And Ashtar’s eyes widened.

It seemed like he didn’t expect the child to rush in.

“I heard rumors of you using a sword, but…”

Ashtar quickly captured the form with his red shining eyes.

“Right, I need to show you too.”


[Welton Form 2]

[Push Slash]

“Most mouths don’t match the skills.”

The single edged sword and scud collided.

A strong wind blew around them and the blades sparked.
Keniac, who was preparing magic, couldn’t hide his shock as he saw Jamie fighting on equal footing instead of being pushed.

Ashtar was a monster who had been on the battlefield since he was child, and developed skills which others couldn’t tackle.
He knew that because he had seen Ashtar fight several times.

However, he only heard that Jamie was learning a sword, but never saw it in person.

‘He isn’t just born with magic?’

It was surprising that at the age of 8, he learned not just magic but also swordsmanship.

And more intense than Ashtar too.

How can he handle a sword like this?’

Ashtar’s common sense didn’t understand Jamie’s ability.

He couldn’t help it.

The existence of Jamie had reached a realm which the human mind couldn’t comprehend.

The magic inherited from Diablo Volfir, as well as the talent he inherited from Welton, instantly shone.

‘Even so.’

Ashtar smiled.

“It isn't enough.”

Aura caught onto his sword.

He acknowledged the ability for the child not being pushed.
However, the child wasn’t someone who knew the aura sword.

Unless he had an aura sword, the child cannot defeat him.

“I will cut you off!”


Jamie’s eyes turned purple.

“I told you that you lived on your mouth, just shut up and fight.”

Darkness wrapped around scud.

The power of gluttony began to eat the aura.

Ashtar’s eyes widened at it.

“W-what is this?!”

“I didn’t expect much from you.”

Ashtar tried to remove the sword, but Leviathan had caught it and was now sucking away the aura.

‘The feeling of that time…’

When he battled with Marquis Linmel, he put his magic into the sword.
He struggled for several days, but he couldn’t find the realization.

Jamie tried to absorb the aura of Ashtar’s single edged sword with his Scud.
However, Leviathan didn’t intend to reflect it back, it only replaced the aura with black mana.

Does this mean I can’t test it with his power?”

“W-what nonsense is this kid saying?!”

“You don’t have to know.”

Jamie pointed to Beyond Avalon.

“Because you seem pretty talented.”


[Reverse Heaven]


Behind him, the Reverse Heaven Gate was summoned.

The chains, bigger than before, rattled and loosened as the gate opened with a gloomy darkness.


Ashtar looked at the gate in disbelief.

“Go and get some knowledge.”

And he was thrown into the gate.

Ashtar resisted, but the darkness which came out from the gate seized his limbs and pulled him inside.

“Accck! Stop! Stop! Stop…!”

When he was completely sucked in, the gate closed and disappeared under the spell.

“This shouldn’t be a huge problem.”

If Jamie was a 5th class, Ashtar wouldn’t have been an opponent he could handle, but Jamie was 6th and learned Welton’s sword too.

He didn’t even have to do his best.

By now, the undead must have been training him right.
In a week or so, he would have turned into an excellent undead swordsman.

“That one….
Just now…?”

Jamie saw Keniac approach from the side.

Keniac was trying to understand what happened, looking at the place where the gate was summoned.

It wasn’t just the gate.
The black thing which absorbed the aura.
It wasn't an unpleasant black of black magic, but was an ominous one.

Not knowing that it was the primordial black mana, Keniac’s mind was confused.

“What was that, Mr.

He looked at Jamie with anxious eyes, as if asking for confirmation.

Jamie sighed.

He didn’t plan to use the black magic in front of others, but he had to use it.

“I am sorry, Mr.


“Get some sleep.”

When he hit the ground with Beyond Avalon, the other world unfolded and Keniac staggered.

Jamie placed his hand on his head and uttered something.


He raised his hand to his head and something slipped out of Jamie’s fingertips.

It was Keniac’s memory which happened during the battle with Ashtar.
In the past, this would be difficult, but now he was in 6th class in dark magic, and it became easy to erase other people’s memories.

If there are several it would have been annoying, but since it was just one, there was no need to hide his powers.

And when fighting a pesky opponent, Jamie couldn’t keep dragging the fight so he used dark magic.


Jamie moved the unconscious Keniac to Gremia and walked towards Sophia.

To find out what happened and what she did to Ann and Finn.

“Awaken your eyes, my faithful servant.”

At the same time as Jamie’s orders.

“You have called for me.”

Sophia, who had fainted, raised her upper body.
And her eyes were as purple as Jamie's.

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