138: Elder (2)


Lennon couldn’t believe it despite seeing the emerald haired boy ahead of him.

Why was he here?

It was about 10 months ago, when Simon's family held the banquet.
He heard news that the eldest child of the Welton family, who reigned as one of the two pillars of Eastern nobles along with the Simon family, was coming.

At that time, Lennon’s older brother Alf took the opportunity to place Welton’s son under him, promising that he would become a person under the next leader of Eastern nobles.

Lennon laughed at it.
His stupid brother who was being used by his younger brother.

Who could that kind of a person even control?

But at the same time he was a little hopeful.
The Welton’s family had a great swordsman.
If the eldest son of their family was coming, what kind of person could he be?

And he was only interested but Alf had gone a step ahead.

He had a lot of interest, and he tried to use Alf and his curiosity again, this time, things went terribly wrong.

As if being exposed in front of Count Simon wasn’t enough, they were even asked to apologize to Jamie.
Even his self-esteem was hurt, but that was fine.
The problem came next.

‘Damn it… I just managed to get out of that nightmare.

As Lennon remembered that day, cold sweat ran down his body.
Huge eyes with an endless abyss within them.
He wasn’t sure what it was, but that illusion was scary.

He struggled for months, he was trapped in that abyss even in his dreams, the huge eyes looking down at him and smiling.

There were times he became scared of sleeping and tried to endure it, but then he turned ill.
And Count Simon came to visit him.
Why don’t you learn magic?

It was quite flustering that the person who never even treated him like his son, was speaking to him, but Lennon liked it.

It was around that time that he managed to come out of the nightmare.
Not often, but Count Simon taught him magic.

It wasn't easy to follow the magic skills, but he enjoyed it.

And that was how he learned magic.

-Go to the Magic World.

At first, he thought that Count Simon had given up on him.
However, Lennon was relieved by the next words.

-Go and learn more.
If you stay there, you can learn from me more often, so go.

Alf didn’t get the chance, but Lennon didn’t care.
And he came here with a happy heart, stayed a full month and learned about this entire place too.

And he applied to Phoenix Academy, where he was joining.

‘D-do I have to compete with this monster!?’

Jamie Welton.

The genius who had incredible achievements even when he was younger than him.
Such a kid came here?

“You, who are you?”

And didn’t recognize him.
Lennon didn’t know how to treat Jamie who seemed annoyed with him.

“You are a strange one.
You call me first and then don’t answer?”

Jamie turned away coldly not wanting to talk again.

Lennon came to his senses and said,

I am Lennon.”


Jamie titled his head.
Lennon’s self-esteem was hurt by the reactions, but he didn’t act out.

And said,

Lennon Simon.”

“….Ah! that cheeky kid?”

‘You are younger than me! You don’t get to say that!’

…was what he wanted to say.

That was how scared Lennon was of Jamie.

‘Why is he so big?’

He was now 8 years old, and even compared to his older brother, Alf, he was small.

And when he met Jamie, he was the same height as Lennon, was it possible to grow so much in such a short time?

Long time no see.
Has it been a year?”

“10 months…”

“Right, right.
And your brother?”

Jami looked around not caring about Lennon’s feelings.
It was nice to meet a vaguely familiar face where he was new.

“Brother is in Rezen.”

“Why didn’t he come?”

“… father only allowed me.”


Jamie remembered what he had told Count Simon before leaving Rezen.

Lennon has talent so it would be good to help him.

Count Simon seemed skeptical at that time, but seeing the kid here, it felt like he changed.

‘He seems good?’

End of 3rd class already.

He won’t find any rivals among peers here.
And this academy was a magician training ground and everyone here learned magic.

It was no exaggeration to say that the difference between Lennon and the others was like heaven and earth.

“You worked hard.”

“… thankfully.


“Are you joining here too?”

“Now are you joking with…”


Jamie frowned and was about to tell him not to joke when he heard Ann’s voice.
And he stopped.

Sighing, he looked back.
Ann was running with a bright face.

“Did you find a seat?”

And then stood in front of Jamie.

Lennon looked at the girl who came with shocked eyes.
Who could talk with Jamie Welton so easily?


“Why? This is the eastern line.
But why are you here? Made friends?”


You need friends to live here.
I was timid and didn’t make friends at first.”

Saying that, Ann had a gloomy face.
What part of her was timid?

Jamie was seriously curious, but he needed to tell her.

“No, I am…”

My younger brother is coming in today.
Did I tell you? I was with my parents but I was worried about you.

“About that, I am…”

“You don’t have to worry because you don’t learn much in the first year.
If there is anything you don’t know…”

“Kid! Listen to people first!”

