Behemoth was unable to respond.

It was such a huge shock.
In the face of such an overwhelming shock which literally stopped the brain, the little bull frowned all his eyes.

The kid with emerald hair and eyes.

There was no resemblance to Diablo Volfir, the great being who created him.

However, the air around him, the way he spoke and referred to him too was similar.


66,666 years.
Was what he heard.

It was unknown how many years had passed since Diablo Volfir had been defeated by 12 Gods.

He couldn’t calculate the days with his brain.
He kept wanting to die.
He tried to die after hitting back the 12 Gods who got rid of his master.

-He said he would come back.

If not for Jormungand’s words, he would have definitely died.
Behemoth constantly regretted it.

Why didn’t he follow his master? Even if he would appear, passing over seemed right.

If anything, he had to burn the rest of his life waiting for his master.

-Be patient, be patient.

Jormungand, the teasing wicked bastard who couldn’t be defeated in a battle of words.

So he followed him too.
And decided to live like he was dead.

But it was too long, madness was taking over him as he stayed still.
Curled up in the depth of earth, and each time he had a seizure, his power was out.

And the unpredictable waiting made him more mad.
And one day an elf came over.

Her name was Shiora.
She told him, the day she put him to sleep, he wouldn’t have any more seizures.
If the Day of Revelation didn’t come, it seemed better to not wake up.
He was too tired of the hope running out.

And today, her descendants came.
But they didn’t know of the Day of Revelation.

And he was disappointed again, until he saw him.

The one standing in front of him.
In a completely different form, as a child, smiling.

‘I am sorry.’

Jamie said.

Behemoth couldn’t control his emotions for over 60,000 years.
It has been a long time since civilizations were overturned and rebuilt several times.

Finally he appeared.


Water filled Behemoth’s eyes.

His simple personality was reflected in his emotions.
Jamie looked at Behemoth who was weeping and was shocked.
If Behemoth acted like this in front of all, things would turn out strange.

‘Hold on a little longer.

Jamie said, but it was difficult for Behemoth to control himself.
So he grabbed the face of the boy with his hands.


Behemoth, who suddenly held onto his face.
Jamie decided to turn the situation around, hugging Behemoth tightly with a bright face.

“Wow-so cute! It’s cuter up close.”

The people around looked strangely at Jamie’s outrageous behaviour.

Jamie held onto Behemoth like a doll and acted.

“Looks like Bibi which I had at home~”

“… Bibi who?”

Han asked Siegfried.

“How will I know?”

Siegfried had no idea who Bibi was.
Actually, there was no such thing as Bibi.
It was the improvised name for Behemoth.

“But why is he acting like that?”

Han felt that Jamie was acting weird.
Compared to the appearance he showed a moment back, this was like he was a completely different one.

But Jamie was 8 years old.

The current Behemoth did have a cute appearance, so it wasn’t strange for a kid to like it.

Usually boys liked swords and stuff, but Jamie was young enough to like cute things.
Even so, the disparity in his attitude didn’t leave their minds.

Siegfried too agreed with it.

“This isn’t like a young lord.
Well, it is a natural thing to do.”

The problem was that Jamie didn’t fall under the ‘normal’ category.

“Tastes vary for a lot.”

Izaya, who had been silent, said it.
Then the two saw Izaya who was smiling at the kid.

“Thinking about your son?”

Instead of answering Izaya smiled bitterly.

Han apologized right away for bringing up that topic.
But thanks to Izaya, Jamie’s attitude was accepted.

Jamie turned back and sighed deeply and spoke to Behemoth in a low voice.

No one knows who I am.”


“So, pretend you don’t know me.”

“How… are you really my master?”

We will meet and talk.
Now act like before.
You can do it.”


Behemoth was simple minded.

He was a good listener to Jamie after Black.
If there was any difference from the past, then it was the guy who was as huge as a mountain was now a miniature model.

I understand that you like cute things, we can talk about this later.
Can you please stop this now?”

“I don’t want to, but fine.”

Jamie released Behemoth.

