The black fist stopped in front of his nose.

Han didn’t respond.
It was humiliating, but he felt glad that the fist stopped.
But then he felt ashamed for thinking that.

“This is 2.09.”

It went from 2.01 to 2.08.

Dodging Han’s attack increased by 0.2.

“Your power seems to be a reality manipulation one.”

As Darius said, Han’s power was to ‘change the state’.

The ability to change all reality about one in a way he wants.
It is possible only in situations in which he was the strongest and the others couldn’t even interfere.

From undoing the surprise attack he received from Darius in the beginning, to the change in water.
All of it was ‘Change the state’.

“Is this all?”

Darius saw through the attack at once.

“You are nothing compared to Kreon.”

Among the existing Masters, the one with the most powerful manipulation of reality was none other than the Sword of Zenith, Kreon.

In the past, he acted as Sable, an aide to Marquis Bell, the Lord of Apton and his power was ‘Reversal of Cause’.

The unprecedented power of reality manipulation which reversed everything.

In comparison to that, Han’s manipulation was nothing more than a children’s prank.

“Can that power resist death?”

Of course, if it had the power to resist death then everything would change but…

“Must be impossible.”

In that case, all this wouldn’t matter.
But Han had activated his power only after the attack came for him.

“Give me the items.”

“I was thinking who… the man from the auction house?”

“If you hand things over, I will give you a painless death.”

Darius clenched his huge fists.

“Since you can’t run.”

At that, another voice pierced Darius’ ears.

“Are we the audience?”

Darius was blind, but he could see without eyes.
He could see much wider and more diversely than ordinary people.

Space began to open.
It moved from the target at a tremendous speed.

“The work of a magician?”

“We were clients of an auction house.
And this has nothing to do with us, and we will gladly go if you let us.”

“And if I can’t?”

“Depending on the answer, we will also participate.”

Siegfried said it and looked at Jamie.

Jamie nodded.

If these people were from the Frontier, they couldn’t let them die.

He would see Beryl again someday, how could he look at him if he couldn’t even help his men? And if he can help them, then he would make the Frontier fall into debt.

‘At least I can make this Han feel like that.’

The cost of saving his life would be huge.

At the sudden support, Han was bewildered.


“It depends on his answer.”

“But isn’t that too much?”

“I am sorry, but honestly I don’t want to start a fight after knowing who the opponent is.”

“… you know him?”

“I think so.”

Siegfried grinned as he saw Darius narrowing the distance.

“Darius, the ‘Invisible Tekken’.
The champion who had been dominating the arena of darkness for over 10 years.”

“The monster is rumored to have won over two Sword Masters?”

“Young lord knows?”

Siegfried seemed surprised that Jamie knew.

Han frowned.

“You are talking about that monster?”

It wasn’t known if the rumors were true, but the rumors around the man were that he was insanely strong.

“Besides, Darius seemed to have targeted us as well.”

Darius’s energy changed.

If only he told them to leave, they could avoid it.

Jamie looked at Han with an annoyed expression on his face.

“… we don’t have anything other than the auction items we won.”

Doesn't reality change in the way we look at it?”

“You see the reality doesn't work out the way we want it to, and you people were so annoying.”

Siegfried smiled and put his hands on the ground.

“I don’t think we can bounce from here.”

The magic circle opened and a staff with a soft jade color rose from within.

A staff with powerful magic.

“I’m sure the rumors about Darius can be confirmed.”

Both of them were Master class here.

Although he wasn’t a Master yet, it was safe to say that Jamie was hitting Master class.

Darius' strength was confirmed through Han.

“If possible, I would like to tell the young lord to leave, but I think I will need your hand.”

“That’s too bad.”

“… don’t say it with such a serious face.”

Jamie smiled at Siegfried’s reaction.

There were many times when he thought that this man’s personality couldn’t be understood, but it was a great advantage that this man wouldn’t let his emotions be carried to his allies.

‘My blood is boiling.’

How long had it been since he faced such a powerful enemy?

The battle with Zenith’s sword, who was now being called Kreon.

Jamie was Beryl’s assist then, and so was he now.

‘But I am different from then.’

Darius was strong.

Maybe as strong as Kreon, though Kreon could definitely be stronger.

If so…

“I will follow you.”

“Are you sure?”


Both masters asked at the same time with worried faces.

Jamie grinned looking at the worried people.

“Just trust me.”

[Gremia- Unfold.]

The battlefield changed.

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