nd providing meals on time too.

Jamie was a nasty but kind person.
At least for Venna, he was more than a benefactor.

“Philion, help me.”

[I am your weapon.
I can do anything you want.]


Venna made up her mind and wrapped the ring in her hands, and the pink hammer formed in her hand.

For four months these two had trained in Gremia.
She still couldn’t be as strong as she was against the demon, but at least now she wouldn’t disappoint Jamie.

“Look after me!”

[That isn’t difficult.]

Yellow butterfly wings moved.
The beautiful wings were leaving light particles as they flapped.

A single sword endowed with the power of All Might, slashed into the aura armor on Darius.

It was impossible for a person who hadn't reached a Master level to do it.
However, the three items of Diablo, especially the stone which gave strong resistance to physical force, made the impossible possible.

Still, the limitations were clear.


Even with Siegfried constantly twisting the space, Darius was still fine.

No matter how much the sword cut through, Jamie wasn’t great with the sword yet.

Only the outer skin was cut.
Jamie bit his lip and unfolded ‘Sea of Hundred’.

“This is…”

Darius seemed shocked.

Jamie’s movements were clearly felt in his spatial perception.
The flow of mana moved along with the kid.

It was a very familiar move.
He experienced it several times in the past.

‘It is definitely the Sea of Hundred.’

Darius would never forget the skill he encountered even once.
It wasn’t simply because of his power.
He felt and understood their movements because he couldn’t see.

The process had been engraved into his mind.

In particular, if it was a gait like the ‘Sea of Hundred’ he couldn’t forget it even if he wanted to.

Mana gathered on the sword.
The place he stood in was being overtaken by Jamie Welton.

The Sea of Hundred was taking control of the space around.

It was invented by Chervil Welton, the former head of the Welton family and was known to be the best gait method.

Darius knew it too.
Besides, it wasn't just the Sea of Hundred.

‘Futility Divide’.

Even the swordsmanship.

A vision which was passed down only to the Welton bloodline.

He actually not just felt the Sea of Hundred but even the Futility Divide several times.

Compared to what he experienced back then, which was like an incomplete one, this was a true Futility Divide.

He could feel it now.
He didn’t understand what Jamie did, but he tore apart the aura armor.
Here, only Siegfried had the power to pierce his aura.

But this kid did it.

“A Welton?”

Jamie didn’t answer.

It didn’t matter if this man found out who he was.
What was important was to end this.

He didn’t expect himself to kill Darius.
If he could just slash him enough to create time for the other two, that was enough.

“All Might, once more.”

Last one.

All Might, like Perfect Cell, was a mana-eating piece.

[Welton form]

[Sea of Hundred]

‘Sea of Hundred-with magic’ concentrates the mana at the tip of his foot and explodes the flow of mana which the Sea of Hundred creates.

The technique he was going to use now was magic which concentrates on the flow of the sword and not toes like he did in practice.

The strongest fusion magic created by Jamie.
Combining sword and magic.

[Soul Escape]


The flow of mana reached a point where it could overcome the space.

The Sea of Hundred was already complete.”

Even a Master would take damage with this new skill.

Darius knew it too but he wasn’t flustered.
No, he was confused.
He admired Jamie's sword, which took the completed Sea of Hundred to a new realm.

But he wasn’t someone who could be defeated by Jamie’s sword, because Jamie only touched the sword 4 months back which meant he just stepped into the world of the sword.

your sword lacks a lot.”

He gently grabbed the sword.

The power of the sword was around him but he didn’t care.
This kid couldn’t do anything other than scratch his skin.

“The fight ends here.”

Scud didn’t move.

Jamie looked at Darius with wide eyes.

A sword wasn’t enough.
He raised mana.
He even decided to bring out Leviathan.

But before he could do it, Siegfried and Han moved.

“Young lord!”


The two moved towards Darius with the intent to kill Darius.

Darius grinned as he felt the two men moving behind him and raised his right leg.

“The fight is done.”

And brought the leg down.


The ground of Gremia began to collapse.

“Did it.”

Gremia is only dismantled by physical force.

Not broken.
The shape-building pieces will be restored naturally according to the owner's will.
But not right away.

The hostility felt from Darius disappeared.
Instead, sudden ‘intimacy’ filled the place.

And Darius spoke.

“To see the grandson of an old friend here.
Should I call this fate?”

Darius chuckled.

“I knew your grandfather very well, Jamie Welton.”

Jamie went stiff at the remark about the former Welton head.

“Is this coincidence or inevitability for us to meet like this?”

“… what was it?”

Jamie’s expression wrinkled.

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