[Long Chapter]

Jamie picked up he magic stone where Satan vanished from and he could feel the huge magi within it

But the true value of this wasn’t the magi.

“it has his essence in it.”

In other words, it can be regarded as a stone with the power of Wrath

If his is absorbed, then he can become a demon lord too.
of course, it had to be something which could be handled and Jamie had the confidence to do it

He wasn’t weak enough to fall crumbling for this.
but he had no intention of using this in haste either.

If he absorbs it, he will surely gain the most amazing power and it wouldn’t be an addition to him but multiplication

But this imposes too many restrictions on his plans

‘because I will be like a demon’

And now he had to head back to his land.

The prelude to the great war with the churches has begun.
And in such a situation, if the demon lord appears the subjugation would start on him

Not only will the Seldam Kingdom abandon him, but he would have to stay far from his family too.

And he didn’t like that

But that is how a demon works.

‘However… if what he said is true.’

Ra, Sun God

Come to think of it, Jamie didn’t have much connections with him.

Even if they are tied together, they never fought directly so he didn’t know how strong Ra is.

He could only think of Ra bein the head of the 12 Gods, so he might be the strongest.

But Satan told him that he wasn’t able to stand for more than 10 seconds

Is that possible?

Arguably, Satan is one of the most powerful enemies Jamie had fought

And among the 12 Gods, there are only a few stronger than Satan

The power of the 12 Gods isn’t just a force but in a one to one situation, most Gods would struggle against Satan.

“Let’s get it right.”

He decided to give it up to Trika or someone.

As Satan said, there might be a time when you might need this.
Jamie spread out the sealing technique to prevent the magi from encroaching anything in the subspace.

No one will be able to take it out, if not for him/

And he looked at the place where Satan died one last time.

Trika was sitting on a high cliff with the World Tree Staff in his hands and leaving the demons under him to rest.

This was the one thing Akashic had left behind.

“Your Mjaesty.”

When he turned around, he saw Beiros with a bandage around the left eye.

He had lost his left eye permanently in the process of fighting against the vampires.

Even Beiuros with his super regenerative ability couldn’t recover from this, so they had t but bandgaes on it for now

“Sit down.”

Trika turned his head and pointed to the seat next to him.

Beiros asked.

“Is everything done?”

“Looks like it.”

“He seems to have won.”

“He is.”

The energy on the other side had vanished and all they could feel was of Jamie.

Jamie had defeated one of the 5 great demon lords.
So they can spend some time in pace

Of course, they still had no place to return to.
And Beiros askd.

“Akashic? I don’t… see him around?”

He had been unconscious till now, so he didn’t know what happened.
And instead of answering Trika showed him the staff.

Beiros who saw it was shocked as he bitter mumbled.

“He over did it… in the end”

He laid back on the spot.

“Just look allow me for today”

Trika didn’t respond to it as he didn’t care.
He was only a demon lord now, with no castle, place or subordinates

It was embarrassing to call himself a lord.

‘As soon as I return I need to hold a funeral for all.’

That would be the only reward he could give them.

And so the two stayed silent.

“You are here”

It wasthen

Jamie’s voice came from behind

The two immediately looked back.

There stood Jamie with a tired face.

“Is that so.”

Jamie opened his mouth with bitter expression looking at the staff.

“He was looking anxious as he died.”

He didn’t know what Akashic had done to his body, but it looked like the God of nature was drenched in magi.

It seemed like he obtained power but the price of it was his life and unable to rest even for a day in the past 3 months.

He needed that god for the sake of the future, and he didn’t want to see him die like this.

“I am sorry.”

“Akashic did his best”

So he could hold on until I came back.”

“A lot of other people died too.now, I am the only commander left.”

Beiros grumbled fiddling with the sand, he was probably sad that so many died.

He had lost 9 of the 10 commanders and 90 percent of the troops.

Jamie looked at Trika

An undead with no expression but he could feel the pain of his.
It might not be of much help,bu Jamie patted him on the shoulder.

“You have been through a lot.”

if I wasn’t this lacking…”

“This couldn’t be helped.
You cannot ignore what happened.”

“I am their king, their lord.
In addition… I am sorry to my lord, but we don’t have much time left.”

Trika was changed for the sake of the war and most of the power was now exhausted.

He could barely stand now

“Please allow me to spend the rest of my life like my men.”

Jaie frowned at it

“Who said you could die?”

“I turned into a concept and I have to give up a lot.
I can….”


Jamie placed his hand on the chest of Trika and White appeared as it embraced him

“Lord… this…?”

“He changed a lot but this is Black.,”


White cried out like it was pleased.

Before Trika could even respond, white light flowed from White’s body began to get absorbed into the body of Trika

“… this.”

“At first you were an undead I made.
The bond of the soul surely did weaken so we need to make it stronger than before.
If you were a living being this would have been a mess but since you are an undead below me, you are under my control so you do not get to think about death.”


