“What? Is it a no?”

“Uh… well…”

Han didn’t know what to say.

He looked at Braha and as she pointed a finger, Han nodded.

But she shook her head and then looked at Izaya lying on the floor.

“I think the decision rests with that man.”

Han nodded at Siegfried’s words.

“Like I said, I am not in charge of this mission.
But wouldn’t that be a no? Kid, if you enter the Frontier there is nothing I can’t show you.”


Siegfried stepped in front of Jamie and looked at Han with annoyed eyes.

Han, shrugged.

“I might come to Frontier but not join it.”

“Whatever do you mean?”

“Anyway, the decision rests with Izaya, right?”


It wasn’t difficult.

Jamie raised holy power in his hand and placed it on Izaya’s head.
No one noticed, but ‘black mana’ was mixed in.

It was subtle enough to deceive the eyes of a Master class.

‘Allow me.’

The black mana with such hints penetrated Izaya’s brain.

The holy power circled Izaya’s body and then gently wrapped around his chest.

Jamie lifted his hand and stood up.
His palm felt hot, it was because he used more power than was allowed.

Izaya lifted his head with difficulty.

He is back.”

Han approached Izaya with a friendly face and asked.

“Are you alright?”

“… this.”

“The situation was settled.”

Thank god.”

Izaya recalled the memories before he fell.
Unable to resist even one attack from the strong man.
Seeing Han being attacked first, he thought it was a dream, but then noticing his head hurt, he knew it wasn’t a dream.


“Get up slowly.”

Han supported Izaya.

Izaya looked at Ramu who was still unconscious.
Braha was standing next to him sighing in relief as if she was glad Izaya got up first.

On the other side of him were Jamie Welton and Siegfried.

“Tell that kid thanks.
You are up because of him.”

“… a saint’s power?”


Jamie shook his head like it didn’t matter.

Izaya looked at the left hand.
The news that Jamie was a saint of the Pyro Goddess had been going around for months.

Had it not been for the child, he wouldn’t have regained consciousness.


“No need to thank me, it is your turn now.”

Jamie spoke directly.

“Take me along too.
I want to see the Behemoth, the monster which is said to have caused the volcano in the past.”


Izata had to refuse it.

No matter how close the child was with Beryl Onyx, this mission was more important even in the Frontier.

Intervention by others wasn’t permitted.


But Izaya answered yes without realizing it.

“No… well, it doesn’t matter.”

He tried to reverse the words, but the words coming out were different from his thoughts.

It was embarrassing but he didn’t think it was strange, and the feeling of weirdness vanished.

All that was left in Izaya's mind was ‘It doesn’t matter if we go together.’


Jamie smiled happily.

Izaya was stronger than he thought, so he wondered if his trick would work, but it worked well since Izaya was in a weakened state.

‘Behemoth, I’ll see you soon.’

One of the three familiars he created in the past.

Behemoth was the most powerful one.

A single step of his could create an earthquake and his breath could create a typhoon and his cry could shake the heavens and earth.

He never thought that it could still exist.
He thought it died after him.

When he heard that it was the cause of the volcano, he was shocked.

‘My thing is….’

Still here.

In this world.

Jamie clenched his fists.
He was going to meet it.
After 60,000 years with a new body he would meet it.

‘Would it recognize me?’

A lot changed since then.

Maybe it even forgot about Diablo.

66666 years plus another 8 years.

Must have been alone all this while.

He was the stupidest of the three.
Black was created to aid in magic, and Jormungand was endowed with wisdom to rule the sea.

And Behemoth was given power.

As a result, the intelligence had dropped.
And Jamie remembered Behemoth grumbling about forgetting a lot of stuff.

And eating so much because he couldn’t remember when he ate, thinking now, he ate such huge meals.

But now he missed seeing that.

“Let’s go.”

Izaya said.

Jamie’s heart was pounding.
Come to think of it, he already found two of his things in Saint-Dermain.

He had the All Might in his possession and now he was going to meet Behemoth.

He couldn’t take him away right now.
If the Frontier left, Jamie couldn’t handle it with his abilities.

So, he would leave the matter to Frontier and then come back later.

“But, captain.”

Braha pulled Izaya by the collar and said,


“Ah! I forgot.”

So many things happened in such a short period of time that they forgot about Alex and the elves that were sold.

“Why didn’t he answer us?”

He tried contacting, but Alex didn’t answer.

So he took out the crystal ball once.
And then infused mana into it.

