of Wrath given this information, but Trika only wanted to stand until his lord came back.

But listening to this now, it felt impossible.

-You can become a concept


-The strength of a concept is different, and so I the quality, but there is something more important than those.

-A medium.

Most likely, the demons cannot handle the raw power of a concept.
No matter the strength of a demon lord, the body will have a hard time coping with it.
But you-

-I’m an undead.

An undead made in the hands of Diablo Volfir.
And since the soul didn’t exist for him, it didn’t matter how many concepts were placed inside.

Also, due to the absence of a soul, the body’s level could rise.

But there was one problem.

-But it is one of the 5 great Demon Lords you are going against, and I am sure he can handle it.
Why didn’t he try to become the concept himself? According to what you said, Akashic, the stronger the medium, the stronger the body.


Akashic couldn’t answer it easily, and Trika could guess it.

-I see,

-The choice is yours.
What will you do?

It looked like a choice was being given, but Trika had only one way out in the end.

-If the lord will have a place to return to here, I will do anything.

-… You have made quite a difficult decision.

Over the past month, with the help of Akashic, he had several concepts implanted in him.
He was able to acquire the power he had never experienced before.

Although he was going to lose something of equal level, he had no regrets in life other than not being able to go after the 12 Gods.

It was a pity that he took this decision without his lord’s permission, but if his lord could acquire the power to defeat the 12 Gods, that was enough.

Trika looked at his subordinates and said,

“From tomorrow, the first attack will be ours.”

“Are we going to do it?”

Trika shook his head at the concerned question from Lilian.

“Do not worry.
I will stand at vanguard, Wrath, Satan, we will not lose unless he steps in.”

The commanders trembled at the calm voice.
When such lords come to the forefront of the battle, the result was definite.

A victory.

“We will survive this.”

Trika’s eyes shone in purple.

Researcher Henos was observing the dimensional structure and flow.

There seemed to be a war brewing, but it had nothing to do with the researchers, so he decided to observe his task.

In the first place, he only temporarily belonged to the demon lord who governs this area, so he wasn’t exactly one of his subordinates.

Rather, the researchers cannot be owned.

My eyes hurt.”

Henos moved from the telescope.

He had already been staring at this for 10 hours, and his eyes were hurting.
As he was about to rest his eyes, he turned to check the magnifier to check the situation below.

“They seemed to have stopped for a while.”

Previously he could hear the fighting, which made him think the sky was going to fall, but now it felt like a truce was being held.

Thanks to this, he was a bit annoyed at the noises interfering with his study.

“When will peace come to Devildom? Tch tch”

Henos didn’t like the demons much.
He was a researcher of this land and didn’t like fighting.

And researcher is the one thing he chose because he wouldn’t have to fight.

“I am hungry.
I will have to make a meal or something.”

And since he was alone, he would talk a lot to himself.

And hum out too.

He took out a piece of bread he had brought from home and began to hum a piece of bright music.
This bread was made by grinding the grains in Devildom.

And this was to just quench the hunger.

As he took a couple bites, the graph on the dimension observation table suddenly began to run wild.

“W-what is happening!?”

Henos looked wide eyes and threw the bread to the ground as he went to check the data.
The axis of space-time suddenly changed.

“Is it broken?”

Otherwise, the graph shouldn’t be this wild, especially this out of the blue.

It is still an old one, so breaking down wasn’t strange.

But he wasn’t sure of it, so he checked the multidimensional situation.

And he noticed something unbelievable.

“T-the time axis is back.”

The time axis, which had been gradually turning longer, began to return.
And it was slow, but it was slowly picking up the pace.

In this unexpected situation, Henos couldn’t come up with an explanation.

The spatiotemporal graph was going crazy and the multidimensional flow was normalizing.

As a researcher, it was difficult for him to jump to conclusions, and the observation center considered this just an anomaly.

It was time to pick up the communicator because he thought this had to be relayed.


The sound of the space being torn apart, the sky, and the Devildom felt like they were being slashed.

A huge presence, unlike anything he had experienced before, began to descend.

“W-what! What is that?”

He immediately turned on the magnifier, and he could see.

A man with three pairs of enormous black wings on his back and a golden crown on and with the red robes of an emperor was descending.

After that, a black and red light shone along with an ominous feeling, and Henos was lost.

Despite being far away, he knew who this was.

It was because he had been following the research and had seen them long ago.

“Demon Lord of Wrath!”

Could it be that the opponent that Trika was fighting was him?

“Damn it… for him to come.”

Just because researchers could not be owned, that didn’t mean they didn’t die.

Accidents often happen.
Especially if there is a battlefield close by.

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