Three days had passed since Jamie entered the Dimension Stone.

“It is dark…”

Beiros stood on the wall and watched the troops of Wrath in the distance.

How many people was it in total?

It was foolish to try and count the number.

The land looked dyed black, and the troops were constantly moving like water.

This wasn’t a concept that could be blocked.

If something like this came in, their castle would fall instantly, and the soldiers of lust would disappear.

“In addition to the vampire and the other troops, the arrogant, stingy, and…”

“I don’t see a chance of winning over this.”

“If we are destined to die fighting, that would be the end any demon wants.”

The demons looked resolute at this force.

“Shit… aren’t we supposed to jump right now?”

“What if I get caught? It is the same end.”

“You don’t care for them? Well, either way, it is the same end.
We should walk into the place where we have the greatest chance of living.”

“Shut up, please.
My head hurts.”

“Damn it… why is the demon lord not asking for support from others? Has he lost….”

Because of this cornered situation, the demons began to curse their lord.

In the world of the strong, it was loyalty created by being suppressed by power, so it was inevitable when someone stronger appeared.

To be honest, Beiros might have pursued something.

‘Can we trust it?’

Beiros remembered the power which Katos showed.

‘It was Akashic.’

A man who pretended to be a noble in the Devildom turned out to be a divine being who had come down from the human world.

Its power didn’t feel like it could be pushed; even compared to the lord, he seemed stronger.

Rather it felt like he rose to a height that beiros could never hit.

‘But there are many ranks of Demon lords over there.’

He didn’t know how strong Akashic was, but the Demon Lord of Lust that he had served was at the same level as the Demon Lord of Vampires.

And the Demon lord of Desolation, Arrogance, Stinginess, and Greed wouldn’t stand down on the other side.

They are strong enough to be compared to nobles.

In addition, there was Wrath over them.
It was unknown whether he would move ahead, but it was safe to say their end was coming.

‘Because the power of the Great Demon Lord isn’t lacking.
He can be called the God of Devildom.’

In terms of power in the Devildom, the five great demon lords were stronger than the 12 Gods.

Well, among the Gods, he wasn’t sure if anyone knew tactics, but there was a reason why they didn’t attack the Devildom.

The Great Demon Lord was such an existence.

“Is Beiros nervous now?”

He heard an annoying voice from behind and didn’t have to turn back to know who it was.


“I didn’t think you were coming back.”

“What do you want to say?”

“I am a bit upset.
It was a chance for me to go up a rank.”

Beiros looked at the blonde demon who was making fun of him.
This guy, who looked like a handsome man, swept the hair to the side.

“Huhu, it is a joke.”

“Don’t annoy me, and head back to your place.”

“Do not be annoyed.
It isn’t nice.”

“Get out before I kill you!”

“Hahaha! It is a joke, man.
Rather, where did that human go?”

There was no need to explain who the human was referring to.

Beiros crossed his arms and looked at the enemy side.

“I don’t know.”

“Huh, you don’t know?”

“Don’t keep barking like a dog; I might rip that snout of yours off.”

“So violent.”

“A lot less than you.”

I will leave now.
Let’s have a cup of tea next time.”

“Get lost.”

Dmitry returned to his place with a bright smile.
He was the annoying kind.

In general, all the demons in the top 10 of any demon lord are annoying.
Still, that guy was more annoying due to his unique perverted tone.

Beiros shook his head as if he had run out of luck.

However, the question he asked was something Beiros was curious about.

‘For real, what happened?’

He never heard anything specific, but it was clear something had happened to Jamie Welton.

And presumably, he could be someone who could bail them out of this situation; in other words, they had to endure this till then.


“What is it?”

“Are you exhausted?”

When Beiros groaned, his subordinates all walked to him.


There was nothing to say to his subordinates, so he shook his head and looked ahead.


Now was the time to think about how to stop the enemy.

Two days later, the enemy began to advance.

“Prepare the cube!”

Three more days passed since the fierce battle began, making it 8 days since Jamie entered the Dimension stone.

Eight barrels were placed on the castle and shot into the air.

The cubes from the barrel were created in the air as magic condensed into it.

“Launch it!”

At the command, the beam then moved from the magic sphere and created a cube.


Thousands of demons vanished in an instant.

But the vacancy soon got filled in by their endless opposing horde.

Beiros was the commander, and rather than ordering other demons, he took the lead.

Even now, he was in the form of a dragon and was using his breath.

[Fuck off, you bastards!!]

In addition to him, all the demons in the top 10 ranks were on the battlefield.

In particular, Marquis Lilian was freezing everything she got close to.

Victory was siding with them, at least for now.
But everyone knew.

‘Shit… only useless ones are being sent in to fight.’

Beiros frowned, looking at the low-ranked demons coming out to fight them.

