“Can’t we just erase his memory?”

“We are saving you because of your background.
Lucky little boy.”

Jamie sighed watching the two of them act all high and mighty in front of him.

“Why are you sighing?”

“Are you the one who made a contract with the demon?”

“Even in this situation you are digging for information?”

“A foolish old man blinded by greed made a contract with the demon, then the demon would have taken his heart.
And the eyes turned black a little earlier, they were yours.”

“This child… let’s hear it.”

As Serpent approached Jamie ready to hit him, Javelin stopped him.


“… you want to put up with his insults?”

“It will be a real headache if you harm him.”

“Erase his memory.
Then you can manipulate the memory as if he was injured.”

“Not possible.
Don’t look down on him, Great Magician.”

As Javelin said that, Serpent frowned.

To him, who hadn’t yet mastered his magical realization, the word Great Magician was a repulsion.

He glared at Javelin and clicked his tongue as he turned around.
Just looking at the child was hurting his pride.

‘This bastard really.’

He was sure.

Javelin was the one who made a contract with demons.

Seeing Serpent walk back, Javelin smiled at Jamie.

I am the contractor.”

“You are truly mad.”

“Think of it that way.”

“What are you up to? Judging from how meticulous it is, it seems that equality of talent isn’t your goal.”

That is something to coax the world.”

Javelin smiled and looked at Jamie.

“Seems like you locked the space.
Seeing that no one came despite the commotion.”

So, wouldn’t that help in Jamie’s questions being answered?”

The space they were in was isolated from the outside world.

If not for it, the teachers at Phoenix academy are of high quality and it seems like this was done to deceive the eyes of others.

There was little chance of being helped from outside.

You might be a genius, but as long as this grey marble exists, neither magic nor sword can be used.”

“We had to be prepared, so we have carefully prepared ourselves to deal with any situation.”

Jamie closed his eyes at Serpent’s whisper.

“Let me ask you one last thing.”

“Do you think I will answer?”

“Clear up my doubts.”

Maybe I should listen to the question first?”

“Are you planning to make even the Demon King descend?”

He asked.

If Apophis wasn’t made for equality, then what was it made for?

First, Serpent would be hoping to expand his control.

And Serpent doesn’t care about people.
He was nothing but a selfish human trash.

Being such a simple minded person, it was clear that he joined hands with a demon.

Then… What about the Demon contractor?

Was Apophis a medicine for the demons too?


There is only one thing they want.

‘Character’ unity.

Apophis is a drug which affects the mana core.
And the effect will spread to the entire body, it would be more accurate to say that they would wish for all humans to take this, and rule over Apophis.

And if all humans begin to consume it, the human core will be amplified and that would make excellent sacrifices for the demons.

“Is it not?”

Javelin didn’t answer.

He just smiled.

“Well, I don’t think it will happen so soon.
But I am looking forward to it.”

And the Magic world is the start.

And then they would leave this.
And they’ll go to a new place and conduct this all over again.

To not be caught by anyone.

Even if they found out, they had to leave the Magic World first.
So they prepare for the dangerous situations from scratch.

“Wicked bastard.”

“The current situation is quite nice for us.”

Because the world is concentrating on Zenith.

Even if their identity is discovered, there will be fewer pursuers than they expect.

For Javelin, the present world is the best to achieve his purpose.

“Quite interesting.
Hold on longer.”

Javelin reached out to Jamie’s head.

He could feel the sleep magic entering his mind.


At the moment that darkness was spreading.

“Isolation, are you sure?”

Jamie’s eyes turned purple.

“You… what is this power?!”

“Javelin get away!”

“Too late.”

They tried to block all the interference they could and prepared for all types of scenarios.

The problem was that Jamie had reincarnated.

A reincarnation of a dark magician who was as strong as the 12 Gods!

“You were too close to me.”

The grey marble controlled the mana, but it couldn’t control the black mana which he created in the Shadow World.

A huge, sharp snout protruded from the darkness and bit the upper body of Javelin.

Being close, he reacted quickly, but Leviathan’s power far exceeded his expectations.

Javelin mumbled with a distorted face.


Blood and flesh splattered in all directions.

Javelin was hit by a single blow and the most terrifying one.

Serpent couldn’t control his expressions at the vicious sight.

With a shocked face he mumbled.

“Y-You… are a dark magician?!”

“You never thought of this possibility, right?”

The purple eyes which flickered in darkness.

“I will make you cough everything out and then kill you.”

Terrifying fear began to encroach the entire space they isolated.

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