Even if he took a defensive stance, all the troops would be annihilated.
As the saying went, the best defense was attacking.
But to survive, they had to pull off their best attack.

“You are smart.”

Jamie mumbled as he watched the demons flocking to him, and pulled out Balisada.

“But, there is one thing I regret.”

Black mana surged.


At the same time, White was summoned up, and it cried out with a beautiful melody with the power of starlight.

Black mana got amplified.

Starlight and Blck Mana are the same; they were powers of the same nature, originating from the same place.

The two forces match each other and maximize their effectiveness.

[Inverse Heaven]

“Have fun.”



Undead troops came out of the Gates that got summoned above their heads and began to tangle with the demons.

“Do not touch him.”

“Yes, lord.”

Death Knight Bianca answered and moved ahead.

Azad and Raiza followed with their respective units.

Their appearance differed from Beiros, and they had evolved into a higher form.

Because Jamie recovered most of his strength, the influence of the growth got passed down to them too.

All of the surviving demons of the Wrath’s legion were high-rank demons, so they got pushed back a little, but as time went on, the situation reversed for the undead.

Jamie passed them and walked to Arsenka.

“Where did you get such…”

Arsenka regenerated the broken arm and frowned, looking at the battlefield.

“You should look after yourself first.”

Jamie approached and swung Balisada.

This time, Arsenka drew the sword fully and blocked it.

“… You know how to wield swords?”

“I wanted to check what level you could handle.”

Magic can be learned despite not constantly fighting by using magic, but it wasn’t the case for swordsmanship.

The two swords clash, making them unable to aim at each other.
And this made Arsenka nervous.

‘What is with this human? I never heard of a magician handling swords!’

Not only that, the blade had teeth on it, which were falling out each time the hit intensified.

It was because it was an aura blade that grafted the dark mana.

Arsenka was unaware of this and began to push more and more.
He thought he was facing one of the Devildom’s finest swordsmen since Jamie was attacking only the best cases through Future Walker, forcing Arsenka to come to a standstill.


His back touched the wall.

It continued to get pushed and fell back.

Jamie mumbled as he turned the Balisada.

“It seems that my body has grown dramatically.
Handling auras made of black mana has turned more natural to me, and I can use black magic without difficulty.”

Overall, the performance had risen.

Behind the scenes, the undead troops were pushing their enemies under Bianca’s command.
Although the strong ones were resisting, the undead wouldn’t fall down.

“Then how about this?”

Jamie reached out to something.
And after waking up after the ordeal and remembered two abilities he had forgotten about.

He used one of them

[Level 4]


Black mana fluctuated and went for Arsenka, who hurriedly swung the sword to cut the black mana, but it was meaningless.

“It has already entered you.”

Level 4.

It was black magic devised by Diablo Volfir to somehow make the immortal Gods suffer.

It can be said that it is the vilest of the black magic he had dealt, and the target has to die.

‘It is a part of the curse, but it is a power that was created separately because it couldn’t be contained as a simple curse.’


Arsenka suddenly grabbed his neck and began to look like he couldn’t breathe as the blood vessels began to twitch and the muscles began to swell up.

“W-what did you do?”

“Just tweaked with your genes, reversed the blood flow to your brain, which now fails to control the muscles.”

“Kuak, Kuaaak!”

“I also changed the circulatory system, so it’s going to be difficult to breathe.
It is like having trouble breathing.”

Arsenka was no longer even speaking out.
And he began to have seizures as blood began to trickle down.

But he didn’t die yet because Jamie was controlling it.

It was like he didn’t want to make the opponent’s good body turn into a mess right away.

“Actually, this technique is suitable for a wide area too.
Plague is a skill which specializes in annihilation.’


Jamie squatted, leaned his head until he was next to the demon, and whispered into his ear.

“So, how much time has happened?”

Arsenka could barely think from the pain.

‘K… kill me.’

But he knew.
He wasn’t going to die.

Being able to think with such a strained body itself was hard.
What made thinking possible was the will to make this pain go.

So he felt despair in that situation.

“… month”



Jamie smiled and gently stroked his hair.

“I did tell you to speak right away.
See what you did to yourself.”

The dark magician opened his purple eyes and said

“It wouldn’t have been this painful.”

At the same time.


The seal was released.

Wrath came back.

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