“Names later.
First I want to save the elves.”

“Same here.”

The two, who knew nothing about each other, nodded and began to look for the elves.

‘If he meets me, pass it on?’

Jamie frowned.

Darius’ words were strange.
His grandfather had died the year Jamie was born.

He died on the land owned by the Welton family and not on their estate, Haiss.
So Jamie never met Chervil.

He heard from his father.
He was the strongest swordsman in the Seldam Kingdom.
And the outstanding teacher who raised the current Count Welton to a great level.

But that was it.
He never heard about his grandfather’s personality.

And Jamie wasn’t interested in it either, so he forgot until…

‘For me?’

How could that be?

Jamie couldn’t believe it.
A noble, whom he hadn't met before, went to Darius and asked him to teach something to Jamie?

Why not just pass it to Count Welton?

“You don’t seem to believe me.”

Would you believe it?”

“It would be difficult for me to.”

Darius didn’t care how Jamie spoke to him.
He kept smiling.

At that time.
It was like Chervil was speaking nonsense.”


“How much do you know about your grandfather?”

“Only that he was strong.”

“That much is enough.
Chervil is insanely strong.”

Darius remembered the first time he met him.

“Let’s see.
It was in Ruang about 8 years ago that I met him.”

Ruang was a large city located in the neighbouring nation, the Duchy of Venti and there was a dark arena there.

“I headed to my favourite pub, as usual.
Even if I can’t see, I have a lively tongue.”

Darius stuck his tongue out and pointed at it with his finger.

Siegfried frowned as if he thought it was dirty.

“Anyway, Chervil was drinking there alone, the moment I entered… we recognized each other right away.”

The Dark Arena’s strongest fighter and the other people who were Master class.

At that time, Darius was the strongest man who maintained the champion position for over 3 years.
It was a time when he was confident in his own abilities.

A strong sense of self confidence as if he was the best.
And then he met Chervil Welton.

The two left the bar without a word and headed for an empty lot.

“The sword of Chervil was amazing.”

He used spatial perception to his best.
And that was why he was able to remain as the champion of the arena.

However, in the fight with Chervil, Darius was pushed back.
Of course, it wasn’t a one sided push.
To be honest, Darius was almost pushed.

“Such shocking skills.
His sword, which not just cuts through space but also invades the essence, was the most dangerous sword I have ever encountered.”

There was no victory.

If they decided to push themselves one of them would have died, and it was likely that it was Darius who would die.

The two recognized each other’s skills.
And since then, they have turned into friends.

Chervil passed the title to his son and began to wander the world.
So he stayed in Ruang for a while.

While he was there, Darius would visit him every day and the two would fight.
It was a battle of words, and it was so fierce that one would think that people could die from words.

One day, Darius asked.

“Why leave your comfortable home to be here? You could live happily in your later years in your place.”

Home isn’t a comfortable place.
Everyone one will see me there.
And there is no one who will treat me as comfortably as you.
And the wolves who want to take a bite out of me would soon come home every day.
Do you know how annoying that can be?”

“I don’t know since I don’t have eyes.”


Chervil accepted the jokes of Darius.

“Well, I just want to see the world I couldn’t see.”

“A world you couldn’t see?”

“If I put a wall ahead of me.
And I need to cross the wall, if not for that I would have been at home like you said.”

“But you got greedy.”

“You are a warrior too, you should know right? So I am walking around since the wall will never come down in the place I have been.
So I am walking all over the place.”

“And did the wall break?”

At Darius’ question, Chervil smiled.

“Show me!”

Chervil broke down the wall.
And the skills weren’t shown to anyone yet.

And Darius wanted to see it.

“Instead promise me.”


“Show my grandson this skill when you meet him.”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

Show his grandson?

Before that, Darius wasn’t even a swordsman.
He could understand swords, but he couldn’t handle them.

In particular, Chervil’s new technique must be something which involves the family swordsmanship.
The skill which only a Welton blood could learn.

More than anything.

“Don’t you have a son?”

“My son doesn’t know of this technique.
You never know what happens.
And I have no intention of passing it to him.”

Darius thought it was strange.

To which Chervil said,

“This skill is for my grandson.”



Why not pass it to your son for him to pass it to his own son?”

“It isn’t his right and…”


“Forget it.
Just promise me.”

Darius didn’t ask anymore.

“So how old is your grandson?”

“Not born yet.
Still in my daughter-in-law’s womb.”

He couldn’t understand it anymore.

“Don’t try to understand and just accept it.” Was what Chervil said.

At that moment, Darius somehow felt as if he had climbed a huge step.

What Chervil showed gave him a new awakening.

“The name of the technique is…”

Darius finished his recollection and took the pose.

Jamie, Siegfried and Han focused on him.

Aura was brought out, and a sword was crafted in an empty hand.
He still didn’t understand the secret of the family sword, but the technique he saw at that time was firmly engraved in his mind.

What he was doing was just an imitation.

To be honest, he didn’t know how much this little child could understand, but he wanted to keep the promise he made to his best friend 8 years ago.

“Extreme Technique.”

[Fly High]

The sky tore.

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