In other words, you will be taking in more mana than usual, so what happens to the core of the heart?”

“It also increases.”

What if it turns bigger than it used to be?”

“… tears?”

“The core doesn’t tear.
However it draws the energy from the body to maintain the new size.
And that naturally makes you feel weak.”

“And that is my current situation.”


Ashtar snapped his fingers and answered cheerfully.

“Don’t worry, the longer the core stays its size, the better it feels.”

“Phew, th-thank god.
I was wondering what to do if there were side effects.”

“It differs for each person, but it gets better as time goes.
Please continue to take it.”


As expected of Apophis X.

Ann said overdosing wasn’t right, but the experts here were saying differently.

After that, they spent time exchanging short questions and answers and gave the students a small bottle of Apophis EX before they left as a gift.

“It is a relaxed version.
The effect isn’t different from X, but it will taste better due to the added orange flavor.
No side effects.”

And when he talked about side effects, he looked at Finn.

Finn sighed in embarrassment.

“Then bye! Next time we will come with Mr.

“See you again!”

Ashtar waved his hands at the students and when he lowered it, the smile vanished.

“Dog shit.
Why do I have to deal with those brats?”

He ruffled the silver hair back and forth.
And with a cigarette in his mouth, he entered the lab, but someone blew out the cigarette.

Ashtar frowned and turned to the side.


“No smoking indoors.”

A woman in a black robe.

“Sigh-really annoying.”

“Trash should be in the trash cans.”

Ashtar threw the cigarette butt on the floor and the woman with magic and moved it.

“Don’t be so annoyed.
I’ll have to kill you.”

Silver’s body has been cleaned up.”


A teacher in the Phoenix Academy who died last night after his head was crushed by Ashtar’s feet.

And the homeroom teacher of the Beta class students who left just now.

Thinking that far, Ashtar couldn’t hold back his laughter.

“Those brats, kuakauk! In front of the man who killed their teacher, they were laughing.
Especially the old one.
He believed that I was telling the truth.
Muscle pain my ass.

The woman didn’t respond to it.

Ashtar coughed and said.

“Rather, the doctor?”

“Checking the side effects, he headed back to the lab.”

“Such a busy person.
Isn’t life boring to live that way? No smoking, no drinking here, no bringing in women.
So annoying.”

“What’s boring about making money while playing most of the time?”

“See, Mary, I didn’t come here to make money.”


“I came to see blood.”

A mad light flashed in Ashtar's eyes as he spoke.

Then he grinned and tapped the shoulder of the robed woman called Mary.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.”

“If you kill me, well even Mr.
Ashtar will have to die.”

The doctor won’t leave it alone.
But that doesn’t sound too bad, right?”

As Ashtar wiggled his fingers, Mary took a deep breath.

“I will not ask you to move for our purposes.
Instead, please act according to the contract.
This is business here.”

“Oh oh.
The employee must serve the employer.”

Mary didn’t respond to the sarcastic words.

Losing interest, he threw off the suit and opened the window.

“I don’t have any reservations today, so this manager will go out.”

“Just don’t create trouble.”

Ashtar jumped out and smiled.

Left alone, Mary called someone.

Ashtar is gone.”

-Don’t worry.
He’s under surveillance so if there is any accident, it can be fixed quickly.

“Then, okay.”

-Please suffer a little more with him, Mary.

“Yes, teacher.”

Mary inserted the communication device into her robe and walked to the window where Ashtar left through.

A cold wind blew.
As the robe moved back, her blue hair flowed out.

Ann sat down at the desk and read the book.

It was difficult.

It was a different level of difficulty than what she had learned in the academy.

‘Can I do it?’

Anxiety was creeping up, but she shook her head and shook off her thoughts.

It can’t be done, but must be done.

She definitely wanted to be a magician and build a name for her family.
And her dream hadn’t changed till now.

But disappointment was inevitable.

There were a lot of great kids.
Since she was young, she often heard that she was smart, so she entered the Alpha class, but no matter how much she tried she couldn’t head further.

So, she studied magic.
If magic wasn’t enough, she’d use her brain too.

But even that proved to be difficult.

Someone at the age of 9 with the skills of an adult.
Some who grew rapidly as if their potential had exploded.

And she was here for a year.
If she hadn’t learned magic, would she have had fun like girls her age?

I am going to become a magician!”

She can play freely with her peers and be in the arms of her parents.
But that wasn’t what Ann wanted from her life.

“I can do it.
I need to do it.”

At the age of just 10, she turned into an adult.

It was the same with the boy.

“I can’t lose.”

Lennon knew from an early age that he was gifted with a talent that was higher than his older brother.

He could learn anything.
It wasn’t hard to study and magic wasn’t difficult.

Even manipulating people from behind and messing with them was simple.

All he wanted was his father’s acceptance.
And he thought it could happen if he grew more.

And then he met Jamie Welton.

The frustration he felt at the younger boy didn’t recover.

And his father, Count Simon reached out to Lennon and that began a change.

Everything worked out well.
Although not acknowledged by his father, he received the positive attention he wished.
He quickly learnt everything his father taught.

Even when he came here, he had no doubts that he would succeed.

Ann Myer.
If only he didn’t meet her.

“Such experiences are meant to be had only once!”

The memory of being trampled on by Jamie Welton.

It is unacceptable to have someone else stand above him.

So he had to prove himself to be superior.

By replacing envy, jealousy and inferiority with strength, he was going to learn the whole body breathing method.

He knew.

Ann had an advantage with this.

So what about it?

“I am Lennon Simon.
The proud son of Richter Simon!”

The boy and girl whose eyes were shining, began.

Jamie mumbled looking at the two students who were immersed in the book with joy.


They deserved to be disciples.

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