t care about such things stood by his side.

Ann was the latter kind.


Ann spoke carefully.

“You told me that I don’t know since I was young, but aren’t you younger than me?”

“Me, age doesn’t matter! How dare you use a teacher’s words against them!”


Jamie, who was flustered, yelled at her.
Without realizing, he thought he was Diablo.

And he quickly changed the subject.

“How many points did you get in the mana test?”



Much lower than Jamie expected, and lost his words.

He knew right away that she didn’t have much mana, but hearing this changed it.

“Not much has changed since last year.
It makes me wonder if I don’t even need to try anymore.”

Ann was feeling down again.

Jamie, who thought of comforting her, shook his head.

“Mana is very important to a magician.
Because it is the energy that is the source of all magic.
So, magicians who lack mana are at a bad disadvantage.”

“Right… I knew that I shouldn’t be a magician.”

“Listen till the end.”


“It is true that you are at a disadvantage, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be a magician.
There are humans in the world who became great magicians even if their mana was low.”

Sia Another.

One of Diablo’s people.

Ann looks like her.
It wasn’t about looks or personality.
That part they both deferred a lot.
Sia was a lively kid but on the other hand she was even timid when she met for the first time.

And Ann was completely the opposite of it.

However, the outstanding concentration of immersion in something and the ability to understand which transcends geniuses reached the realm of overwhelming ‘insight’.

‘That is the talent of a scholar.’

Compared to the other disciple, she was low, but she wasn’t a magician who could be counted by the magician status.

Her insight, which was so great, was at the level of understanding that she only had to see anything once.

And that was how great Ann had to be.



“Do you want to be a magician?”

Not just a magician, but a great magician.”

Jamie had no intention of taking this child as his disciple.


He thought of giving this a chance.

It was up to Ann whether she will grow or not.

“I’ll give you homework.
Get that all done.”

“Home… work?”


The method he used to Sia in the past.

He wasn’t sure if this child would make it or not, but he wanted to try.

Ann looked at Jamie without answering.
She wasn’t stupid enough to not know what this young teacher, who was looking at her was talking about.

“I will do it! That homework! I will definitely do it!”


Desperate in every way.

For a magician, 10 years isn’t a young age.
And if she couldn’t find her way, it was right to give up and take a new path.

A path which didn’t have to be that of a magician.

Ann was at that crossroad right now.

Jamie nodded.

“Come to my staff room tomorrow.”


The girl smiled brightly.

Why was it that his disciple’s face kept overlapping over hers?

Jamie stood up and smiled.

“I need to go.”

“Ah! Yes! Thanks for the nice words!”

Jamie left without saying anything, and she waved her hand constantly.

No one knew if the future was going to be a repeat of the past life.

With that anxiety in his heart, Jamie headed to his room.

“I need to get permission.”

Jamie was on his way home, but then his route changed.
At first, he thought it wouldn’t matter, but it wouldn’t be right.

“I was told that Marquis Linmel’s lab is at the top of the Blue Magic tower.”

Marquis Linmel was the tower master of the Blue Magic tower which protected the defense of this place.

He was on his way there to get permission from Linmel to teach Ann the whole body breathing technique.

If he refused then he would pass the method he taught Sia in the past.

‘That old man won’t refuse.’

That old man constantly approached Jamie with kindness from the beginning.
Roughly speaking, if he promised that it would only be Ann then he could be allowed.

The Blue Magic tower wasn’t blue as the name implied.

There were other magic towers named red, yellow and white, but the colors on them weren't the same.

It was just a name.

When he entered the tower, magicians were moving around.

He heard that this was a place which specialized in magic books.
So Marquis Linmel was the master of the tower and that helped him create that breathing method.

‘Where should I go?’

The Blue Magic tower was wide enough to be vast.
It looked huge on the outside, but the inside was much more huge and massive because of the expansion magic.

And this magic seemed stronger than Gremia.

It was when Jamie was looking,

“What are you here for?”

A female magician in a blue robe asked.
She was kind enough to bend down and look at Jamie.

“Ah, I’d like to meet the Master of the Magic tower.”

“This little one wants to meet the Master.
But he isn’t someone you can see so easily.”

Apparently, this magician didn’t recognize Jamie despite his emerald hair and eyes.
It was rare for ordinary people to recognize Jamie through this.

Until now, there were very few people who recognized Jamie through his hair color.

Jamie too smiled and said.

“Tell him Jamie Welton is here.”

“… eik!?”

The magicians screamed in a strange way at it.

Was this what it meant to be strong?

Well, Jamie just smiled and looked at her.
This wasn’t a bad reaction.

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