluster up and form a girl.


The girl, Ann Myer, let out a breath as if she was holding her breath.

And she looked at the floor with anger and shouted.

“Lennon, you crazy bastard!! How can you bring me out just no…!!”

But she couldn’t end her words as her eyes widened upon seeing something she shouldn’t have.

And Jamie broke the silence.

“It has been a while, Ann.
There are many things I want to say, but unfortunately, I have questions this time.”


“Did you hear that I was missing?”

Ann nodded.

“W-we heard you will be back in one day… how have you been? Do you know how worried we were?”

“I will apologize later; how much time has passed since I vanished?”

“Uh? Around… one month.
Exactly one month.”

As Ann quickly thought and told the time, Jamie frowned.

A month passed

It was 15 days back that the priest had created this mess.
Then it will be correct to see what happened all around.

“How is teacher? Where did Lennon go?”

“I don’t have time to explain.
Ann, this might hurt your head.’

Jamie went close to her and checked her mind.

As if she was getting a strong headache, her face began to control, but rather she had a shocked reaction because of what happened in Magic World.

“M-Magic World…!?”

“Your reaction says that you didn’t know what happened.”


“We need to head to the royal palace.”

Even Seldam’s capital, Fibre, shouldn’t be hit.

It held the best security in the world, and since they were at war, strong masters would be there.

“Teacher, take me with you!”


Jamie refused firmly

He wasn’t sure, but if Fibre had suffered, then the northern part should be in a state of chaos.

He couldn’t take Ann there.

“Tell me if you heard anything about other great magicians, my father or Pyro.”

“it would be quicker if you went through my mind.”

Ann offered the advice, and Jamie accepted it.

She was a child who hated being read like this, but in this dire situation, she decided to give up on those thoughts.

Jamie immediately thought of the month-long time and sped it up.


The person who gets their memory read would generally be exhausted afterward, so Ann collapsed on the ground.
At the same time, Jamie pondered over what he saw.


Ricky, the apostle of Pyro Goddess, and his close friend, was hit.

Ann didn’t seem to know the details, but the Pyro Church was in a mess right now, and the biggest ally Seldam Kingdom was going through a huge mess.

But what Jamie couldn’t figure out was why the Church of Nothingness moved.

Because that was something that happened after Ann entered the machine

He had to head to the capital.
He had to meet the king and know the facts.

“I am sorry, Ann.
Stay here a little more.
It is dangerous outside because everything seemed messed up.”

“… I am of no use?”

Jamie nodded, and she understood.
Knowing the seriousness of the situation, she knew she would be a burden to him.

“Keep an eye out.
And when this is all over, you have to explain, alright? What you were doing vanishing away for a month,”

Let’s meet later.”

A bright light shone from Jamie’s body, and he vanished, leaving Ann not able to believe what she had just witnessed.


Her teacher just cast a super long-distance space Warp and no spell?

This was a shock that made her go silent.

Jami set foot in Fibre.

He tried to, but then a tremendous resistance pushed his warp magic, and the coordinates faltered.

He had to change the coordinates to a safe area, making Jamie frown.

Then the scene which unfolded was

“Mana barrier.”

The grey-white barrier covered Fibre in the form of a dome.

No random barrier should be able to hinder this movement, but it seemed as if this one was strong enough to do so.

Had to be made by a dragon.

“As I thought, something happened here?”

Will everything be alright inside?

Jamie raised his hand over the barrier, hoping someone could tell him about this situation.


Sparks burst out, and a tremendous force was released with the intention of killing this intruder.
However, Jamie had transcended the level of humans and began to use his magic earnestly as the barrier began to falter.

“Open the path.”

The purple eyes with black mana pierced through the barrier like thorns.
Then it expanded and grew big enough for him to enter.

Jamie went in and frowned at the miserable state of Fiber.

“What is this…”

It was as if a war had happened within the capital; the buildings along with the royal road were all covered in dirt.

Seeing this, he began to worry about Haiss.
What happened to Haiss?


Jamie immediately cloned himself.

It was a alter ego, but it was more convenient to see it as another self with the same level of perfection.

“You head to Haiss.”


The other Jamie went straight for Haiss.

He knew this from the start.
The flustering situation in the magic world wouldn’t have left Haiss alone.

His mother, Sarah, and the people in the city should be fine.

Jamie frowned at the mistake he had made.

First, he had to meet with King Friedmoor.

He immediately moved towards the castle.

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