It was a wide open space.

Jamie looked at Siegfried who seemed on alert.
And on the other side, except for Han, his party was ready to run at any moment.

It had to be because of the energy Siegfried was releasing.
Except for Han, everyone felt burdened.

“Without a chant or spell to move through space like this… indeed, you are Siegfried of Space.”

“Don’t act like you figured it out by yourself.
It is pretty disgusting.”

“Are you back to fighting?”

“Thank you young lord.
But when I speak harshly it is a sign that I’m aiming to kill the other one.”


Both of them seemed relaxed but it was inevitable to not feel the killing intent flowing by.

Leaving it like that would make the situation worse.
They moved here to talk, not fight.

‘We already got the stuff back.’

The heart of the Shadow Sheep and All Might.
If the conversation didn’t work out, they could just leave this place.

Jamie pulled Siegfried’s robe.

“We didn’t come here to fight.”

“But one can never know a human’s intentions.”

“Are you a kid?”

“I didn’t expect to hear such a thing from an actual kid… hm.”

Siegfried glared at Han and then called back his energy.
Han did the same.

“Looks like we are all ready to talk.”

“Rather than talk, you will answer.
Why did you come here? With your men.”

“There are a couple things I need to correct, but first, they aren’t all my men.”

Since they were calling him with respect, they thought he was their leader.

“It is hard to put it into words, the side is the same, but the departments are different? Get that?”

When Han looked at Izaya, he nodded.

“We do come under his men, but we don’t listen to the orders of Mr.

“That is our relationship.
And since it is an internal matter, I can’t say more.”

Seeing Han smile, Siegfried snorted.

“Well, anything is fine.”


“Why are you here? Again, don’t think that you can do the same thing you did in Harmonia in this Kingdom.”

“Yes, that needs to be corrected too.
The Frontier isn’t the leader of the Liberation Army.
We just helped out a little.
I want to know how the rumors came to be that we were commanding the Liberation army.”

“Anyone would know by looking at how you dealt there.”

“Yes, yes.
Don’t believe it if you don’t want to.
Anyway, I have no feelings for the Seldam Kingdom.
In the first place, one of our executives is also from here.”

“Sir Onyx?”

At Jamie’s question, Han nodded.

He is a man who loves his nation very much,”

Han said it rather sarcastically.

“And we also don’t do things like that without thought.
As long as there is no good cause, we don’t step in.”

“You are a group of idiots.”

“I do accept that.”

Han! Why are we idiots?! We are the Frontiers on a mission to lead the world on the right path! A cause! We have a cause!”

Braha groaned.

‘Quite a talkative elf.’

Jamie thought as he looked at the elf screaming.

Elves were originally a quiet and peace seeking race.

There were a few who chatted a lot, but Jamie had never seen an elf who was so radical with their mouth.

‘Maybe the elven race changed a bit.’

It had been a long time.

Siegfried laughed at that.

“What is the cause?”

“Whatever it was, we already have what we need, so we are leaving.
It was nice to meet the little boy that Beryl was talking about, so I wanted to see him, you can go your way now.”

“What did you get?”

“…Kid are you really going to speak like that till the end?”

Mr Han’s eyes trembled a little but Jamie continued.

“It is a bit funny that you chose now to ask, and it isn’t like we have a good relationship.”

“You have nothing to lose… sigh, enough.
If you were one of my kin, I would have spanked you.
Indeed, those who are born here do not know anything about life.”

“So what did you get?”

Han gave up and shook his head.

“I have no intention of speaking about that.
But if you respect me and ask, I might.”

“What did you get?”

Jamie didn’t change his manner of speaking.

Han wasn’t sure how he was to react to the kid.
This kid was the most difficult one he dealt with.

Despite being a kid, he wanted to hit him.

“… take it easy.”

“Can’t you just tell us? We have our own plans.”

“Damn it.
Words don’t get to him!”

Han gave up.

Siegfried admired Jamie who made the opponent back down.
The boy who was gifted in magic and sword was born with the talent of mouth too!

“It isn’t something to hide, but it is difficult for me to decide and speak out.
And if I don’t speak, your side will try to kill me.”

“You know us so well.
You need to speak.
For the sake of national security.”

Siegfried warned.

“I feel like I’d pee in fear.
Are you okay with it?”

Han looked at Izaya.

As said before, they weren’t leaders and subordinates, so the permission from Izaya means that he was in charge of this mission.

“It doesn't matter as it won’t harm anyone.”

“But do we need to tell them?”

Braha asked in a worried tone and Ramu helped her.

Why us?”

It wasn’t known if it was because they were related to Frontier, but they all seemed acquainted to one person for sure, it was Beryl Onyx.

“It will be fine.
Isis is interested in the boy.”

“Miss Isis?”

“… is that true?”

“Then it is a different story.”

When the name Isis was mentioned their faces changed.

Isis, the leader of Frontier.
Miss Isis was like a god for Frontier.
It was a big shock that she was interested in Jamie Welton.

They all looked at Jamie and began to whisper.

“Why are they looking at you like that, young lord?”

“How will I know?”

There was nothing he couldn’t hear, but Jamie didn’t feel the need to.

“Looks like we have decided.”

Han wasn’t the head.

Izaya took a step ahead.
As he was the leader of this mission, he took the role.

“This was our purpose.”

Izaya took out the last item which was introduced in the auction.

A small cuboid made of gold.
The host said it was a key.

[Sleep here.
So as to not wake up again.]

The ancient language engraved on it.

“Key, was it?”

Izaya nodded and answered Siegfried's question.

“The key to unlocking the seal of the monster sleeping in the volcano.”

Both Jamie and Siegfried didn’t understand it.

