Serpent couldn’t understand this current situation.

The black energy from Jamie Welton changed like a wolf’s teeth, and gulped Javelin in one bite.

It was a terrible sight.

Javelin with just his lower body had collapsed.
It wasn’t known if the word collapsed was even right, but the rough teeth marks on his waist made it feel like collapse was a good word.

And he looked at Jamie Welton who had a dark aura flowing out.
Eyes purple and ominous enough to make people shudder.

What about this black energy?

‘Dark magician… right?’

Prior to ascending to elder, Serpent had participated in several dark magicians killing troops.

So he had dealt with and seen the black mana.
It was an ugly, disgusting and filthy energy.

However, Jamie felt different.

Ominous was right, but there was no ugliness coming from it.

‘But the form is definitely dark magic!’

There were forms according to the nature of magic.

Fire was wild, wind was regular, water was calm and the earth was the same.

Then dark magic?

‘It has to be a very ominous magic!’

Serpent was silent.

An ominous black wolf mouth just ate Javelin’s upper body.

It was unknown whether the energy flowing was black mana, but the magic used was definitely black magic.

“I see… I see! You aren’t a genius, you sold your soul to the devil and bought your talent!”

Serpent burst into madness as if he realized something.

He scoffed at Jamie and shouted.

“Kid! You succumbed to evil to learn magic! That is how it was? Hahaha! You were no genius!”

Serpent screamed.

Jamie couldn’t help but smile seeing that.

It was really nice to see him work hard to bring down a child since he didn’t want to admit they had talent.

Human inferiority often turns into a driving force for their growth, but there are times when it turns ugly.

Humans had primal emotions.

And Jamie didn’t like it.

“It was that! Hehehe! You can’t be better than me! Right, I mean, you are just a kid, Siegfried! Right that bastard slave has to be a dark magician too! He too must have sold his soul to the devil!”

Serpent constantly tried to highlight himself.

With an enemy right in front of him.

This was why Jamie liked the primal instincts, because humans who are immersed in them are easy to take down.

And from time immemorial, beating was the right medicine, and Jamie was quite fond of it.

“Shut up your mouth.”

As Jamie reached out, black mana flew like a whip.

Serpent, who was laughing like hell, was startled and spread out a shield.


As the black mana struck the centre of the shield, cracks began to sprout.

It was shocking, the fact that the attack nearly broke the shield brought Serpent to reality.

“Dark magician bastard…!”

He was quite angry so he removed the shield and took off the staff.

“I didn’t know you were hiding such a power, but hahaha! Good job! I only killed three dark magicians till now, I’ll make a seat for you too!”

I kill people like you to the point where it’s hard for them to even be born again, so I don’t think I’ll be able to fill the seat.”

“You! You bastard!”

When Serpent hit the staff on the floor, a magic circle unfolded.

It wasn’t known what kind of magic it was, but as long as Jamie had black magic, it would work out.

Black mana wrapped around Scud.

He lightly tapped the blade with Beyond Avalon.

Clench! Black sparks roared from it.

[Death Soul.]

It was the first time he used this kind of magic with a sword, but Jamie remembered the battle with Marquis Linmel.

The clues he got at that time still lingered in his mind, but he couldn’t grasp the feeling.

It didn’t matter.

He found a new way to use it.

“I’ll show you the Demon Sword.”


Jamie’s form soared.

The Sea of Hundred was spreading on his toes.
Serpent felt the mana flow towards Jamie.

“Something like this!”

A gust of wind blew as he threw the staff.
It was no ordinary storm.

An invisible force could be felt through the gusts of wind.

Beyond Avalon was raised high.
Black mana resonated.

[The black side!]

A gust of wind struck Jamie.

There was an invisible force in it, but it didn’t even brush past Jamie’s collar.

Any attack felt meaningless as if it wasn’t strong enough to touch Jamie.

After confirming that his attack failed, Serpent stepped back and fired small magic bursts.

“Die! Die!”


Even if it was magic that a 6th class magician performed, it still seemed better.
Jamie smiled, feeling the heat explode.

Beyond Avalon hit the ground.

The distance between Jamie and Serpent narrowed in an instant.

“The soul destroys the soul.”

And the sword moved diagonally from the lower right.

[Welton form 7.]


Serpent barely raised his chin up to avoid it.

But Jamie laughed.

He didn’t even know why he was laughing, but it didn’t take long to find out.

The wind blew in from behind.

It was sharp, terribly sharp and went for the name.

“You don’t know what Aftermath is, right?”


The Welton Form 7 is a two stroke attack.

It was a method of guiding the mana which was condensed at the starting point of the attack to the trajectory of the sword to deliver subsequent blows with the wrong beat.

Blood gushed from Serpent’s chest.

Jamie wasn’t the type to wait for him to recover,


The power of predation that devoured Javelin, and Leviathan seemed to have finished digesting it, and came back.


Serpent felt the darkness in front of him as he watched it.
In a situation, where a black wolf which swallowed one was coming for him again.

When that terrible thing was about to happen, Serpent couldn’t think anymore.


An attack from behind was pulled back and Leviathan devoured him.

Darkness spread around, and the strong scent of blood mixed in the air.



Black mana that made up Leviathan began to split into small grains.
The black grains further split and turned into invisible pieces.

