ack alive and the volcano disappeared.

Not a single drop of lava flowed, and the huge crater was completely filled.

“The blunt mountain in the distance is said to be the site of a crater.”

The artificially cut one.

Thousands of years have passed, but the great mountain range maintained its shape without changing.

“But wouldn’t a 9th class be enough?”

“Well, I told you that it wasn’t known if it was human or not.”

No 9th class magician had never appeared in human history, of course, there were magicians which weren’t recorded in history, but Siegfried didn’t know of it.

“The general consensus says it had to be an elf.”

After dragons, the elves were the most proficient in magic.

9th class magicians were rare in elves too, but the possibility was higher than in humans.

“They say it could be a dragon too.”

That could be another possibility.

Their magic would be more than enough to handle a volcano.

“But there is one more interesting thing.”

“Is it something not written in that book?”


Siegfried smiled and said,

“There was a monster inside the volcano.
And the magician had come to kill the monster.”


“The more we think about it, the stranger it becomes.
No matter how active the volcano was, it would never continue to spit out lava.
And it erupted at a regular time.
However, according to the records in the ancient book, the volcano continued to erupt and spit out lava.”

It was definitely strange.

The terrain was under constant shifts, meaning it could happen, but such things ceased to happen thousands of years back.

Even when Jamie was Diablo Volfir, such shifts didn’t occur.

“I know.”

“And so, the magic world accepts the secrets to some extent.”

A magician was sent into it and killed or put that monster to sleep.

And then came the peace.

“Well, believe it or not, it doesn’t matter to me.
I heard that young kids like such stories so I said it.”

“Wow, you are too honest.
Well, it isn’t that I hate such things, but…”

“Well, the place has been thriving ever since.”

Still a desolate place, but the soil away from the volcano was turning fertile.

And the Rock Union places had the fertile lands under their hands.

“Except for Saint-Dermain.”

In the distance, the city could be seen.

The estate was located right next to the mountain range.

“Shall we move quickly?”

Siegfried smiled and snapped his fingers as the two disappeared.

Saint-Dermain was a strange city.

First, the mining was being done right below the city.

Second, there were magic stones all over the street.
The buildings were decorated with magic stones, creating a strange atmosphere.

It was something like a scene from a fairy tale.

“A strange but beautiful place.”

“A place worthy of its name.”

The city was covered with magic stones.

Jamie nodded at Siegfried’s words.

“But where are we going? Do we go to an inn first?”

“Before that there is a place I need to stop by.”

“The thing you were talking about before?”

It is sold there.

“Maybe, so does that mean that it can’t be sold elsewhere?”

“It isn’t an easy item to obtain…”

Jamie wondered what it was.

Normally, he would have pushed to go for an inn, but it didn’t bother him now.

‘Right, Venna?’

-Master… I think I might die.

‘Hold on for a little more.
I am dying of curiosity here.’

-Master won’t die, I might really die you know?

All of Venna’s words were about dying.

Right now she was in Gremia.
Jamie turned Gremia into a necklace.

Even though Venna was much smaller, because of Gremia being turned into a narrow space, she had limited movement within.

‘Isn’t this better than getting caught?’

It didn’t matter if he showed Venna to Seigfried, but what if he noticed that she was using transformation magic.

And if this got to his parents ears, things would get complicated.

‘Transformation magic was unlikely to be found out.
But we can’t act careless.’

The opponent was a great magician.

Besides, since they were going to have a long journey till they reached the magic world, Jamie wanted to be careful.

‘I will release you once we arrive at the inn, so be patient.’


It was when Jamie tried to comfort Venna.



Jamie looked up and down the building.

Then he looked at Seigfried with a concerned expression and said,

“Isn’t it too shabby?”

“It isn’t.”

The tent was the roof, it was droopy and torn, creating an eerie atmosphere.

The door looked worn and glass on the windows were broken.
There was so much dust that it made him frown wondering the last time it was cleaned.

Half way down was the sign.

“Ars Magna.”

Was written.

Quite a nice name for a shabby shop.

“Should we head in?”

Siegfried knocked on the knob.

And then-


There was no reversal.

Jamie frowned, covering his nose as dust rushed at him.

“Come in.”

Jamie responded to Siegfried.

“I don’t want to…”

He hated going to such dirty places more than dying.

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