The view of the sky splitting wasn’t so surprising.

In terms of expression, it meant ‘the sky parted’ or if that was too difficult to understand, it meant the clouds were lifted.

But to Jamie, it felt wonderful.

[Extreme Technique: Open Up]

The technique which Chervil Welton left for him.
Jamie couldn’t understand why his grandfather, whom he never met had left this for him.

No, he couldn’t think of a reason right away.

The aura sword which started from Darius’ hand was ordinary.
The man was a boxer not a swordsman.
So, he might not know how to hold a sword properly.

The same with the Futility Divide which unfolded after that.
The sword, which was only passed through the Welton bloodline, was difficult for others to understand.

Even when unfolding the Extreme Technique: Open Up, Jamie had to concentrate more than usual.

‘It cleared the space.’

A technique which cuts through space with a single sword.
It could be considered as an intangible weapon.

However, what Darius presented wasn’t just cutting of space, it was just an imitation, but he did part a bit of space.

If a not-swordsman could do that, what would happen if a real one tried it?

“What was that?”

Jamie wasn’t the only one surprised.

Because Han, who was a warrior, understood Darius’ swordsmanship to an extent.

Just looking at it made him feel chills all over his body.
He had been training all his life, but it was his first time seeing that.

Just like a magician.

Like him.’

He turned to Siegfried.

This could happen when a top-level magician like Siegfried used his magic.
In fact, the magician had skills to make this same thing happen.

With magic it was possible.
It was because magic was the power to realize the supernatural and it was specialized for such things.

It was the same with Siegfried’s thoughts.

‘That was the extreme of it?’

However, Darius was no magician, and the technique he showed wasn’t either.

Yet, it seemed like space magic.

Siegfried, who didn’t know of other battle forms, was shocked at what he saw the man do.

Siegfried turned to Jamie.
What could the little kid understand from what he saw?

It isn’t easy.”

Darius sighed.

Seeing that technique from Chervil, he constantly grasped and analyzed the technique through his Spatial Perception.

However, in the end, reaching the top level wasn’t possible.

It wasn’t because he couldn’t understand the Welton sword, rather it was because he wasn’t a swordsman.

‘Grand Master.’

He hadn’t touched that realm yet.

And might not reach it in his lifetime.

He was able to quantify the opponent’s strength with high intuition.
8 years ago, the power of Chervil was unfolding in front of him.
Darius remembered it and looked at Jamie with a smile.

That was your grandfather.”

At Darius’s words, Jamie looked at him.

“Grand Master.”

At that, not just Jamie, but Han and Siegfried too were shocked.
It was their first time hearing such a thing.

Grand Master.
If the 9th class of magicians was their supreme state, the Grand Master was the supreme state for those who went after martial arts.

However, like the 9th class magician, no human reached the realm of Grand Master.

Although the current swordsmen of Seldam and the Sun’s Sword Blazer were said to be the closest, they weren't Grand Masters either.

But for the former head of Welton to be one.
Jamie never heard about this from his father.
Maybe grandfather had it.

“He didn’t reveal it.
So no one would know.”

He became a Grand Master by embodying the realization he had gained in his later years, with the Extreme Technique.

The technique which only Darius knew off.
No one knew of it, even the moments he died.

“Maybe the present Count Welton knows.”

It was Count Welton who protected Chervil on his deathbed.

It was said that during his death, only his son stayed by his side, so he might have left an unofficial will to his son before the death.

But that wasn’t important.

“It is a skill your grandfather had perfected with the realization he gained in his later years.
What did you feel when you saw it?”

That wasn’t a question a child could answer.

Even a skilled swordsman would hesitate to answer right away.
Even a Master class student wouldn't be able to answer.

Jamie closed his eyes.

‘That one.’

A person who went beyond the supreme state with a sword and even transcended beyond that.

The advice he gave Jamie when he first learnt sword was helpful.

He still couldn’t remember the name, but what would he say if he saw this?

-A sword has several paths.
So, the sword has no right answer.
However, since they can define themselves, only then will the swordsman be able to wield one.

-What are you talking about, bastard?

-What would a magician know?

-Such a jerk.

Jamie grinned as he recalled those memories.

‘A sword has several paths.’

It had been 4 months since he started to learn.

He knew he had the talent.
Because it was a growth rate that couldn’t be compared with others.
However, his understanding of the sword was low.

