It has already been 10 days since Wrath and Trika were sealed inside the subspace.

Under Akashic, who had taken over command, the corps of Lust continued to attack their enemies.

However, the number of demons on the side of Wrath was enormous to the extent that it was impossible to even count them.

And the demon lords hadn’t come forward yet.

It was because the corps of Lust continued to spend energy to fight off the low-level ones who waged war.

Another week passed.

From the enemy’s side, powerful, high-ranking demons began to emerge.

There were tremendous amounts of damage that were being done by the enemy commanders.

Among the commanders who went to fight, a couple died on the side of Lust.

10th rank Count Victor.

At this point, the promise to their lord could not be kept.

This would all end before Jamie Welton came.

It was time to renew their resolve.

Another entire month passed.

Akashic struggled and managed to kill 5 high-ranking demons.

Marquis Lilian also achieved a victory against the Marquis of the Vampire lord.
And the count level demons gathered together to get sure wins against the high demons.

Beiros was being active, and the atmosphere was fine.

He didn’t know how long this atmosphere would last, but at least the flow was looking fine now.

But as if that was the end, the demon lords began to move.

The true fight started now.

Maybe a few more days passed.

Night and day have no meanings.

The fighting continued.

Still, good results were coming out.

Akashic was helping defeat the demons, as not many could stand his all-out attacks.

One of the five demon lords on the side of Wrath went down, while one escaped the same end.

But they must have understood how strong Akashic was.

As expected, the demon lords began to ravage the battlefield.

In the process, the 5th Count Ancaro and 8th Count Granos lost their lives.

They did everything they could.

Akashic thought he had to bring out the Demon Tool.

The Demon Tool is a weapon exclusively for demon lords, created together when a demon lord gets his rank.

Originally, Trika was supposed to use this, but he realized the danger it held and sealed the object.

He wondered if it was suitable for someone who wasn’t a demon lord to use such a thing, but without this, he couldn’t go against the 4 demon lords.

Because they, too, must have their own Demoni Tools.

So Akashic awakened the seal placed in the depths and took it.

Only when he got it did he understand why Trika had sealed it.

It was a darkness that engulfed everything.

It wasn’t known how much time had passed.

Wearing this, Akashic succeeded in killing two demon lords.

It was the Demon Lord of Desire and the Demon Lord of Depravity.

However, while dealing with them, the body around the harness began to erode.

The staff of World Tree was rejecting him.

Many people began to get worried, but now wasn’t the time to be concerned about his body condition.

He felt like this was better.

There was nothing in this world you could gain without sacrificing something equivalent, so this harness felt like the right price to pay.

And he would fulfill the promise he made to Trika.

It was a long time ago.

His mother, Gaia, who created him, said to her children.

-Beware of chaos.

Akashic’s body was no different from chaos.

The holy power as a god of nature and the darkness in the body due to the harness.

In other words, he possessed a level of power he had never experienced before.
If there was a problem, it was that it was too much for him to handle, and his body could break at any moment.

‘It will not be easy.’

The Demon Lord of Vampires and Demon Lord of Arrogance were strong.

Vampires were the ones he always fought, so he knew that they were as strong as Lust, but the Demon Lord of Arrogance was someone who earned the title rightfully.

More than half of their commanders were killed by him.

Not just that, but there were also ones who were fatally injured now, and it felt reasonable to think that their power was cut down by half.

Luckily, Lilian and Beiros were holding down the front for them.

‘We do not have much time left.’

Even the seal that contained Wrath and Lust was approaching the limit, and time was running out.

Could Trika hold out against him?

Despite all the changes, it felt like the battle’s winner was unknown.

It would not be an easy win, but the loss won’t let him live either.

Not much time was left.


The Demon Lord of Arrogance fell and died with a massive hole in their chest.

At the same time, Akashic’s body was already two-thirds eroded.

What would happen if he was completely engulfed in darkness? Akashic didn’t want to think about it.

Now there was just one demon lord left.

‘They lost a lot.’

He killed 4 demon lords and most of their soldiers.

Still, one more demon lord was left, and the vampire troops were still strong.

Not just that, but it seemed like they had absorbed the power of other demon lords, and his strength seemed to have grown much higher.

“You bastard, I don’t know where you suddenly came from, but you did this.
It’s quite shocking.”

The vampire demon lord was shocked.

Defeating four demon lords and half the troops was not a small thing.

Of course, two of the demon lords were relatively low-ranked ones, and their achievements weren’t too impressive.

If they were fine, they would run.

Cause death would come.

But now it was different.

“You are weak.”

Red rain was pouring down.

The rain was made from the blood of vampires but was full of acid, so the skin of demons around them melted as it met the red rain.

