But, what should I do from today?”

Student teachers weren’t real teachers.

It was more like ‘education trainee’ and to put it simply, those who dreamed of being teachers could think of it as an early service.

So, the task wasn’t very difficult.
However, that would be the case for ordinary student teachers.
But Jamie was no ordinary teacher.

“First of all, we have decided which subject you will be responsible for.
If it’s a 6th class, it doesn’t matter which subject you take, but I would like you to take a subject which is of somewhat higher level.
I think it might be good for students.”

Saying so, Javelin showed him a class sheet.

There were all high-level subjects.

“Choose the subject you are the most confident in among these.”


Jamie rubbed his chin.
As Javelin said, any class was possible.
However, the academy wasn’t a place where one teacher could teach all fields.

It was a place where a teacher in charge of one topic teaches that in depth.

‘The field in which I am the most confident in.’

Actually, there was no need to worry about what he was confident in.
Jamie was a dark magician who once possessed great powers.
So no matter what anyone said, the field he best understood was dark magic.

But if he taught that here, he would be hunted.

‘The field I am the most confident in is dark magic… something apart from that.’

After reincarnation he had hardly touched it, but before he touched the dark magic, Jamie was called as the…

‘It is time for the Infinite Magician to return after long.’

Thinking that, Jamie said,

“I will…”

Phoenix Academy was like the other academies, divided into elementary, middle and high schooling.

However, there was one difference and that was the age.

In this place, the elementary didn’t have only young ones, and the higher level didn’t have older ones.

The thing they needed to have was magic.
If one was good enough even a young one could be at a higher level.

That was the Phoenix Academy.

And they were divided into three classes, the Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

The Alpha classes were assigned for the elite, the Beta for the normal and the Gamma for the poor.

“Uh… I am tired.”

Ann Meyers was in elementary Alpha.
She was lying on her desk with a tired face.

Finn, sitting next o hear, leaned halfway back and asked Ann,

“Did you study all night again?”

I slept for an hour or three?”

“If a child sleeps like that, then they won’t grow.”

Finn was a 16 year old boy, so he was 6 years older than Ann, but since they were in the same class, they didn’t care about honorifics.

“My genetics will work, so I’ll grow, don’t worry.”

“Someone says they aren’t a teacher’s pet, but sure acts like one.”

“You are on the verge of being caught by that pet, you will have to work hard Finn~”


Finn trembled in disgust.

“I need to get promoted to middle school this year.”

“You should have gone to middle school a lot while back, brother Finn.”

“Don’t call me brother.
Damn it.
I need to study.”

Ann knew about Finn, so she provoked him sometimes.

He had to study.
She knew that he couldn’t stay in the elementary school forever, right?

Ann grinned and was trying to get out a spell book from her bag, but then found a familiar face sitting in the back seat diagonal to hers.


Ann jumped up and pointed to the red haired boy.

“You are in this class?”

Lennon, the boy with red hair, frowned looking at Ann.
He didn’t know who it was at first, but then he remembered that horrible day he met Jamie Welton.

‘Ah, that bastard.’

A woman who didn’t recognize Jamie and mistook him for a student.

Lennon ignored her and turned his head away, but Ann came running in with a friendly face.

“Nice to see you here! Are your skills already good enough to be in Alpha class?”

Lennon ended up overlooking one thing.

Ann was a very broad-minded girl.

“No, I…”

“If you don’t know anything, ask me.
I’ll tell you everything you don’t know!”

‘What nonsense is this?’

Lennon looked at Ann with strange eyes, but Ann continued to talk.

“But what is your name?”

Lennon let out a short sigh in response to the question.

“I am Lennon Simon.”

“Si-Simon family?”


At those words, the entire class, who were excited about the new year, were frozen.

Lennon was quite satisfied with the atmosphere.

This was the ripple effect of the Simon family here.

Everyone looked up to him.
The difference between them and him.

It was when Lennon was lost in thoughts.

“Wow! Oh my god! The eldest son of Simon family! Nice to meet you!”

Either way, Ann took Lennon’s hand and waved it.
Lennon’s face was dyed in shock at it.

If she knew of Simon’s family, then shouldn’t she be a bit cautious and afraid?

Why is she smiling so brightly and still greeting him?

Lennon couldn’t understand her.


It felt like his arm was going to fall off.

Lennon forced his arm away.
And shook his shoulders.

“Ah, I was so happy that… sorry.

“… enough, get back to your seat.”

Ah right.
I am Ann.
Ann Myers.
If there is anything you don’t know, ask me.
Or the kids next to you can be asked too.”


“Nice to meet you.”

At Ann’s introduction, the other kids began to greet him.

Does his family name mean nothing to these people?

Was it because they were in elementary level?

I will change classes so I don’t need to worry about these people.’

Lennon’s status was beyond the middle of 3rd class.

In fact, it was good enough to graduate early, but Count Simon told him to learn slowly.

After staying a month here, he was scheduled to move to high school level.
In other words, he would leave this place after a month.

Because of that, there was no reason to become friends with these people.

But the troublesome one was Ann, and he would have to endure it for a month.

‘Because I promised to not cause a scene.’

That was all he had to be careful of.

It was when Lennon looked at the back of Ann’s head as she went back to her seat.

“Teacher is here!”

One student exclaimed.

At the same time the words ended, a middle aged man with grey hair tucked back came in with a smile.

It was Javelin Cutter, the homeroom teacher for elementary Alpha level.

He waved to the kids.

“It’s been a while everyone~”

“Hello teacher!”

“Have you been well?”

“What did you do during vacation?”

When Javelin appeared, all the students greeted him.

As the class was noisy, Javelin smiled awkwardly and calmed them.

“Now now, everyone calm down.
The teacher had a great time.
Rather, there is someone I will introduce to you.”

Saying so, Javelin looked out the door.

“Student teacher, please come in.”

Someone entered the place.

Ann’s lit up in shock.

Lennon jumped up from the seat with his expression being even worse than Ann’s.
Then, his trembling hand pointed at the boy who came in.

“You, why are you here?!”

“What? You are in this class too?”

Jamie Welton smiled and waved to Lennon.

“Let’s have fun this month.”

‘Not a single thing will work this month!!’

Lennon let out a silent scream.

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