, he changed his stance right away, Siegfried was tired.

Offen was always like this.

An uncomfortable human being to be with, and demeans others with simple sounding words.
A person who ignores people and then points people out.
A different level of arrogance.

In the Magic World, there were many who hated Offen.

Since we have met, let’s get along well in future.”

“I wish we could.”

Jamie looked at Offen.

‘That one was trying to confirm the attitude of others with his words.’

At first glance, it seemed like he was downplaying Jamie, but Jamie thought otherwise.

By saying that, Offen was trying to see how many would agree to his words and how many would dislike his choice of words.

‘I don’t know why though.’

Perhaps as a part of politics.

A person like Offen is the most difficult one to deal with as they are difficult to understand.
So Snake-like.

‘An enemy or an ally? I need to keep an eye out till I find out.’

Jamie closed his thoughts and looked at the others.

“Now now.
We have a new member in our family, so let’s have a brighter atmosphere! Didn’t everyone look forward to seeing Jamie?”

Luke clapped his hands and tried to reverse the mood.
And with a playful face he asked.

“So, how was everyone’s first impression of our Jamie here?”

‘5th elder Luke Pretzel.
Head of Equality?’

Jamie looked at Luke and thought.

‘He is similar to Offen.’

The method he used was different, but as a result, he created a space where the other elders could speak their thoughts.

But he was one step lower than Offen.
If it was Offen, he could have handled it better.

Offen wouldn’t care how the others saw him and would only say what he wanted in the sly way, but Luke here was trying to look good.

“Shall I say first?”

Luke smiled, but the woman next to him pulled his ear.

“Ack! Adel! What is it?”

“Shut up and stay still.”

Adelhart glanced at Offen and glared at Luke.

‘He has a good colleague.’

If Adelhart hadn’t noticed what Luke did and stopped, things would have gone downhill for Luke.

On the other hand, Marquis Linmel, the head of nobles?

‘… he doesn’t seem bothered much.’

Unlike the royals and equalists, which were fighting silently, the nobility head didn’t seem to care.

He heard that Linmel wasn’t active, but didn’t expect it to be this much.

4th elder Raymon Floris Shan was the same.
He hadn’t said a word till now and just looked at Jamie with curious eyes.

Siegfried said as Luke and Adelhart were arguing.

“More than that, when will the house and lab be provided for young lord Jamie?”

“Hey, Siegfried.
Why are you still acting like his guardian?”

When Adelhart asked, Siegfried responded with a smile.

“If you don’t like it, take it upto Count Welton.”

“You have grown a lot, kid?”

“I have always grown, ever since I was little.”

“Since it’s been a long time, should we go ahead with it?”


As Adelhart acted like she wanted to fight Siegfried, Siegfried only stood arrogantly.
Looking at that, Jamie realized that this place wasn’t what he imagined.

He knew this would have a lot of politics, but not like this.

“Stop both of you.”


Offen looked at Siegfried and Adelhart with cold eyes.

“Aren't you being disrespectful to Jamie?

“… tch.”

Adelhart settled down.
Siegfried snorted, then turned his head.

‘What just happened?’

And Jamie felt chills on his body at the energy from Offen.
Although it was momentary, Offen exuded an energy which was difficult to do.

‘It was Fear.’

There were many ways to control the opponent’s mind, but the most advanced was Fear.

It was the main skill of dragons, and strong monsters which surpassed humans.

And Offen used it.

‘Though it wasn’t perfect.’

But Jamie was sure that Fear was learned.

If he was this good, then he wouldn’t bow down to even a Sword Master.

“Everyone calm down.”

Offen went back to his usual kind expression.

“Jamie’s house and lab are important.
But… a lab isn’t something you just give out.”

“Young lord is a 6th class magician.”

“Looking at it, it is possible, but it is also true that some amount of skills need to be proved.
wasn’t that the same for everyone?”

When Offen said that, the others nodded their heads.

Private labs can be used by magicians of 5th class or higher and Jamie was qualified enough to have it.

“Are you saying that verification is necessary?”

“Right, Jamie.”

“So I should show you 6th class magic?”

“The class is irrelevant.
It is to see how well Jamie will adapt.”

At the word adapt, Jamie frowned.

What was he trying to say?

When Jamie saw him, Offen grinned.

“Today is the day of the Phoenix Academy’s entrance ceremony, right? Dean Siegfried.”


When asked, Siegfried visibly showed displeasure.

Though he didn’t say it, Offen was reprimanding Siegfried for abandoning his duties.

But why are…”

Offen clasped his hands and said.

“I hope he could teach there for a month.”

At that, both Jamie and Siegfried frowned.

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