Behemoth looked at Jamie’s face and then straightened his expression.


“You seem to like the embrace of a little boy, you little bull.”

“Look at the child! I’m a little shy!”

“So, what is this Day of Revelation?”

It is all good.”

Behemoth glanced at Jamie.
He wanted Jamie to pat him.
And Jamie did.

Fortunately, no one else questioned the behaviour.

‘I mean, it’s really nice to act like a child at such times.’

Even if the outside and inside were different, the word ‘child’ would solve everything, like a cheat skill.

Like right now.

“More than that, the contract was made with the elf.
You don’t know the content of it, right?”

“In exchange for the energy we give you, you move for our purpose, right?”

“Will the energy be enough for me?”

“Will be too much.
Rather, what would a small one take?”

“I am not small!!”

Behemoth yelled at them.

“Right now, my strength is exhausted, that is all! If I consume the energy, I will recover quickly.”

Jamie seemed to know what the energy Behemoth was talking about was.

The food he enjoyed the most in the past was…


Behemoth would have nothing other than apples, because the juice in apples was replaced with energy.

Jamie, the person who created him, was stunned.

‘That bastard, is he still thinking that it is real?’

Behemoth’s body was literally like a mountain.
As a result, the amount of apples he ate were enormous, but energy was only supplied and recovered during the time of eating.

It had nothing to do with apples.

Jamie rubbed his forehead.

“What is it, young lord?”

I am just a little tired.”

“You must be.”

Siegfried nodded his head.
The Frontier seemed to have prepared apples.
A lot of apples too.

“I will listen to your purpose.
But first, I have something to prepare.
So come back tomorrow.”

“What do you have to prepare?”

“Skewer! Skewer!”

Behemoth screamed and went to the place it first appeared.

“Damn it.
Do we have to believe that thing?”

Han didn’t like Behemoth.
Because it was too small.

Was it really this little bull which tormented the Kelton Mountains?

‘I don’t know.
I just want the mission to succeed.’

There was a crisis which was resolved.

He saw great things.

‘The technique of the Welton family… just seeing it was an achievement for me.’

Han personally felt like he gained a lot during this mission.
When he goes back, he might even train and rise to a new level.

And Jamie with Siegfried.

Getting to know the two was another achievement.

In particular, Jamie showed a veteran-like appearance despite being just 8 years old.

And the excellent swordsmanship made him wonder if the kid only started it a few months back.

“We’ll come back tomorrow to bother you.”

Han scratched the back of his head with an annoyed look and turned to Jamie and Siegfried.

“And what about you two?”

“What? We saw something interesting, so we should now prepare to leave.”

“Thanks, today was fun.
Little kid, next time we meet, be better than you are now.”

Han reached out to Jamie with a smile, and Jamie grabbed the hand with a smile.

“I don’t know when the next time will be, but I will be stronger than I am now.
so next time don’t be disappointed with yourself for not making any progress.”

“… you don’t give up till the end.”

But Han couldn’t deny it.

A genius whose end wasn’t known.

“Izaya, let’s go.”

“Then, bye.”

Izaya, standing next to Han, bowed his head to the two and Han waved the bell making the two disappear.

“Then we should go too.
There is a lot to do and a lot to hear.”


“Don’t pass it off with a laugh.”

Siegfried grinned and wrapped his arms around Jamie’s shoulder.

They too disappeared from there.
After a while, Behemoth came out again and flew to the place Jamie was.

In ancient language it was written.

‘I’ll come in the evening.’

Behemoth smiled at it.


In the deep darkness, a snake passed through the grass.
The snake flicked its long ting tongue and looked at the large moon in the sky.

It climbed up the tree and smiled at the familiar energy in the moonlight.


The snake senses that his longtime companion was awake.

The snake started molting with a strange smile, and when the molting was complete, a beautiful curve was drawn under the moonlight with hair swaying.

Long and slender beautiful hands, tying the hair.

The snake, Jormungand, looked back with an alluring smile.

“You are right.”


There was a man standing there.
A young man with black hair and purple eyes.

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