Akashic shook his head.

And looking straight into the face of Wrath, he asked.

“For what did you come to this place with such a large army? If you need a human, isn’t it possible to get any human you want?”

“Do I have an obligation to answer you?”


Akashic shook his head and then tapped his staff.
And a huge magic circle spread around on the ground.

In response to the sudden change, the troops of Wrath started running ahead when Wrath yelled.


His orders were absolute here.
And the demons who were about to run froze.

Wrath looks down at the magic circle.

“Defensive one.
Did you think you could tie me down with this?”


“You cannot.”

The eyes of Wrath turned red, and the magic circle down gradually disappeared.

“No one can stop me!”

The magic circle broke down, but Akashic wasn’t shocked.

He knew that dealing with mana which was the other side of magic, the results would be this.
So, he brought out the holy power he had kept sealed.

The power which wasn’t brought out from the moment he got pushed back by the 12 Gods spread through the staff.

The magic circle began to be replaced, going from mana to holy power.

‘It is quite a small amount of power, but it should be enough.’

If only the demon lord could be stopped for a moment, everything would be fine.

Wrath felt the holy power.

“Huh!? You!”

“Have you lost it?!”

Seeing Akashic be what Wrath was focused on, Trika used his sword.

This time, he grabbed the sword with both hands.

“Kuak! You fucking idiot?”


“… I am sorry I left.”



Realizing that the two actually had a plan, Wrath turned angry and tried to take down the sword of Trika, but the more he did, the more clenched his body felt.

“Demon lords, kill this one!”

And he gave orders to the minor lords below him.

“They cannot.”

At the magic circle, which was made of holy power, a holy wall soared into the sky, making the demon lords unable to approach them.

No matter how weak the holy power was, it was a barrier equal to what the Gods lay.

“I wondered where you hid after losing to the twelve, so you were hiding in the Devildom?”

Wrath made an annoyed noise.

This is good enough entertainment for me.
Demon lords, listen!”

The Demon Lord of Wrath, who decided that he wouldn’t be able to escape from this wall, gave orders to the demon lords below him.

“Conquer the place until I come.
Otherwise, know that my wrath has no limits.”

The light grew, and two demon lords were engulfed in it.

Trika turned his head and looked at Akashic.

“I ask the lord and my subordinate.”



Both of them vanished too.
They were trapped in a second dimension created by Akashic, but it wouldn’t last long.

The opponent is someone who ruled one of the five parts of Devildom.

Trika had to fight against such a monster with only Akashic on his side.
This was a huge burden to him.

“Please come back alive.
I will do my best here.”

Even if it is close to impossible.
Akashic sighed and looked ahead.

When their ruler, Wrath, vanished, the troops of Wrath were confused.

However, they had an order given to them, and he looked strong in their eyes.

If they didn’t follow the order, they would end up putting their lives on the line.

And without Trika, too, they could try and make something here.


Two more months passed.

It had been 3 months since Jamie entered the Dimension Stone.

The core of the Devildom continued to shine, and this stone began to release out small particles, which scattered.

It began to form something small, and it began to take the form of a human.



The sparks bounced off the man, who sighed.

And he looked at his hands.

They got bigger.

Not just bigger, but they also felt stiff.
He gently rubbed the veins which popped up.

And he looked around.

“I am back.”

It didn’t seem like a long time had passed, and he felt this was real as he stepped out.

Jamie washed his face and laughed at the power he felt permeating his body.

“This is it!”

Not perfect, but it felt like he was back to his level.

One step closer to his heyday

‘Was all of this planned?’

He looked at the core of the Devildom.
Which was back to its shining form.

It felt like it wanted to say something.

“How old am I now?”

His growth was almost over at age 13, and he didn’t feel like he had grown taller.

But looking at this body, it felt like he had the body of a twenty years old.

“All the condensed time was pushed onto me.
Does that mean I replaced all the twisted space-time which went wrong in the Devildom due to me?”


It didn’t feel like that.

“Diablo Volfir’s power was replaced with space-time and flowed into the Devildom.”

And now it was in the body of Jamie Welton.

The power of a single human is enough to affect the axis of a dimension.

Jamie felt a sense of pride at it, and suddenly a thought came to his mind.

“But, a war was about to start.”

That was why Akashic had put him into the core.

Then what happened?

Jamie came out.
It wasn’t difficult to get out, and the moment his body flashed, he was floating in the sky.

“Cast speed, range, and warp at the same time.

Even in his best state, using warp wasn’t difficult, but now it felt more comfortable.

Now he had to go and meet Trika and Akashic.

Jamie teleported to the castle of Lust, but the sight which unfolded was shocking.

“…what happened?”

About half the castle was blown, and the flames wouldn’t die down.

A large number of troops could be seen.

Jamie started to mumble.

“These beings”

As his forehead frowned.

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