Even though the skill difference was huge, seeing that they didn’t die yet, it meant that they were all trained well.

But it wasn’t like the Undead were winning.

‘Particle magic.
It seems to work well against a lot of people.’

Whenever they touched Serpent’s magic, they would scatter like dust.

Annihilation magic was powerful but Serpent’s Particle magic was so destructive that it didn’t allow regeneration.

In such a state, no matter how well they moved, the Undead couldn't defeat Serpent.

You should go.”


Azad drew his sword from his waist and jumped to where Serpent was.
It looked like his body seemed light.

Azad lept there in an instant.

“You fucking corpse bastards.”

Serpent burst into anger and blocked Azad’s sword with his staff.
He reached out to use his magic on Azad.


However, the magic passed through the air and ceiling above turned to dust.
This was because Azad turned his sword to the left and diverted the attack.

Azad, who landed on the shoulders of the Undead, used them as stepping stones and aimed for Serpent’s neck.

It was a very fast move.
It seemed like he trained well.


Serpent decided to move back and distanced himself.

However, Azad was accustomed to stepping onto the Undead so it wasn’t difficult for him to follow.

He then ordered them to reduce the movement of the man as much as possible.

“Don’t… make me mad!”

Maybe it was difficult to bear, Serpent yelled.

His power of Annihilation began to spread around like a circle from where he was standing.

Azad stopped there, and stumbled back.

“This bastard! I will kill all the slaves!”

“Aren't you paying too much attention to them?”

Then came the voice of Jamie from behind.

He was surely behind the undead before…

Puzzled, Serpent looked back.

“What face is that? Did you see a ghost? Ah, there are quite a lot of ghosts in here.”

Jamie made a silly joke and dug into Serpent’s arm.


It felt like every common sense was destroyed.

A child wielding an army of undead.

He faced Necromancers.
They thought of Undead as bugs to use.
Fighting with them would be more effective, so why?

The reason was simple.
It was because they use all their mana to keep the Undead.
And without the Undead they were like normal humans.

To be honest, he was shocked that Jamie could even control the Undead, but he knew that it would cost a lot of mana.

Because of that, if he wiped out the Undead, Jamie would be out of mana to call them and be nothing different from a trash.

“Why are you here?”

“Because I am a genius.”

Jamie replied with a smirk.



With the cry from Serpent, Jamie’s sword pierced his heart.

Darkness flowed through the sword.

In black magic, darkness was destruction.
Can the annihilation through the Particle magic of Serpent surpass the darkness?


Serpent coughed blood.

He could hear the footsteps of Undead from behind.

If their weapons hit his back, he would surely die.

But Serpent had no intention of dying, how did all this happen?

“You will…”

Serpent's eyes were dyed red.

“Be the one to die!!”

At the same time, he let go of the staff and gripped onto the dark blade of Scud.

The blade cut his hand and blood trickled down.

Jamie frowned at that.

Try stopping me.”

“Are you killing yourself?”

“I will kill you and I will be the one surviving even if it means to hand over my soul to the Demon King.”

Jamie smiled at those words.

“Try if you can.”

The light of extinction exploded.

Lennon sat in Jamie’s residence.

He was told to come right after class, but no one greeted him till now.

The day was normal.

Did something happen?

Even so, shouldn’t Ann come?

“That one, wasn’t she coming?”

Ann had gone somewhere with Finn.

He didn’t know where.
And he wasn’t interested in it either, but he thought she’d come.

Lennon sat there with a puzzled expression on his face.

There was the sound of him knocking the things in the quiet house.

“Eh! What happened?”

Tired of waiting, Lennon kicked the chair.

He was hungry and tired of waiting now.

Lennon went out to the balcony.
His body shivered in the cold spring wind.

He looked down.
The street below, where people coming and going could be seen.

He checked if Jamie or Ann were there, but neither were there.

He took deep breaths and clenched his hand.

“… Uh?”

The necklace trembled.

Magic has an equivalent exchange.

When Jamie casted a spell, he hung danger alarms on all three of the necklaces.

When Ann and Lennon were in danger, Jamie would know and when Jamie was in danger, Ann and Lennon would know.

In other words, when Lennon’s necklace rang, it meant Jamie was in danger.

The problem was that Lennon didn’t know why it was ringing.
Because Jamie said nothing.

So Lennon grabbed onto the necklace and flew out.

And his instincts said,

‘Teacher is in danger!’

The one which made the most sense to him, and for helping him.

Lennon went straight to his father, Count Simon, the Crimson Magician.

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