the air.

He was dead.

“To save me…”

It was a miserable feeling.

The fact that he was able to stand like this at the expense of others weighed on his shoulders.
He didn’t talk to Keniac more than a couple of times, so he didn’t know what kind of man he was.

However, in that sealed state, he was able to check the situation outside.

What the man was thinking and what he was planning to do was confirmed with his eyes.

Although not human, Keniac seems more of a human than anyone else.

“And because of you…”

The space shuddered and Siegfried’s long hair and robe fluttered.

“There is so much trouble.”


Javelin couldn’t say anything.

He was choking at the feeling.
He signed a contract with the Demon King and took the title of Knight.
Even if he wasn’t a noble, the power of a Demon Knight was below a Master class.

To be honest, he had the confidence to face a 7th class Great Magician.

‘… it was a mistake.’

He should have prepared a sealing technique that couldn’t be broken.

The space around Siegfried shuddered violently.

“Didn’t I say? If I come out, I will kill you.”


Fighting was impossible.

First, he had to run.

Javelin who decided so.
Flew back.

“Where are you going?”

At that moment, Siegfried was right next to him.

Javelin was shocked.

“How? I can’t leave.”


Space exploded.

He groaned and blood flowed from his mouth.
It felt like his intestines were being torn to pieces.

“Should I send you?”

Javelin had the feeling that the space was getting longer.

‘Not a feeling.’

Siegfried was right in front of him.
The distance extended with space magic.

Javelin waited for his organs to heal and flew back.

He didn’t know how wide the space was, but this was a chance.
Just open the door connected to the demon realm.




Suddenly, Siegfried appeared and slapped the compressed space onto him.

Javelin couldn’t calm himself down at the hit.
His field of vision was divided into several layers.

“You shouldn’t die in comfort.”

A hoarse voice warned him.

“Writhing in pain, very, very, excruciatingly slowly…”


Limbs spread.
Bones and muscles and nerves were all being pulled out.

The pain was terrible.

“I will kill you.”

Javelin saw.

The eerie eyes of the blonde man looking down.
And his lips curled.


Siegfried was the Devil.

Jamie was moving quickly towards where Javelin was.

The subspace they isolated seemed to vanish.
No one will know what happened there.

‘I need to find him before he does anything.’

He could feel the magic but it was so faint that he couldn’t grasp the direction.

Come to think of it, he was a pretty annoying one.
The first impression he gave was friendly.
He had a smile and one couldn’t understand what he was thinking, but he knew how troublesome it was to step ahead, yet he would still take work.

Just seeing that he was working hard, Jamie couldn’t deny that he was kind.

And he was fine.
He could have passed the tasks others gave, but didn’t.
Just because there was a job, doesn’t mean it had to be done well.

But Javelin did his best.

And he was good with children.
Students trusted him and he reciprocated the trust.

‘All of that… is false.’

All smoke.

How annoying could that be?

If he had created some easy-going personality Jamie wouldn’t have felt hurt.
But he made people around him like him.

Most of all, it causes inconvenience to those around him.
An annoying person who caused trouble for children, teachers and everyone.

He couldn’t forgive him anymore.

‘Because he is a demon… he can live despite his head being taken down?’


First he would remove the limbs and then pull out the lower body.
And then would aim for the organs, pulling each one out.
The cost of ruining someone else’s life isn't small.

Jamie too knew about it better than anyone because he experienced things in his previous life.

‘Not far.’

Perhaps it was the right direction, he felt like he was getting closer.

Jamie got down and looked again.
It was to pinpoint where he was.

It was then.

A huge presence was approaching with great speed.

Turning around, he saw a familiar man come down from the roof.


“I had a hard time finding you.”

It was Count Simon.

How did he manage to come here?

This was quite far from his lab, and the presence was kept to a minimum in order for Javelin to not detect him.

“That face is asking how I got here.”

How did you find me? And I'm also wondering why you came here.”

“It was thanks to this that I was able to find you.”

He showed the necklace Lennon gave.

Jamie didn’t know why this was in Count’s hand, but the Count decided to explain it.

“Lennon came to me with this.
The necklace was shining, but it isn't now.”


Seeing that Lennon thought that you were in danger.”

‘I think the signal went when I was fighting Serpent.’

Since magic is an equivalent exchange, it warned his disciples too.

Even so, it shouldn’t have given any signal to them, but since the Serpent's attack was quite dangerous, it must have rung.

“But, Jamie Welton… did you break through the wall?”

“I guess so.”


Count Simon let out an unbelievable laugh.

At the age of 8, being a Great magician was unheard of.
But this was reality, however, this wasn’t an issue.

“Now isn’t the time.
A demon has intervened.”


“We can talk about the details later, let’s move.
I don’t know what he is doing.”

The Count was flustered by the sudden mention of demons, but he knew that Jamie wasn’t the kind to joke about it.

“Take the lead.”

It was when the two nodded and flew towards Javelin.


A huge shock was felt, and an ominous black pillar of light rose to the sky.

The two of them teleported to where the pillar of light rose without another thought.

And they saw it there.


It was a giant with a vicious appearance with four arms and could easily jump over 10 meters.

“Young lord and 8th elder.”

Siegfried was holding the space and trying to restrain the movement.

And said,

“… seems to be a noble of the Devildom.”


The ferocious magi began to run wild.

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