It was difficult to even answer Darius’ question.
He had only learned the sword from Hamilton and Count Welton, and never thought about his own sword.

He wasn’t that proficient yet.

So he answered.

“I don’t know.”


“I don’t know, but I think I know.”

Darius tried to nod but then frowned at Jamie’s words.

The blind man couldn’t see Jamie’s expression, but there was confidence in the child’s voice.


“If I keep learning the sword, I know that one day I will reach the realm that grandfather reached.”

A firm voice with no doubt.

Darius couldn’t understand how this child was sure.
It could be because he was a child.

But whatever it was, Jamie Welton was going to be the next Welton head.
Welton blood was flowing in this child’s body.

In addition, Chervil had left the technique for his grandson he never saw.

‘He never told me the reason.’

He asked the question several times.
Why the grandchild? What if I can’t meet your grandchild?

Each time Chervil said,

-Fate will lead you.

‘Is this the fate you spoke of?’

They met as enemies, but now he was passing down the legacy.

Darius felt like he was riding on a mighty current.


‘Is that what is leading the child?’

The flow of the world was turning murky.

It had been half a year since the Zenith church locked its doors.
The world was moving faster after that.
Several countries took an aggressive stance and the darkness was getting darker.

It seemed like the war was fast approaching.
No one knew when the signal would blow.
It could be tomorrow or decades from now.

But war would happen.

What about this child when that time comes?

“I hope to see you next time kid, not as a kid.”

Darius said and turned around.

Han looked at that and asked.

“What? Is this the end?”

“What more do you want?”

“… didn’t you come to catch us?”


Darius said as if he remembered it only then.

You people were the thieves in the auction house, right?”

Siegfried frowned and cursed at Han.

“Are you crazy? Why would…”

“Know that you are lucky.”

Without looking back, Darius said.

“You were lucky that you had Chervil’s grandson with you.”

With that, Darius disappeared.

The three watched it happen silently and wondered if that was a trick.

But Darius never returned.

We are alive.”

Han said and sat down.

Siegfried looked at him and clicked his tongue.

“What was that? We were lucky and you almost made him come at us again.”

“Well, we survived.”

“The image of Frontier in my head just got worse.”


“Everyone stop.”

As the two of them were raising their voices, Jamie stopped them.

“Now isn’t the time for this.
And didn’t that side say that Behemoth would be woken up?”

“Ah, right.”

Han jumped and ran to the place where his colleagues were laid.

All three of them fell with one hit from Darius.



As Han shook Izaya, he frowned in pain.

Jamie prevented them from falling, but their bodies must have been shaken.
Ramu too was in agony.

Braha was struck in the back of her neck and passed out, thankfully she wasn't seriously injured.

“Let me take a look.”


Jamie pushed him aside and spread out his left hand.

Han looked at the golden light which came from Jamie’s hand with a shocked look.

“You, that power.”


Pyro’s holy power surrounded them.
Most of it was absorbed by Izaya and Ramu.

Jamie wasn’t an official Saint, so he didn’t have strong power, but what he had was enough to ease the pain.

Unsurprisingly, Braha, who had the least injuries, got up.

“Hmm… h-how?”

She barely opened eyes and looked around.
Han approached her and asked.

“Better now?”


It is me.”

“What happened? I was sure that…”

She looked to the side to see Izaya and Ramu to her side, she jumped up remembering what happened.

“W-what about that monster? Even Mr.
Han was….”

“Calm down, calm down.
That monster is gone.”

“… gone?”

Instead, thank the one who healed you.”

Han looked and pointed to Jamie.

The scale of justice on his left hand which symbolized Pyro Goddess.
A sign for Saints.

He didn’t even hear from Beryl that this kid was a saint.


Jamie nodded at her words.

“They both will be conscious soon.”

“Kid, I lived.
The left hand… I don’t know what happened, but I won’t ask for more.
Since I was helped today.”

“I am sorry, but I don’t think of answering it.
And even if you ask, I have no intention of telling you, it’s private.”

“Maybe the news from the Frontier side is slowing down? It was already announced by the Pyro church.”

“… really?”

It was the first time Han heard of it.

As Braha whispered something, Han mumbled with a curious expression.

“Why would you give something so important…
Anyway, fine.
But, do you want something from us?”


“… what?”

“I want to see it too.
So show me.”

Han’s expression became distorted at Jamie's words.

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