And the flow of mana was distorted.

Clearly, the entire space began to collapse particle-by-particle, despite the Sea of Hundred being open.

It was then.


Jamie felt a huge amount of mana through Leviathan that split into mist like particles.

It wasn’t pure mana which the ordinary magicians used.
Not as much as black mana, but this mana was violent and wild, ignoring the flow around him.

In the middle was Serpent.

He, who shouldn’t be able to control the soul being pulled out, was standing still and straight.

‘Body… is grown.’

Serpent wasn’t some dwarf but now he seemed about half a span bigger.

And he took a deep breath.

“Ahmm… haaa.”

And exhaled, covered his face and began to laugh.


He smiled and laughed as he covered his face.

Skin which wasn’t red, but still in that shade.

Any white mark on the skin was now red and the blood vessels bulged.

And as if something like a lump was over his left chest.

The source of the sinister mana around Serpent was there.

“I feel.
I feel very good.”

Saliva dropped his chin.

Jamie said, looking at him.

“Reversal of the five senses.”

“Damned curse!”

Serpent hit his chest.

The black mana which was around him disappeared without a trace.

‘His level has risen.’

Jamie narrowed his eyes.

If he was the Serpent until recently, he would have been under the curse.
However, Serpent quickly noticed curse from black mana going around and destroyed it.

It wasn’t known how he did it, but Serpent crossed the wall of 6th class.

‘It isn’t that he broke the wall.’

It is impossible to break the wall to 7th class unless one realizes a magical realization.

The present Serpent was between 6th and 7thclass.

The problem was that his power went up a bit.

Something like an evolution.
Or something which triggered when he tried to escape.

Serpent now managed to escape.

And his stronger body was proof of it.

“Your tricks don’t work on me.”

Serpent let out a gasp.

The weather wasn’t cold, but white smoke came from his mouth.

It wasn’t breathing.

What was happening within his body was unknown, but the sure thing was, his bioenergy is being burned to create enormous and sinister mana.

Over time, his body would destroy.

Jamie smiled.

“Why did you turn into that?”

There was no reason to waste time.

“Come out.”

Jamie’s eyes turned purple.

“My soldiers.”


With the sound of chains, the door of the Undead opened.

“Kill the man and bring his soul to me.”

Hundreds of Undead soldiers came out.

Azad at the forefront ordered.



All kinds of Undead rushed towards Serpent.

Serpent flinched at the appearance of the Undead and burst into madness.

“Kuahahaha! You filthy beings! I will kill you all!”

Two ominous forces collided.

The lower body of the Javelin was far.

It was lying down, apparently dead since the upper body didn’t exist.

Jamie and Serpent already moved away from that topic.

Well, its presence meant nothing now.
So it was no longer dangerous.

And made the decision,


The lower body moved.

The right leg moved out, and the knee bent.

In that state, he brought out the right foot, and tried to balance, leaving the left in a fixed position.

However, because there were no arms, the body kept falling down.

And he couldn't help but wiggle his legs and move towards a wall, but Siegfried had blown up most of the path there so he had to move a lot.

Thanks to that, now he felt like a worm.

When the lower body finally touched a wall, he pushed against it.
And once he felt comfortable, he tried to stand up.

And as he got up, his legs shuddered, so he stayed still.


A roar from a distant place.

Jamie and Serpent seemed to be having a strong fight.

And the lower body moved again.
This was an isolated space.
So no one else could come here.

But now he had to meet someone.

The lower body worked hard and ran to where the isolation started and tried to look around.
It wasn’t difficult since he was the one who made this.

The lower body moved here and there.
And then heard footsteps.

“Phew-I need to leave work soon.”

It was Hivan, the homeroom teacher for Beta class in middle level.
There was a test so he had to go prepare the questions.

To let go of the fatigue he was thinking of having beer.
With light steps he headed to the office to get his bag.
And titled his head at the sound of footsteps.

“Who can be here at this time… kuak!”

When he saw just the lower body, he screamed like he would pass out.
But the screams didn’t last long.

Black tentacles protruded from the cut waist and pierced the body of Hivan.

He couldn’t even scream.
Not even understand what happened.

A familiar voice could then be heard.

“I am sorry, Mr.

It was definitely the voice…

“Phew- I almost died.”

Javelin, who stole the body of Hivan, swept his short grayish black hair and smiled.

“So dark magician…”

His fingers turned to knives.

“Good news.”

Both eyes turned black.

Javelin moved back to the fighting spot.

What kind of expression would Jamie have when he realized he had been careless?

It was the moment he was walking back.


Javein stopped and turned back.

It was a very welcoming face to him.

“Ah! Mr.
Keniac! Where are you…”

“Shut up and die.”

A spear of mana shot from Keniac’s hand into Javelin’s heart.

At that, Javelin shouted.

“I am going to kill all of you!!”

“You will die.”

“Is that so, Teacher?!”

“Shut up and follow me.”

Keniac approached Javelin and grabbed him by the neck and teleported.

“W-who was that just now?”

“It seemed like Mr.
Javelin’s voice?”

“Ehh, no way.”

“What was it?”

Shortly after a few teachers appeared and spoke something and disappeared again.

A gentle wind blew.

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