10 million Gold.”

10 million gold.
And that wasn’t the end.

“There is no set price.
Please feel free to call any number!”

The host smiled at it.

“3 million.”

“3.5 million!”

‘5 million.’

“6 million.”

“7 million.”

“10 million!”

It jumped tenfold at once.

The bid price was staggering again.

Siegfried mumbled under his mask.

Isn’t this too fierce?”

“You need to participate too.”

But participating is no fun.”

“What do you mean?”

Jamie sometimes didn’t even know what this man was thinking.

Siegfried said.

“Young lord is still young so you might not know.”

“Know what?”

“How exhilarating it is to set the mood.”

What kind of bullshit is it?

It wouldn’t take long to know what it is.

“40 million 3 thousand!”

“40 million 3 thousand and twenty!”

When it crossed 40, the bid was slowly rising.

That was when Siegfried said.

“100 million!”

The host, who was dancing around went stiff too.
And asked.

“Could you say it again?”

“100 million!”

Siegfried said it again without a second thought.

The price more than doubled.

Those who competed no longer tried.

100 million gold was such an amount.

“We have 100 million.
Any more?”

No more.

No one could give 100 million right now.

Jamie looked at Siegfried.
Although it was hidden, Jamie knew the man was smiling.

“Isn’t 100 million too much?”

“She told me to use any amount.”

The more he looked, Siegfried seemed crazy.

The heart of the Shadow Sheep, won by Siegfried.
So naturally.

“Are you leaving?”

“I want to see more.”

His artifact was here.

And it was said that it would be sold here.
If that thing didn’t come out, Jamie decided to turn the man into an undead.

Of course, that person did nothing wrong.

Still, Jamie thought that, and Siegfried said,

The ugly side of humans takes quite a while to get used to.”

Made sense.

Jamie had seen the ugliness of these auctions.

This place was nothing short of kid’s play.

‘When will my item come out?’

Perhaps at the end.

So Siegfried too decided to sit with Jamie.
A few more items passed.

They were all jewels.

Can’t we just go? I am getting tired.”

“What is making you tired?”

“You know how hard it is to bid? My heart almost stopped when I said 100 million.”

Siegfried’s heart had been steady since he came here.
When Jamie looked at him coldly, he coughed.

“Of course, as an adult, I have no intention of ignoring a child’s request.”

He turned his gaze to the stage.

A beautiful necklace was sold for 80 million.

It was then.

“This item is presumed to be worth more than the Heart of Shadow Sheep.
Bring it!”

Men pulled out a large box with several seals.


Perfect Cell vibrated.

Jamie looked at the Perfect Cell on his wrist.
He looked at the box with a nervous expression.

“Open it!”

The host said and the man placed a stone with strong power on the box.

The stacked sealing magics began to open.

“I don’t know who, but a great magician had locked it.”

Siegfried too was admiring it.

And when the box opened, a brilliant five stone of five colors appeared.

Everyone was attracted to it.

The host exclaimed with an excited voice.

“The ultimate stone! All Might!”

Jamie’s eyes widened at the name.

‘How does he know the name?!’

An artifact with absolute defense among the three artifacts created by Diablo Volfir.

However, Diablo sensed defeat from the Gods and spread them all over the world to not let anyone touch them.

Which meant that they were around with no one knowing their names.

That was how it should have been.

No one should know the name.

When Jamie was caught off guard, the bid started.

“The start is 3 million!”

No one said anything.

He too was bewildered.

This was to be expected.
No one knew much about the stone other than being a beautiful one.

The host seemed to have been aware of it.

“In this Ultimate Stone.”

Everyone listened.

“A large amount of energy has been condensed which could sustain Saint-Dermain for another 10 years.”

“10 million!”

“20 Million!”

“40 Million!”

“50 million!”

It could power an estate for 10 years, no one would want to lose it.

The people gathered in the auction house were all Lords of estates.

They knew the value of energy.

It was incomparable to the Heart of Shadow Sheep.

“130 million!”

“150 million!”

Bids continued.

Jamie wasn’t shocked anymore.
He didn't know how these people knew the name, but he would find out later.

Now he had to get the stone.

“200 million!”

“200 million and a thousand!”

It crossed 200 million.

It was the moment the absurd amount hit.

There came another one.

“500 million!”

A woman’s voice.

Everything went silent at that.

Even Siegfried was shocked by the 500 million, he ended up turning to see who that woman was.

A woman with pink hair stood tall.

Jamie could see her smile under the mask.

It was Venna.

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