The higher the level, the more resistance one has, but middle-rank demons couldn’t fight it.

“Let’s end it soon.
Satan will kill us if we don’t take the castle over before he returns.”

The last time when Trika was away, the guy had attacked the place, but right then, Trika came back and fought him off.

Until then, no one looked down on the demon lord of vampires.

“You rest.
I will deal with this.”

At that moment, Beiros led his exhausted body and pulled Akashic by the shoulder.

“Get out.
He isn’t your opponent.”

Akashic slapped the hand away and told him to back away, but Beiros didn’t hear him.

“It is all over when you die.
Marquis Lilian and I will try to make the most of our time, so focus on recovery as much as possible.”

Beiros pushed him, and Marquis Lilian came in.

She used to have icy white skin, but now her whole body was covered in dirt.

And she looked at Akashic without saying anything and then nodded her head.

If these two are lost, who is left here?

It would be right to deal directly with the vampires, but Akashic couldn’t say it.

This is because, as they said, if the eroding darkness calmed down a little, it would be possible to kill the vampires.

So this time, he had no choice but to move back.


“Don’t apologize!”

Beiros shouted and rushed for the vampires, and Lilian followed him with ice moving around her.

“Haa!! Do you think a demon lord is a joke?”

The vampire demon lord shouted as he saw just two demons come.


Akashic looked at the Demon Lord of the Vampires with black eyes.

Almost half the body was split.

As a result, the body drenched in darkness was complete, and not a smidge of holy power could be felt.

He was a full demon now.

On top of that, he was oozing killing intent.

“You… cannot stop…”

“Shut it.”

He swung the hand, and the head of the vampire flew out.

And that was the end.

Marquis Lilian was lying motionless on the floor, and Beiros was unconscious.

Beiros should have been dead, but Lilian threw herself to save him.
In the process, she suffered serious damage and eventually died.

It was an outrageous action for a demon.

Akashic let out a pent-up breath.

Five demon lords were killed.


“It was fun.”

A demon with a crude sword riding a black horse approached.
A monster whose information Akashic had.

“The second-ranked in the Wrath…”



All the five demon lords and their troops were done, but the regular unit was still waiting behind.

And this man, Duke Arsenka, who was called a strong force, came out only now.
He could be a demon lord, but he chose to get a rank under Wrath instead.

“I didn’t think five demon lords could be defeated alone.
No matter how much help you received, it was still shocking.
If my lord had seen it, he would have praised you.”


“Such a pity.
That someone this strong must die.
How is it? Although my lord is hated, if you speak well, you might be able to survive.
Swear allegiance to him.”

“If you are out to joke, you found the wrong person; I will kill you too.”

“As I thought, we cannot be on the same side.”

Arsenka felt sorry and raised his hand.

And shouted.

“All troops advance!”

At the same time, the remaining troops began to sweep over the castle of Lust.

Akashic wanted to stop them, but he couldn’t

“You cannot leave.”


“Be food for Wrath.”

Numerous screams came.

All the high-ranking demons were attacking the castle, and walls began falling.

The fire was burning, and the soldiers were dying.
Everything was coming to an end due to the overwhelming power of one side.

They tried to stop the enemy but couldn’t.


Akashic pulled out all the power left in him.

Even now,

If he could do just a tiny bit of damage.

Even if it means burning the remaining life!!

It was then.

“You fucking trash!!”

The whole sky shone in purple.

Arsenka looked around with a shocked face at the sudden changes.

“Everyone get ready for any anomalies!!”

At his orders, the troops began to inform others.

But it was nonsense.

The purple sky flashed, and the mana which reached the limit began to spurt out.

And terrible things began to happen to the entire legion of Wrath.


“E-everyone is disappearing!”

“What is this? What is happening!!”

One, two.

More and more demons began to perish.

This continued to happen without any sign or reason, and they turned to ashes.

Arsenka was shocked at the numerous deaths.
The strange thing was that no noble-class demon vanished.

Only the last ranked ones had fallen, and a few were unconscious.

Should they call this a lucky situation?

But it wasn’t something to be shocked about.

Akashic, who was watching, couldn’t stop the trembling in his eyes.

‘This magic…!’

Akashic knew it.

Magic of a bygone age…

[Transcendental Magic]

[The Reset]

“A lot was done while I was away.”

A person with an overwhelming presence came from behind.

A strange but somehow familiar energy made Akashic look back.

“Jamie Welton”

There stood Jamie with a slightly changed appearance.

And he looked at Akashic, a bit shocked.

“Why do you look so dark?”

At that light tone, Akashic chuckled as he lost consciousness.

Victory was back on their side.

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