He heard a voice.

-Captain! Why are you only calling me now…!

“There was an urgent matter.
What happened?”

-Damn it… unfortunately I am not in a position to answer.

-Woah! How can a dog do that!

At that moment, a woman’s voice was heard from the back.

Izaya was bewildered at the sudden voice from the crystal ball.

“Alex? Hey! Alex? Who is with you right now…!”

However, it didn’t last long and the call was cut off.

The light was out of the crystal ball.

“A-are they in trouble?”

“I don’t know.”

At Braha’s question, Han shook his head.
Izaya tried to connect through but it didn’t go through.

“Looks like something happened.
I guess we need to find him.”


Braha kept biting her nails anxiously.
And Jamie bowed thinking.

‘Venna? Why are you there?’

The woman’s voice from behind.
It was definitely Venna.

Venna frowned.

It was because of the large, black beast in front of them.


Each time it yelled, they felt the bad breath.

Venna covered her nose without realizing it.
While she was in Gav School she smelt a lot of terrible things, but this one in front of her was giving her a headache.


The name of the beast was Hellhound.

It got its name because it looked like a dog from hell.

The person who said that was Alex, who was frowning at the beast.

On their way, they collided with each other thinking they were enemies.

But the reason why Alex had a weird expression from Venna was…

“… why are Hellhounds in this place?”

These ones were smaller than a Hellhound but had the same ferocity.

Sharp teeth and strong jaws, and the muscles on the body were huge enough to crush a human at once.

A monster that most knights and wizards cannot even dare to hunt.

“I never thought there would be such an obstacle.”

They thought it was a noble man’s mansion, but seeing the guy who lives in the Western Continent , it seemed like he was no ordinary noble.

Alex said to Venna with a worried face.

“We might have to retreat.”


“Even though the beasts aren’t adults yet, they are strong enough to chew us down.
It will be difficult to break through them.”

Alex was a 5th class magician but he wasn’t an expert in combat.
According to him, Venna looked strong, but was on the same level as him.

In such a place, there was a chance of them being hunted.


When Venna asked the same question again, Alex couldn’t answer.
To be precise, Venna was talking about.

“Why is the stinky mutt so dangerous?”

Although it was ugly and stinky, wasn’t it just a bit bigger than a dog?

“Dogs shouldn’t bite people.
Training to bite people means, it's master must be a terrible one.”

Alex frowned as he looked at Venna spewing out taking a dog theory.

What this woman was saying couldn’t be comprehended.

“So we need to train them right.”

Train them?

That too, a Hellhound known for their ferocity?

He couldn’t understand where this woman got the courage, but if she was left alone she would turn into food for the Hellhound.


But Alex’s voice didn’t reach Venna.

Venna spread her fairy wings and immediately flew up to the top of the Hellhound’s head.

And cried out by holding Philion in her hands.



The hammer fell on its head.
The eyes of the Hellhound grew bigger and the head fell to the floor.
A thick layer of dust rose.

Venna nodded her head with a satisfied expression.


“What is so good?”

Alex yelled.
It was his first time seeing a human train an animal with a hammer to the head.

Venna looked at him with an innocent look.

“Isn't this how it is done?”

“… no.
You did good.”

Hellhounds weren’t real dogs but monsters.
And since she smashed down a monster, Venna did a good job.

Alex suddenly remembered Poppy, the puppy he had when he was a child.
Looking back, Poppy had an accident and died.

He felt depressed suddenly.

‘That girl…’

She took down the Hellhound in one hit.
It was unexpected.
He thought she was on his level, but he was wrong.

‘She is stronger than me.’

If they didn’t stop the fight, which happened outside because of the misunderstanding…


Alex gulped.

He too, would have dropped on the floor like the Hellhound.

“Come on before the others…”

Sending the Hellhound down, Venna looked at Alex with a calm face and spoke.
They had subdued a few guards entering this place.
Plus the roar of smashing the Hellhound must have been heard by others too.

People will come.

It was then.

“You jerks!”

Someone walked out in the dark.

A man whose face was wrapped in cloth.
The dark skin said that they were from  in the western continent.

The man, Kirika, seemed angry.

“Our cute Emilia…! Kill them! Kill them all!”


A bright red-skinned troll appeared.

And Venna said.

“That one's name is Emilia.

Alex thought, looking at Venna, who was pointing to the Hellhound and smiling.

‘I give up on thinking.’

That was all he could do.

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