The legion of wrath was spread out so much, so he wondered the level at this rate they would all be exhausted with just the low-level demons.

And that is what the enemy is aiming for.

‘Once they know we are exhausted, the actual troops will come.’

It was a war where the balance of power had already shifted to the other side, but it was reasonable to think that doing this was like playing with a meal.

Judging that this wasn’t right, Beiros went back into his human form, plunged into the middle of the enemy, and exploded his magic.

‘Damn it, what the hell is he doing?’

Akashic acted like he was up to something but didn’t show where he was doing.

It was the same with Trika.

In the current situation, the absence isn’t much of a problem, but they didn’t know when the demon lords would attack the castle.

“Didn’t I tell you to fuck off”

Beiros slaughtered the enemies with his hands.

Another day passed.

Fortunately, they retreated with the sun going down.

Knowing that it would be meaningless to pursue retreating ones, they concentrated on resting.

About half a month passed like this.

Twenty four days since Jamie entered the Dimension stone.

“It is worrisome.
I don’t know what the hell they are preparing, but I feel it will be a hard hit on us if this continues.”

The commanders were meeting.

The 4th ranked marquis continued.

“I propose to move.”

“This is like hitting rocks with eggs.
And this only adds damage to our side.”

Count Chasa, ranked 9th expressed his refusal.

And he elaborated on it.

“We need to focus on our place and conserve the troops.
I don’t think there is any need to exhaust ourselves by jumping head-on.”

“I agree to it.”

Ancaro, who was ranked 5th, agreed to it, while the others had similar opinions.

Marquis Setro sighed and said,

“Don’t you know if we stay like this, we will have a free meal for them?”

Setro spoke a bit loudly to Marquis Lilian.

He said that because he hoped she would say something, and she was the highest-ranking one here.

Lilian looked at him and finally spoke.

“For now, we watch.
The words of the marquis are true, but our troops are limited, so it is right to follow the will of the Demon King.”

She was correct.

The commanders here indeed had the authority to move ahead, but it would be suicide to act according to each of their wills.

In particular, not a single one had gone against a Great Demon Lord until now.

“Is the demon lord still not coming out?”

Lilian was the only commander in touch with the demon lord, and she nodded.

“Duke Katos, is he there too?”


“… I don’t know what those two are doing.
I hope they share it with us.”

The dissatisfaction kept piling up.

This is because the demon lord who should help raise their morale wasn’t here on the battlefield.

It was the same with Katos.
Even if he was using the name Akashic, they still thought of him as Katos.

And the strongest of them were not coming out of the castle.

“They must have a plan.”

Everyone looked a bit uncomfortable at this.
In a situation where the commanders could block the enemies, they could hold on and wait for their lord to come.

And if the situation worsens, then they will go and ask the two.

Another 10 days passed.

A month since Jamie went in the stone.

The legion of Wrath constantly bombarded them with attacks, and the legion of Lust stopped them.

If there was one thing that changed during the war, it was that nobles started appearing on Wrath’s side.

‘Lower nobles.’

Beiros pulled out the head of a noble who introduced himself as Baron Mahura.

Still, the red flags were going up.

If this continued, Wrath’s surge of power would be difficult to handle.

As Marquis Setro said, he thought it wouldn’t be wrong to attack the enemy once.


Again the enemy gave the retreat order.

Beiros looked at them as they went away, annoyed that this was being done like an experiment by their enemies.

He would prefer being raided at once

This battle style wasn’t the way of Devildom.

He heard that the Demon Lord of Wrath was driven by his emotions, but he didn’t seem like that? Were the rumors wrong?

There must have been several wars for such rumors to come.’

The great war caused by the Demon Lord of Wrath, which was won in a short time, is well known.

That said, he isn’t the kind of lord to enjoy long wars.

“This is all for today.”

In his heart, he wanted to run and kill them all, but he used up enough energy, so he jumped up the wall.

It was then.


A huge voice inside the enemy camp shook the land.

The voice was strong enough that the lower-class demons had lost their lives.


Beiros had to cover his ears and then looked at the sound source.

Black shadows rose.

A bull big enough to have its head touching the cloud came up.

The eyes were red, and their right hand was fixed on a huge axe that looked like it wanted to blow up mountains.

He heard the rumors.

-The Demon King of Wrath has a very horrible pet.
They say it is like a cow but too large

Was it this one?

Beiros couldn’t shut his mouth.

The gigantic black cow lifted the axe using both hands until it was above its head.

As if the sky in the Devildom should split, an illusion arose.

“Uh, do not joke about this.”

And it swung the axe.

Without any sign, all of a sudden.

“Damn it.
How can that even be a pet!!”

Beiros instinctively turned into the demon dragon form and moved for the axe.

Because his instinct warned that if he didn’t move, he would die.

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