Jamie screamed to which Ann was shocked.

“Firstly, I am not a student here…”

“Young lord! You were here?”

Jamie, who was cut off again, was furious and looked at the person.
It was Siegfried who was approaching them, waving his hand with a happy face.

“What are you doing here? I told you to look around, but why to my school…”


Ann went running to Siegfried with shining eyes.

“Ann? Why are you here…”

While he was talking, he found the banner which read ‘Admission Ceremony’ hung above.

“Ah- today is the entrance ceremony so Ann was helping out.”


So kind.”

As Seigfried smiled and patted her, Ann twisted her body in delight.

For teacher, I can do this much.”

“The word ‘teacher’ is too much for me.”

Siegfried stepped back and smiled awkwardly.

“But you are my eternal teacher!”

“I have no thought of taking in a disciple.
Haha… but, young lord Jamie.”

Siegfried quickly changed the subject and looked at Jamie.

“Everyone is gathered.
Let’s hurry.”

“Where again? And what is with her…?”

“I will tell you later.
Well then, Ann, do your best.”

Siegfried placed his hand on Jamie’s shoulder and before leaving Jamie said.

“Look here.
I know you talk a lot, but from now on listen to what other people say first.
I am not a freshman here.”


“But since you are kind, I won't scold you.”

“Young lord, please.”

Siegfried shook his head and then snapped his fingers.
The two disappeared like ghosts.

Ann stared at where the two had gone.
What was this?

She thought he studied here.

So why was he going with Siegfried?

And that boy called her a kid.
He looked the same age, but was he older?

“Damn it.
That absurd child.”

Lennon clicked his tongue from behind, Ann looked back and asked.

“Do you know him?”

“You don’t know him?”

Lennon looked at Ann with a face which said ‘What is with this one?’

“Jamie Welton.
He is the goddamn monster that is praised as the best talent in the world.”


“So he isn’t joining here? Phew, thank god.”

Lennon went back relieved.

Ann, who was alone, kept mumbling Jamie… and then remembered.

“Jamie Welton?!”

Emerald hair and eyes!

How could she not know after seeing that! Ann’s face turned red as she realized what she did.

There were 8 elders in the Magic World.

Among them, there was Count Simon who was missing, the 8th, Siegfried the 7th and six more.
It wasn’t easy to get together, but they got together again.

Because of one person.

“He is coming right here?”

4th Elder Raymon Floris Shan said.

He had a pretty anxious face because he was going to meet Jamie.

“The 7th elder is bringing him.”

5th elder Luke said.
He didn’t seem much different from Raymon.

An 8 year old kid being called the greatest talent, the best talent, Saint of Pyro.

Rumors had said he reached 6th class.

If we keep expecting something, it will turn into disappointment.”

The 3rd elder, Serpent Gerol, said with his arms crossed.

Seeing that, 6th elder Adelhart said.

“Why? Are you afraid that he will threaten your position?”

“You and your vulgar mouth!”

“Isn’t it better than your negative mouth? They say that your skills have stagnated?”


“Everyone stop!”

When Serpent tried to attack Adelhart, 1st elder Offen Ginger stopped him.

“Jamie Welton will arrive soon, I don’t want us elders to look stupid in front of him.”

“Damn it!”


Unlike Serpent, who hated it, Adelhart just smiled.
To which Luke said,

“Do you have to come all the way here to start an argument?”

“You shut it.
Your breath stinks.”

“You are too much.”

Luke, who didn’t like it, turned his head away.

“Everyone calm down.
They are almost here.”

2nd elder, Linmel said.

He smiled at the two auras he felt from the hallway beyond the door.

‘He cannot be compared to the past.’

The energy he was feeling was nothing like he first met.
Perhaps the others too felt it, they had all gone stiff and rigid.


“Can we come in?”

Siegfried’s voice was heard with a knock.

And Offen said,

“Come in.”


Siegfried’s voice seemed to be full of smiles.

And as the door opened came in an emerald hair and bright eyed boy with Siegfried.

Serpent who saw the boy sharpened his teeth, Adelhart smiled brightly as if he was seeing a weird existence and Luke was shocked.
Raymon’s eyes were wide open, Offen gently brushed his beard and Linmel grinned.

All different reactions.

But their emotions were the same.


They were all shocked at Jamie.
Jamie greeted the 6 elders who were there.

“Nice to meet you.
The eldest child of the Welton family, Jamie Welton and as you can see, I am in 6th class.”

The mood froze at Jamie’s provocative self-introduction.

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