Siegfried rose from his seat and stretched up, the sound of joints cracking could be heard.

It seemed like he hadn’t moved for two days.

He couldn’t help but wonder if he went to the bathroom, but he didn’t need to know that information.

Jamie opened his mouth as he watched Siegfried approaching.

“I have a question about Ann.”

“Ann? Ah you have been here for the sake of Ann before.
So have you decided to make her your disciple?”


“Right? You won’t… eek?!”

Siegfried, who was joking about it, soon became shocked.

He didn’t seem to expect that Jamie would really take a disciple.

“With your character, a disciple…?”

“My character?”

“Awkward, grumpy, cocky.”

Good and smart.”

Arrogant and cheap.”

Magician genius.
Swordsman genius.”

“I am a genius too.”

“I am more of a genius.”

The two looked at each other, frowned and snorted.

“Well, it is surprising.”

“I also took in Lennon Simon as my disciple.”

“… this is really surprising?”

Siegfried knew about Lennon, but never met him.

Not only was that child cheeky, but he was known to be the possessor of a twisted mind and was great with manipulating others.

Last year, after being harassed by Jamie for a mistake, he heard that the naughty personality got a little better after Count Simon taught him.

“I like the synergy of the two.”

“The synergy you are speaking of is in a good way, right?”

“If the results are good, then it’s a good synergy.”

“… note that they are still kids.
Whether it is envy, jealousy of inferiority.
It is a dangerous feeling in the hearts of 10 year olds.”

“I am 8.”


Having said that, it was Siegfried who had nothing to say.

He coughed and continued.

Don’t you know how much the emotions of children affect their growth? You are a child too.”

“Are you walking back on your words?”

“Just be careful.
It is good to work, but if it turns hard, kids grow up too fast or regress too.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Jamie thought this through.

Disciples of 9 and 10.

He had no intention of making them Great Magicians by erasing their personality.

It will take longer.
But the two of them were talented ones, and they will grow in their own time when the right conditions were met.

‘I will take care of them until they reach 4th class.’

Magicians turn independent from 4th class.

From then on, the only thing they could rely on would be the advice of their teacher.

“Are you going to report that?”

“Something like that.”

“Something? Nothing more to say?”

“I heard this from Mr.
Keniac not long ago.”

“What was it?”

“He was saying that taking Ann as a disciple isn’t good and to be careful.”

Siegfried frowned at it.

And he responded as he ran his hand through his blonde hair which hadn’t been combed for days.

“Careful? Careful about what?”

“He wouldn’t tell me even when I asked.
So I thought elder would know something.”

It’s rare for me to say this, but I have very little real power here.”

“Is that something to say so proudly?”

Siegfried coughed at it.

“I can’t help it.
In the first place, I was forced to assume the position under the pressure of the other elders… and I spent less than a tenth of a year here.”

“Which is why Mr.
Javelin is the acting principal.”

“Actually, I only recently found out about that.”

“You are really incompetent.”

“I am a capable Great Magician so it’s fine.”

Jamie wanted to hit Siegfried on his head, but he didn’t.

It’s impossible to do anything now, but one day when he gets stronger he would.

He keeps saying that.
I came here to just see if Elder knew anything about it.”

“You can at least say that you are here to see me with a bright face, it hurts that you are here for work.”

“I was heartbroken when I came to know that elder was incompetent.”

“My, my.”

Jamie had nothing more to say and stood up.

“I’ll stop.
I will go to Mr.
Keniac and ask him again.”


As Jamie was about to leave, Siegfried said.

“Does the young lord know what is trending in the Magic world these days?”


“They say that a nutritional supplement called Apophis X is quite popular.”

I know that.
I saw some students drinking it.
It seems like some teachers also drink…”

Silver was one of them.”


Why mention Silver so suddenly?

“I am not interested, but now I’m deducing that the disappearance might have something to do with it.”

“Why are you saying that to me? You can go and find the truth behind it.”

Maybe I was aiming for something like this.”

Jamie noticed Siegfried talking in a roundabout manner and said.

“You want me to find out?”

“I really don’t know why Mr.
Keniac said that, but if he says she could be dangerous then, usually…”

It was then.

Beep! Beep! Beep!


Siegfried frowned at the noise.

Jamie pulled out a cubic studded necklace from the pocket.
It was the same as what he gave Ann and Lennon, and the alarm would happen if something went wrong.

And now it was Ann’s necklace.

“We can never see the truth of the world.
I gave it today and it rings right away.”

“What is that?”

“An SOS,”

With that, Jamie teleported away from the office leaving Siegfried alone.
Siegfried rubbed his scruffy beard with his palm.

“I need a shave.”

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