“I was constantly wary to not look down on you because you were a kid… but to become like this.
Living is so difficult.”

Javelin shrugged his shoulders as if it wasn’t easy.

“It’s scary to even say ‘maybe’.
Maybe because of that child, maybe our plan, maybe we won’t achieve it.
The person who first used the phrase ‘Maybe’ seems to have a great insight.”

Javelin kept mumbling something and pulled something out of his pocket and looked at Jamie.

“Isn’t that right, Mr.

The moment Javelin was about to press what he pulled out, a thorn rose from the shadow and pierced his hand.

No, tried to pierce but failed.
His skin was barely scratched.
But the purpose was achieved.

What he pulled out was a button and it wasn’t pushed.

“I don’t know what you are trying to do, but I can’t let you.”

As Jamie reached out, telekinesis magic was activated.
But instead of being flustered, Javelin smiled.

“It’s an artifact so I don’t need to press it.”


And the button was pressed.

He didn’t know what would happen, so he spread layers of shields.
But nothing happened.

Javelin said,

This is that.”

Javelin, who held the button, spoke while showing it to Jamie.



“Yes, Pager.”

At that moment, huge mana appeared from behind.

It was teleportation.

Jamie clenched his fist looking at the location where the teleportation would happen.

[Soaring Thorns.]

The ground rose in the shape of a cone and smashed.

Jamie looked at the shards of stone flying around.
And standing above it perfectly was a man wearing a grey shield.

The 3rd Elder, Serpent Gerol.

“I came to see what happened… Javelin, I need an explanation.”

“He found out.”


Along with the scream, Serpent aimed at Jamie, with the staff in his hand.

He could feel the Mana wriggling behind.

It looked like he was trying to intercept from the front and back.
But Jamie had no intention of getting hurt.

[Sea of Hundred.]

As he slammed his foot down to the ground, the mana which was floating around went to Jamie.

And he took out both Scud and Beyond Avalon.

The opponents were 6th class and 5th class magicians.

This was a high chance that Javelin was hiding his best skills yet.

But he decided to consider them as someone above him.

“I am sorry.”

“I have no intention of fighting with you.

It was the moment Jamie took his stance.

The mana of Javelin and Serpent began to resonate.

A grey marble appeared in the centre, where Jamie was standing.

A grey marble with ominous energy.

‘This is bad!’

As soon as he saw it, he felt it.

Jamie went straight for Beyond Avalon, to change the reality, trying to hide the appearance.


“I always assumed this situation.”

Serpent spoke in a sarcastic voice.

Excited, he continued.

“Geniuses like you are always careless! That is why this is happening!”

The grey marble seemed to have the power to interfere with Beyond Avalon.

The grey marble scattered the mana, making the surrounding mana unusable.
For a magician, such a place was the enemy.
And for some reason, this no-mana scenario didn’t seem to affect them.

It was a troubling situation, but for Jamie, magic wasn’t his only weapon.

He tightened his grip on Scud.


He wasn’t sure what this grey marble was, but now wasn’t the time to try and analyze it, so he raised Scud and infused mana into it.

It was less, but this was the best move he could come up with in this situation.

Jamie’s eyes turned purple.

[Futility Divide]

The Welton family’s swordsmanship struck the grey marble.

And the marble got cut in half.



Javelin was speechless and Serpent screamed.
They acted weird for one marble being slashed.

Welton's swordsmanship can cut through anything.
Even if it was a grey marble or space.

‘Still, if I was a bit weak, this would have failed.’

The important thing was that he managed to succeed.

The power to hinder Beyond Avalon was ended.

Jamie chose to trap the grey marble, rather than him trying to act secretly from behind.

A power he didn’t face before, so he couldn’t know when it would start to work again.

And if it was left as it is, it would only hinder his magic in the important moments.

Beyond Avalon warped the space around the grey marble.

Without this marble, maybe 1vs 2 would be fine.

“As expected, a genius is truly amazing.”

But these people were alert.

“But there is another thing.”

Another grey marble was created right next to where the first one was.

He tried to cut it straight away without thinking about it.


But he couldn’t.

A force swept over his body.
And not just that, but a few streaks of grey something came out and tried to bind him.

Jamie clenched his teeth.

These men, they were prepared thinking of the worst moment.

Perhaps, they had all the situations planned in their mind to make sure their purpose was achieved.

Then they must have other things prepared to counter.

