Behemoth was on top of the mountain looking at the night sky.
Half of the moon was floating up.
The moon which was cut in half was shining brightly.


An unfamiliar voice called him from behind.

However, the tone of his name was familiar enough as if it was just yesterday the horrible day had happened.

Behemoth unable to control his trembling body, looked back slowly.

The long shadow in the night.
Hair fluttering in the wind and robe swaying which reminded him of a certain person.

He raised his head and looked at the owner of the shadow.
The waving emerald hair and robes.

“Master… you are Master right?”

But the one thing he could never forget was his shining eyes.
With his eyes shining purple, Jamie said,

“After a long time I am back on this land as Diablo Volfir.”


Behemoth couldn’t contain the emotions and threw himself at Jamie, seeing that, Jamie smiled.

No matter how happy you are…”

Behemoth looked at Jamie who had his arms open wide.

“Are you saying that to me?”


Jamie hit him with both hands.


The little bull just fell down, and Jamie wiped the hands which were licked.

“Just because time has passed, you call your Master Master now?”

“M-Master… is what you are.”


“My Master…”


Diablo was strict with his familiars.

It was inevitable, because they always had to fight, he was strict with them.
And what kind of boss and subordinate are friendly?

For that reason, he never showed any weakness in front of his familiars.

Jamie looked at Behemoth with stern eyes and Behemoth looked into his eyes.

Picking him up, Jamie laughed.

“You have gotten smaller, but act the same.”

“My Master!”

As Jamie’s mood softened, Behemoth jumped around.

Only the size changed, Behemoth was as ignorant as he was before.

“My Master! My Master!”

He was happy.

‘Well, he has been waiting for me to come all these years alone.’

It was sad because he knew Behemoth’s character.
Jamie smiled bitterly and raised his hands.
Black mana clumps came out from his fingers and then a small bat popped out.

Behemoth, seeing that shouted.


Born from Diablo Volfir’s black mana, they were like siblings.
In the past, they were always together and quarreled, but on the battlefield they were the most reliable ones!


As he prayed only for the return of his master, he forgot about Black, who he was the closest to.

Was Black the same?


Black’s big eyes widened.
Behemoth cried and flew to Black and the two embraced each other.
Jamie, who was watching it, shook his head.
It was definite that a lot of time had passed.

Next to Behemoth, Black would usually be invisible, but now Black seemed bigger!



Behemoth was wrapped around Black’s wings.

Jamie waited for the two to end it.

How have you been?”


“Were you asleep too?”


“You must have suffered a lot.
Still, you wouldn’t have waited too long since you are connected to my Master by soul.”


Black only squeaked, but Behemoth nodded his head as if he understood everything.
Although they were born from the same black mana, it was strange to see this.

‘I didn’t make them communicate this well.’

Initially, Black was a familiar created as Jamie’s assistant.
It didn’t have to communicate with anyone other than Jamie.

But now, these two were talking casually.
And they seemed to understand each other too.

Are you alive?’

If Behemoth was ignorant then Jormungand was calculative.
In a good way, he was intelligent, but in a bad way, he was cunning.

Thanks to that, Behemoth had been Jormungand’s toy.

That was how it was made, the snake which took care of the others from behind.
Since Behemoth was alive, there was a high probability that he was alive too.

Anyway, this could be asked later, and what he was more curious about was the size of Behemoth.

Why was it so small?


“Yep, my Master.”


“Yes, my Master.”

“What happened?”

When the mood got serious, Black flew over to Jamie and sat on his shoulder.
Behemoth looked at Jamie and said,

“It was after my Master disappeared.”

Behemoth remembered that day vividly.

It was the day when it was raining cats and dogs, thunder and lightning roared.
The mighty dark magician who turned his back on the world told his familiar.

-I will definitely come back.

They asked him to take them along too.
But the dark magician shook his head and said.

-Don’t let anyone approach me.

His enemies were the 12 Gods, who were the masters of the world.

Those who trusted the 12 Gods were blinded by their fanaticism and desperately tried to kill Diablo.

Everyone protested, but in the end they followed his words.
A few days after that, the familiars knew.

Their master had disappeared.

“We scattered, but…”

The 12 Gods moved to erase all the traces of Diablo Volfir.
The familiars suffered.

Behemoth which was huge enough to reach the sky, couldn’t hide.
Because of that, he almost lost his life several times.

And Jormungand told him,

-He said he would come back.

-So hide, make your body smaller and live inside.

-Even if it is frustrating, be patient.

So Behemoth followed those words.

It cut down its power into a thousand equal parts and hid here.

It wasn’t uncomfortable.
Fortunately the hunt died down, the problem was elsewhere.

“It was difficult and painful… I missed you enough to die, I thought of dying…”

The long for Diablo Volfir, who shimmered in depths even when the consciousness was turned off, grew.

Every time that happened, Jormungand would repeat the words.

“I used my power without realizing…”

It was said that the volcano was active a thousand years ago, but in fact, it happened periodically over time.