But then they did.

“… you aren't possibly referring to the monster in Kelton Mountain, right?”

“We are, kid.”

Han smiled and pointed somewhere.

The heart of Kelton Mountain towering in the distance.
The flat top which seemed artificially cut.

The great volcano which was active until a thousand years ago and turned into a mountain range.

Just the other day, Siegfried told the story.

“… did you know that it was real?”

“As if.”

Siegfried too seemed surprised.

Although there were a few theories, it was something the Magic World was dealing with.
And no plausible evidence was found about it.

So how did the Frontier know about it?

“A definite source?”

Siegfried knew that these people weren’t making things up.
However, he had to confirm.


Han said in a confident voice.

“Because it is a monster that Frontier had sealed a thousand years ago.”


“To be precise, one of the founders of Frontier.”

Braha answered.

She continued speaking but tucking her mint colored hair behind her ear.

“And my grandmother.”

She smiled proudly.

‘Indeed an elf.’

The elf had to be a 9th class magician to seal it, since no human had reached that state till now, so it had to be an elf or dragon.

But another question rose.

‘Why the hell was such a monster at the bottom of Kelton Mountain?’

Why was there such a monster under the Kelton Mountain for so long that a 9th class great magician had to step in?

If the monster was that strong, it could have just escaped.


Looking back, they didn’t say they killed it, they said it was sealed.

And now they plan to touch the seal.
Do they really need to go and put their hands in that place again?

Whether these people had the ability or not, the volcano was going to be active again.

If that happens, Saint-Dermain is in trouble.

Those who said they had no hostility for Seldam Kingdom wouldn’t mind destroying the Saint-Dermain city which represented the kingdom?

Siegfried spoke.

“I have a question.”


“Why are you unlocking the seal? If you do that, the monster will be active… so, do you not realize Saint-Dermain will disappear?”

Siegfried spoke as if he could understand Jamie’s thoughts.

“If not, did something happen a thousand years back?”

And hit the core.

Han smiled and said nothing, it was Izaya who answered.

“To keep the promise.”

“… promise?”

“There is no reason for us to tell you that and you don’t have to worry either.
The monster won’t explode like the past.”

“What is that monster?”

Izaya looked at Jamie.

He pondered if it was okay answering the kid’s question.


Jamie doubted his ears for a second.


A huge beast which is said to reach the sky.

‘Why is it coming from there?’

It was one of Diablo’s creatures.

“… Behemoth?”

Siegfried didn’t know what it was.

Behemoth was a beast which existed in Diablo’s time.

Which meant it existed before 60,000 years.
So why did it exist now?

‘It didn’t die?’

Jamie, who was a dark magician, had numerous familiars under him.
It was because he needed tools to fight, not comrades.

Among them, there were three special ones.

One was black, the other was the Serpent Jormungand and the last was Behemoth which reached the sky.

Naturally, he thought that they too died after he was sealed.

“Young lord? What is it?”

As Jamie stood shocked, Siegfried shook his shoulders.
Jamie came back to his senses.

“I am fine.”

“It is weird.
It is a name I have never heard of.”

Of course, it was normal for people to not know of it.
The fact that they knew the name would make no sense.

‘But it wasn’t just Behemoth.’

Canon had the Perfect Cell.
Zenith church used the Leviathan book.

And the Gehenna Auction knew the name of All Might.

And now Frontier knew of Behemoth.

‘My marks….’

Four traces of Diablo Volfir, which should have been lost 66,666 years back were all found in Seldam Kingdom.

Was it coincidence or fate?

He wasn’t sure, but he knew that there had to be a lot more going on.

It seemed like there were people following the traces of Diablo Volfir, and Frontier was one of them.


The name Beryl spoke of.

A being who led Frontier from 700 years ago.
She must know the truth to some extent.

He thought he would meet her one day, but never that he would want to meet her right away.

But he held back.

‘It isn’t time yet.’

He wanted to see the Behemoth right away, but he was sure that he could see it when Frontier moved.

Endure it till then.

“We have indulged you enough, now is your chance.”


“I hope you ask nothing more and let us go since we returned your items too.”

Han's words made sense.

Siegfried had no intention of asking more.
He too received what he wanted.

“Then I’ll see you next time along with Beryl, Jamie Welton!”

Han said and waved his bell.

It was then.

“All in one place.”


The ground shook as if there was an earthquake.

Siegfried moved into the air with Jamie in his arms and Han, shook the bell to create a shield.


The ground they were standing on rose.

Huge cracks appeared in all the directions.


It was as if a bomb exploded, the mountain Han created exploded.

Large and small pieces flew everywhere.
Siegfried opened subspace and sent them all there without much difficulty.

Han’s shield took no damage.

A few minutes passed and things calmed down.
A thick layer of dust was lifted with Braha’s wind spirit.

There was a man standing there.

A man in a neat black suit which couldn’t cover his muscles.
His skin was dark.

And black sunglasses.

The man in black.

The man looked at Siegfried and Han as he fixed his glasses.
And mumbled.

“1.2 around 1.47.”

And then looked at Jamie.

he’s small, but a handicap too?”

At that, Jamie frowned.

“What is with you? You don’t even recognize a kid?”


At Jamie’s question.
The man frowned.

0.93? Too high,”

“What are the numbers?”

As he continued, Han couldn’t help but ask.

The man, called Darius, smiled and answered.

“Your skills.”

“… what?”

“If this is your level, then I can catch you.”

“Crazy talk… who are you?”


This time he looked at Siegfried and then pointed his thumb to himself and said.

About 2.01”


Han’s body flew away and crashed into something.
No one even noticed the movement of the man called Darius.

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