And he came to know one thing.

It was then,


Part of the hallway was torn out.

Javelin and Serpent didn’t panic and just spread back.

In the middle of what used to be a hallway, was Siegfried.

In anger, with his long blonde hair flying up.

“You bastards!”

His mana was running wild.

He had his arms stretched out to kill Javelin and Serpent.

The space was heavily being controlled and as he was just about to shoot, Jamie yelled.


“Too late.”

Siegfried looked at Javelin.

Javelin moved back and had the middle and index fingers of both hands attached.

Serpent too did the same thing.
And they both chanted something looking at Siegfried.



An unsettling force that began from the hands of Javelin and Serpent began to bind Siegfried.

“… Teacher.”

Ann noticed that Finn was looking a little better now.

Keniac was still seated.

Seeing Ann, he smiled a little and motioned her to come closer.

She seemed to hesitate at first, but he was still a teacher who tried to save her.
She thought it would be rude to act as such in front of him.

“I’m sorry for putting you in such a situation.”

Ann shook her head.

Teacher tried to save me.”

“I realized it too late.
I shouldn’t have even tried to do that in the first…”

He didn’t do it.

Everyone started this development with one hope, and it was a good one.

Equality of talent.

How many people had struggled to achieve it? However, at some point, the original intention changed and started to flow in a weird direction.

The first time a drug like Apophis was touched, it became irreversible and there were demons waiting.

‘Maybe it was the scheme of the demons from the beginning.’

“It is a great sin for me to touch my students.”

It is Teacher’s fault.
But, Teacher rejected those situations because of his conscience.
But you should get punished.
Wouldn’t it be nice to live while making atonement for everyone?”

Ann spoke in a stern voice unlike her age.

Hearing that, Keniac smiled.

Her words were right.
He had to atone for it.
but he didn’t know how long he would have to atone for his sins to be cleared.
He took part in the most dreadful experiment, but he was ready, he was ready to do anything to clear off the sins which were suffocating his heart.

But Keniac knew.

Breaking out of the sins isn’t an easy task like Ann speaks.

No matter how hard he tries to deny it, it doesn’t change the fact that he hurts people.

Keniac stroked Ann’s hair.

And Ann just let him.

“He will wake up soon.”

“Where are you going?”

“I should do what I can.”

He wanted to be a good teacher.

It was difficult for him to be a good teacher because he had the heart of the one who created him.
Still, he did his best to teach his students.

He had a lot of regrets.

Be closer to them, softer and kinder to the kids.

Why couldn’t he do that?

Was it because he was Serpent’s homunculus?

That was just an excuse.
If he tried, maybe he could have changed.

Because now he understands what a heart means.


“… yes?”

“You are a very smart child.
You are someone who can be called a one-of-a-kind genius.”


“You lack magic.
That is a pity, but there aren’t many people in the world who can match your mind.”


“I was always worried.
What if that child gets magic in her hand? I wanted to reach out to you first, but I wasn’t the kind of person who could or was in a position to do so.
It was a disturbing situation but then Mr.
Jamie appeared.”

A boy who reached unbelievable heights at just 8 years.

No, a boy was a disrespectful term to Jamie Welton.

He was already a full-fledged magician and a teacher, and not lacking at all.

When he first saw him, the emotions of Serpent inside him trembled.
It was difficult to bear a boy who was just 8 and had greater magic than him.

So there were times when he didn’t like it.

But he was fascinated by what was shown in the first class.

Jamie, you know, is an amazing magician.
Not just that, he will rule the Magic world in the future and it is clear that he will be standing in the center of it.”

Ann just listened quietly.

Keniac smiled,

“You are the disciple of such a person.
If you learn from him, your shortcomings will be filled.
So, even if it’s hard, keep learning.
There might be situations that are difficult to bear since you are still young, in that case, remember your dreams and never give up.”


“I really want to see you grow up to be a wonderful magician.”

“I will show you.
I will not give up and become a great magician.”

I wish I could see that.”

Ann felt an unknown feeling rise at those words.

Keniac smiled brightly.

It had been two years since she entered here.
And she continued to attend his magic circle classes, but Keniac was someone who only held terrifying faces in his classes.

Could he smile like this?

He got up and said to Ann.

“May there be glory always in your path ahead.”


With that, Keniac disappeared.

Ann jumped up with a puzzled expression, but Keniac was nowhere to be seen.

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