The gap was close to 10,000 years ago, but modern humans didn’t know it.

As a result, Behemoth weakened, and most of its vitality was exhausted.

“At that time, Shiora appeared.”

She spoke of the Day of Revelation to Behemoth.
And Behemoth who was obsessed with his master didn’t ask her how she knew of it.

And he made a contract with her believing that Diablo would come back.

“The power was messed up, and I reduced my size to prevent seizures.”

Thanks to that, the volcano was quiet.

Thousands of years passed and now he had reached here.

“You don’t know what happened in between.”

There was a lot of commotion, but I couldn’t afford to focus on it.”

“But what is with this new way of speaking?”

“Probably because I turned small.”

“… right.
You have been through a lot.”

Jamie stroked Behemoth’s head.
He never thought that a day would come where he could stroke Behemoth’s head.

Behemoth who felt it, realized something and said.

“Jormungand! He doesn’t know about this!”

“That one.
He has to be alive.”

“It was Jormungand who told me not to give up.
And believe that my Master would surely return.”

“Where it is… you don’t know?”

But unlike me, Jomungand can escape and survive.
So, it is fine.”

Your energy, can we unify it?”

“I didn’t do it willingly, so…”


Jamie nodded and then laughed.

“My Master?”

It just feels good.”

66,666 years.

Someone predicted his resurrection.

Frontier knew of it.
Han and Izaya didn’t seem to know, but Isis would know of it.

But Jamie didn’t want to think too much about it, he held Behemoth in one hand and the other held Black.

And said to his familiars.

“It is fine to see you both like this again.”

“My Master!”


Behemoth tried to hug him and Black clung hard to the face of Jamie.

“Woah! You brats!”

Jamie pushed them away.
Normally, he would be upset.

‘I’ll let this slide for today.’

It was a happy day.

You have something to do.”

“Mission! Mission!!”

“Right, mission.”

Behemoth spoke with an excited expression.


“Tomorrow, go to the Frontier’s headquarters.”

“… I have to follow them?”

“Right, I wish we could move together, but I can’t miss this opportunity.”


“Learn more about the frontier and come back.
You promised to help them, right?”


Jamie wanted to go there and find out what kind of place it was, but things wouldn’t work out.

So he was sending Behemoth.
He didn’t expect much, just a few things.


“Be sure to find out about the owner of that place, Isis.”


Behemoth answered vigorously.
They waited for over 60,000 years, but at least, it wasn’t like parting again.

Jamie smiled and got up when he suddenly thought of Venna.
She will also go with the Frontiers tomorrow.

“And have one request.”

“Request? Not an order?”

Tomorrow, a person called Venna will come with you.
Take care of her.”

Venna had a timid personality.
It was obvious that she would think too much into the situation, so someone simple like Behemoth next to her would be better.

“Venna is my subordinate and your colleague.
So be nice.”

“Oh! Colleague!!”

Behemoth seemed excited at that.
Jamie shook his head and said.

“I won’t see you for a while, but until then, try and recover your strength, okay?”

“Don’t worry!”

“And apples aren’t your energy source, so eat them in moderation.”


Behemoth was shocked as if he was hearing this for the first time.

If Jormungand was next too him, Behemoth would have been called stupid.

Black too was smiling.

Jamie looked up at the night sky.

“So beautiful.”

The stars filled in the sky were shining bright.

The morning was bright.
Venna sat on the bed with all her things packed.

She didn’t have to turn into a squirrel anymore.
Though she was relieved that she didn’t have to be in that form, yet she was sad.

“All ready?”

Jamie, who was up early, was drinking juice.
He wanted coffee, but the inn owner didn’t give it to him.

And since the juice was sour like last night, he felt awake.



“… thank you.”

“Is this break up forever?”


“Then go and come back safely.”

Jamie put down the glass and smiled.
Venna grabbed her skirt tightly.
She struggled not to cry.
Her shoulders were shaking.

With a snap, the windows opened and the cold wind helped her hold back her emotions.
Without realizing, she felt fine.

“Your spot will always be open, right by my side.
So go and come back safely.
This is an order.”

“… yes, Master.”

At those words, Venna burst into tears and smiled.

Jamie was looking out the window.

And Venna who was done, had the marble in her ear, it looked like she was talking with Braha.

“Are you feeling sad?”

Siegfried, who approached him, asked.

With a bitter smile, Jamie said.

“A little.”

“A break up is what makes a person mature.”

He agreed with Siegfried.

However, Jamie had been through enough farewells and breakups in his past life.

He didn’t want to feel that again.
Reunions didn’t exist for him.

He felt bad, but not sad for sending Venna away.

He couldn’t even feel much, even now.

“Now we should get going too.”

“Young lord seems fine suddenly?”

“Because it is a waste of time to wander.”

“Speak like a child sometimes.
Young lord is too young.”

The two left the space speaking.
They thought it was fortunate that the sky outside wasn’t too dark.

A dark sky wasn’t suitable for parting.

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