for 3 years.
Everything from the early one to the latest model out.
Have you ever taken it Ann?”

“… you must know that Apophis is a dangerous drug.”

Ann looked at Sophia and began to back away slowly.

Sophia smiled and shook her head.

“It isn’t a dangerous one.”

Looking at Finn, I expected it to some extent.”

Finn bowed his head and didn’t respond.

“Apophis X isn’t some nutritional supplement but also improves the mana.”


“The human mana core which is a certain fixed mass is asked to forcibly handle more mana because of this drug.”

“By amplifying the mana core, it absorbs a large amount of mana….
Why is it so terrible?”

“Magic is known to have an equivalent exchange.”

At the word equivalent exchange, Sophia smiled.

“I knew it.
Ann, so smart.
Not just magic.
But for anything except for God, everything in the world has equivalent exchange.
Like you said, Apophis puts a pretty dangerous load on the body, with the condition of boosting the mana core.”

“And, and such things… you made the students drink!”

“What if that risk could be ruled out?”

Ann was speechless.

What if the risk was ruled out?

Then, Apophis X could be a very good potion which boosts mana without side effects.

But it was impossible.
Maybe if it was God there is a chance, but such things can’t happen in this world…


Ann looked at Sophia with eyes which didn’t believe what she said.

“Our smart Ann realized.”

“… what church?”

“You don’t need to know that.
I just need to break down the absurd reality.”

“What does that mean?”

“The only thing you lack is talent in magic.
With Apophis X, I can help you.
You may not feel it since you are young, but with your state, you will go through the phases which Finn went through.”

Finn shuddered at it.

Sophia walked to him and hugged him.

“Our pitiful Finn.
It is fine.
Your teacher will take care of you in the future.”

Finn’s face couldn’t be seen, but his shoulders were shaking as if he was crying.

Ann still didn’t accept this situation.

No need to talk.
She had to leave this place.

‘But… how?’

The door was shut tight.

Sophia too had to work hard to open it.

And what could a 10 year old girl do?

As Ann couldn’t hide her shocked face, Sophia calmed Finn and walked towards her.

“It is fine Ann.
You might not like it now, but once you taste it, you will see a whole new world.”

“D-Don’t come! Don’t come!”

“You don’t need to be afraid.”

Sophia tried to grab Ann’s lean wrist.

It was then.



Keniac suddenly appeared and grabbed Sophia’s wrist.
Then her face contorted like a demon’s.

Ann was stunned by Keniac’s sudden appearance.


“It is fine.”

Keniac smiled awkwardly.
He must have tried to smile to reassure her, but since he wasn’t used to it, the smile felt weird.

He looked at Sophia again.

“Let us not do this anymore.”

“Don’t say us!”

Ice crystals formed on Sophia’s hand.

And they slowly grew huge like thorns of ice and wrapped around her entire arm.

The thorns moved at a speed to split open Keniac’s head.

“You can’t do a thing without me.”

A magic circle was created in the air, and Sophia’s ice thorns disappeared.

“W-what are you doing?!’

“I already understand the structure of your magic.
So destroying it is easy.”

“Kuk… do you think this will work?”

“Escaping from here is all I need to do.”

“If you can, try it.”

A cold sensation ran up Keniac’s neck.

He opened his eyes and teleported.


He was unable to properly land because he moved in a hurry.
He rubbed his neck with his hand and felt a cold liquid on his palm and as he checked it, it was his blood.

“You respond quickly.”

Ashtar laughed.

Finn shuddered at the commotion and raised his head to meet Ashtar’s eyes.

“Oh- old kid!”

“W-why are you here….?”

Ashtar talked to him as Trinity’s manager yesterday.
So why was he holding a sword with blood on it?

When Finn looked at Ashtar with fearful eyes, he smirked.

“Don’t be scared kid~ you are on our side.
Am I wrong?”

Ashtar’s eyes curved like a crescent moon as he smiled.
A weird sense of intimidation could be seen in the red eyes.

Finn couldn’t even respond to it and fell back.

Sophia glanced at Finn and said.

“You are here on time.”

“It is my job, right?”


Ashtar licked the blood on the sword with his snake-like tongue.
Sophia only frowned and turned her head away.

“Don’t kill him, just capture.
I’ll take him to the doctor.
It isn’t too late to punish him for betraying us.”

“Such a difficult mission.”

Sophia, who heard Ashtar’s words, approached Ann with a smiling face.

“Shall we talk to each other?”

Ann stared at Sophia’s hand.

She couldn’t even imagine what terrible things would happen if she held that hand.
But if she didn’t, she would be killed here.

The brown skinned man was approaching Mr.
Keniac and Mr.
Keniac was trying to get his staff to face that man.

Can everyone survive here?

She didn’t know what would happen, but Ann was determined.


“I don’t like that.”

“… what?”

“Because I am Mr.
Jamie’s disciple.

“Therefore what…”

Sophia asked in a cold voice.

The creepy voice made Ann speechless, but not giving into the intimidation, she said.

“I will not succumb to a villain like you.”

“I am getting more excited now.”

Sophia raised her hand to caress Ann’s cheek.

Ann closed her eyes shut.

“You don’t need to close your eyes.”

A familiar voice was heard.


Then came the scream from Sophia.

Ann slowly opened her eyes.

The first thing she saw was Sophia’s face as she fell down holding onto her stomach and the next thing.


A robe fluttered.

And as the person landed on the floor, the emerald hair shook.

A sword in the right hand, and an amazing looking staff in the left.

Jamie turned to Ann and said.

“Watch very carefully.
What an amazing person your teacher is.”

Ann was suddenly able to smile in that situation.


With Ann’s strong answer.

“Now is the time to get punished.”

The space around shook.

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