Keniac’s face too was shocked at Jamie’s appearance.
He didn’t think that Jamie would say that to the students.
In some ways, it felt like Jamie was like him, a bit better too.

let’s just fly.”

Jamie’s body floated lightly.

The students admired it.
No matter them being in Alpha class, flying was difficult for them.

“First of all, we will skip the introductions as we will keep seeing each other and I will proceed with the class.”

Jamie went to the magic circle drawn in the air.

Keniac said that these lines interfere with the magic circle.
It isn’t wrong.
Because the existence of these lines is out of balance.”

Keniac who listened asked.

“Then why did you interrupt the class?”

“I have been thinking, but I don’t know why magicians don’t use the word ‘delete’.
Because they can’t?”

Keniac frowned at the question.

Because he didn’t understand what was being asked.

“A magic circle drawn with mana cannot be changed from the moment the line begins.
Even if one line is drawn incorrectly, there is no choice but to erase it completely.
You know it too, right?”

So why not do that?”

“… what?”

“Listen everyone.
This is a technique called Layers.”

The moment Jamie snapped finger, the magic circle began to divide.

The planet, the sun and moon and the lines intersecting.

As if they were separate from the beginning.

“It isn’t difficult if we just configure them separately.
Then they can be put back together.”

The components of the magic circle divided into four layers turned one again.

“Be more specific.”

Several lines were added.
In order to more smoothly position the symbols in the magic circle.

It wasn’t difficult magic.

“It doesn’t have to be done at once.
Magic is a science made for convenience, then wouldn’t it be appropriate to make a more convenient one for the significance?”

The students looked at the magic circle which was created in an instant with admiring eyes.

“How is that, teacher?”

Keniac was also looking at the magic circle with unbelieving eyes.
And turned to Jamie.

He didn’t know that the magic circle’s basic crafting could be broken down.
This was something shocking for him as well.
It wasn’t something which had to be presented in such a small classroom.

“… amazing.”

Jamie was shocked at the approval which came from Keniac’s mouth.


He wasn’t done, he stopped ahead.

The eyes turned to Keniac.

“It gave me a good idea.”

“… a good idea, you say?”

“Then how about this?”

As Keniac shook his hand, it pierced the centre of the magic circle.

The magic circle changed three dimensionally and floated in the centre like a hologram.



Students continued to admire it.

Keniac moved his fingers.

Several lines were drawn between the three dimensional image and symbols were arranged.

This time, Jamie’s eyes widened.

‘A three dimensional magic circle?’

Jamie was startled by Keniac’s skill.

Actually Jamie knew of the methods which were several times ahead of layer technique.

And the three dimensional circle was one thing he knew.
The reason for not showing it was because it was sure to cause a serious impact on the magicians who haven’t learned the Layering technique yet.

Whatever it was, everything had to go sequentially.

But as soon as the layer was up, Keniac took it to another step.

‘He is also a kind of genius.’

Like said, not in magic, but with his mind.

So Keniac was already a genius by Jamie’s standard.

‘But still too early, kid.’

Infinite Magician.

In the past, Diablo Volfir was called so because of the ‘magical subjectivity’ he had acquired.

-Multiple Complex three-dimensional magic circle.

Jamie and Diablo were already at the top of the world with that one circle.

“How about this?”

Jamie smiled and created several magic circles at the same time.

And he put the magic circles as a ‘symbol’.

Keniac’s face contorted with shock.

A magic circle can be part of another magic circle, or part of a larger circle!

Therefore, if space permits, it can be expanded indefinitely.

‘But not more than that.’

That was it.

“You just need to look at this as eye candy.
And understand only the layering for today.
Because more than that, isn’t an area which can be understood by you right now, am I right? Mr.

Keniac nodded.

Jamie looked back at the students with a satisfied look until someone caught his eye.

‘That child.’

Ann Myers.
A student who was intently looking at the magic circle.
She must have figured something out.

Was she looking at him out of curiosity?

those eyes are…’

Sia Another.

A woman who was his disciple.

When she would start to understand something, she would have curious eyes.

Ann’s eyes were moving rapidly, tearing open the magic circle one after another.
As if she was imprinting it into her mind.

Jamie smiled.

“That is it for today.”

Jamie, who came down, smiled and was about to go out when someone grabbed his shoulder.



Keniac brought his gloomy face closer.

“We still have a lot of time left.”

The class only lasted 30 minutes.

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