rowing fireballs or putting fire on a sword.

It was just a substitute to aura which they can’t use.
There were only a handful of people who could use both magic and swords.

Yet, their status would be ambiguous, and in practice, they wouldn’t show much result.

But Jamie was different.
When he first teleported and aimed for Linmel, the attack was nothing short of an assassin's technique.

If the opponent wasn’t Linmel, they would have died.
But Jamie seemed aware of that.

After creating a clone, he fired a blow mixed with powerful magic from all four directions.
It wasn’t enough that Linmel’s shield was shattered but even the back of his robe was burned.

What followed was even more shocking.
Linmel’s magic realization was well known to Raymon.
The absolute hallucination which was impossible to escape from.

He made that his own.
Although it was temporary, it was even sent back to the caster.

“Jamie, just what kind of existence is this child?”

“The eldest child of the Welton family.”

“I didn’t mean that.
This child, is he really a child?”

Raymon thought Jamie wasn’t human.

Dragon or high elf.

He had talent which couldn’t be explained unless he was a child of those two races.

In addition, the swordsmanship he saw was small, but it was still unusual for a child his age.

“Do you think humans can be born with so many skills?”



“What is that supposed to mean?”

“The very existence of Jamie Welton seems artificial.
Like a superhuman as if he was made for ‘something’, like that!”

Raymon spoke to Linmel who was wide-eyed.

“And you, you must know what this means.”


Jamie Welton is the one who came down to save humans, those who are at the bottom of the world!”

“Don’t say anymore.
There are ears everywhere.”

“To abolish the Zenith Church.
The start will be the Zenith Church.
Jamie Welton has the power to destroy the Zenith Church.
He will definitely grow within the coming 10 years.”

“Hold back your reins! The people of 12 Gods exist everywhere, and right now Jamie is a saint of Pyro.”

“That is the only thing I don’t understand.
Why did the Goddess make Jamie Welton into her saint? What is she aiming for? Did she realize that he is the savior of humans…?”

“Just guesses.
Rather, hold yourself.
Your face is turning red.
Haven't you broken out of that habit, yet?”

Raymon let out a short breath and Linmel pointed it out.

“Phew- sorry, It was shocking.”

“Aren't you more excited than the party involved? I had my magical realization shot back at me.”

He was able to control the power.
He thought even if it was Jamie, he would be a little hurt.

Even so, Linmel’s self esteem hurt as his attack was reflected back.

‘On the one hand, it gives us hope.’

Raymon was right.

Jamie wasn’t an ordinary kid and he knew it.

A being with absurd power, as if he appeared for the present humans.

That was Jamie Welton.

“Let’s keep watching him.
There is still time to spare.”

“Those bastards of Zenith Church.
Let’s see how long they can hide.”

The two great magicians' faces hardened as they recalled a common enemy.

Linmel gave permission to use the Whole Body breathing method.

It was unknown how far it will help Ann grow.
If it didn’t work, he was thinking of giving up.

For those with no qualification, the Whole Body breathing method was just a little hope.

However, he was going to do his best as he promised Linmel.
Ann must do her best too.

“This is a challenge for me too.”

In the past, Diablo Volfir was an excellent teacher.

All the disciples he taught turned into amazing magicians.
Those were happy days.
He remembered the time when his disciples brought and introduced their disciples to him.

A child he taught would bring in their own students.

That was how it went.
Even if they didn’t share a bond, the education they imparted created a bond as strong as that of a family.

It all ended in ruins, but Jamie was determined to do it again.

That was Jamie and Diablo Volfir’s education system.

‘Prevent that from happening again.’

Become much stronger than the previous life.

Transcend the phases of the 12 Gods so nothing happens the same way it did in the past.

Even if it was just Ann, he would do his best.

It was when Jamie was walking along thinking of how to teach.



He turned and looked at the red haired boy, Lennon.

Jamie frowned and strode towards him.


“W-why are you coming at me like that?”

“Why is this child acting rude to his teacher??”


Jamie walked up to Lennon and flicked his forehead.

Lennon’s head was hurt because of the mana used.

It seemed quite painful that he was shaking his head.

Jamie looked at Lennon and said.

“In the past we were the same age, but now I am your teacher and you refer to me as ‘You’??”



Jamie reached out to hit him again but Lennon covered his forehead and with a hurt expression, he apologized.

“Sorry sir.”

“Next time you call your teacher like that, it won’t end with a nightmare.
You remember that time, right?”

Lennon gulped at it.
It was because of his memories of being thrown into an abyss by Jamie.

Lennon nodded.

“So, why did you call me?”

“That… I heard you are teaching Ann Myers magic.”

“I don’t remember telling anyone?”

“I was passing by and overhead that.”

“Don’t spew nonsense.
Do you think I don’t know your character?”

“… I heard it from a student who was passing.”

To be precise, it was a student who was passing who wanted to be in Lennon’s good graces that told him.

Lennon had quite a few followers in here, all people who wanted a connection with the Simon family.

“Bastard, are you trying to build your own power? How long have you been here?”

“N-No, I didn’t! They come up to me and say stuff like that.
I mean it!”

In the past he would have appreciated this, but after being hurt by Jamie, he stopped thinking about such things.

“So, are you really going to teach Ann?”


“Teach me too!”


Jamie frowned at Lennon’s sudden remarks.

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