Trika smiled as he surrendered the body to he white light.

The starlight flashed and the chains of reverse heaven penetrated the body of Trika and restored the body which was dying.

Eventually, everything which changed him was broken down.

“I am overflowing with power.”

“This is the power you should be enjoying”

Until they met, his host who is Diablo Volfir, wasn’t by his side, so he hadn’t been able to show his true power

But it was different now

Most of the strength was back to the heyday of Jamie, so even if they are in different dimensions, Trika will not weaken.

Also, he can try to be the concept if he wanted to now.
And might even destroy the great demon lord.

“Thank you.”

And, do not care too much.
You have your life here and there are people who you need to care for.
So don’t think about coming back to me until you feel like you can fully devote yourself”


Jamie respected Trika.

Unlike the past, he now had many responsibilities to fulfil.
And he knew a lot had changed from the past

With him, who was a solitary general without ano emotions except anger and hatred.
And his own subordinates who worked hard for the sake of him till the end

He never recognized such sacrifices in the past.

He was always cold hearted even to people who fought for him and had given harsh punishment to those who failed to do their missions.

Diablo Volfir was more terrifying than anyone as he was goal driven.

And now

He had family, friends and colleagues.

He had Dark Knight Trika who always silently carried out the orders alone and now he is a demon lord with subordinates

Although he lost many in the war, they can be gotten back

And Jamie wanted to help him.


As Jamie was thinking, Trika cautiously said.

“You have something to say?”

Trika nodded his head and said to Beiros.

“I need to talk to lord alone.”


Beiros who heard it, immediately got up and left the place

Judging from this, it was clear that Beiros is someone who had a clear idea of serving the ones he respect despite the thug attitude he has.

And Trika said,

“Before Akashic died, he left a message for you”


“He told you to go find Yeomjae.”

“Are you talking about the Yeomjae I know?”


“Why the hell would….”

Yeomjae is one of the 12 Gods.

He is also a person whom Jamie never had a contact with except for the time he got sealed.

In away, it could be said that Ra was someone he knew better

“Why did he ask me to meet him?”

“he said that he is the first nature God created by Gaia.”

“First nature god!?”

As Jamie knew, the 12 Gods were the actual invaders of planet Bless which humans now live on

These beings who conquered the Bless by winning the war against the original Gods.

But, now it is being said that Yeomjae is one of the old Gods?

Jamie couldn’t believe it.

And if he is the original naturel god…

“It means then the god is a traitor?”

Not just any traitor but the one who sold the planet and drove their own mother out.

And meet with such a God?

Jamie frowned.

“The choice is upto your lord”

“What is this now?”

“According to Akashic, it is uncertain whether it helps or not.
So he left a message for you to meet them first.
It is my opinion that even if Yeomjae is a traitor, I think Akashic means that if it you, lord, then you can handle him”

So it isn’t certain if Yeomjae is the enemy or not.

However, Jamie right now wouldn’t have a hard time even if he met with him according to akashic.

Jamie began to think.
The secret of this God is shocking but he wondered if he had to meet him

‘Come to think of it, he is one of the 12 who rarely did anything to me.’

There were quite a few and Pyro was one of them too

“I understand.”

“Will you head back now?”

“I have to.”

When he was in the core of Devildom, then three months passed here

It wis difficult to see this as a simple illusion of space and time.

The time axis of the other dimensions were returning normal.

Then it would meant that more than a day passed down on Bless.

And he had to return

“I will be leaving/”

“Should I help you?”

“Uh.i will take Beiros.”

“Beiros? I don’t mind, but is it fine? It will be difficult for high ranking demons to hide their magi in the human world”

“There is a way.”


I will got for real this time.
I hope nothing changed down there.”

As Jamie mumbled, Trika got up.

“If something happens to my lord, I, Trika will leave everything to help you”

Jamie smiled at those words and nodded.

“I hope so.”

And the messy situations in the Devildom ended.

At that time

An old man in shabby clothes plowing a small field.

About 40 years have passed since he steeled in the Siltair Kingdom in the western side of Arisha.

The world has turned into a pot of chaos but it had nothing to do with this old man who lived alone here

“Still a hobby you do.”

A large man in black robe appeared in front of his old man who didn’t even bother to look.

The man spoke again as he was being ignored here.

“The time to choose will come.”


“Do not think that you can stay silent forever.
You will be forced to stay with me”

The old man stopped as he was plowing but he didn’t turn back or speak

He just gave out a shocking energy which made the wild animals and birds quickly run away.

The man smiled as he felt his skin tingle

“I will wait for you.
Yeomjae, let’s meet next time”

And his vanished.

The old man sighed as the presence vanished

“I can no longer drag it.”

As he mumbled that, he went into a shabby house

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