Magic World (1)

“Are you sure?”

Count Welton expressed concern with a worried look on his face and Jamie nodded.

“Of course.
Whose son am I?”

The Count smiled and patted Jamie’s head.
He knew that Jamie was trying to make sure his father wasn’t worried.

Despite being more mature for his age, Jamie was still 8 years old.

And the Magic world was where the Welton family had no influence.

Of course, the fact that he was the young lord of Welton would help Jamie a lot, but would he be able to avoid being swayed by disgusting politics?

And Jamie, who hadn't been away from his parents till now, might weep at night due to loneliness…

‘Maybe not.’

Even the Count couldn’t imagine his son crying.
In fact, it didn’t seem like his son could feel lonely.

In truth, Jamie wasn’t trying to reassure the Count.
For him there could be nothing wrong.

‘Everyone will be there.’

And it didn’t matter.

Omniscience Library.

If that could be touched, nothing would matter.

And there was no sense of excitement about leaving his family.

‘There will be too many restrictions.’

The magic world must have restrictions on it, but at least his body could freely use magic right?

But it felt sad to be away from his parents for long.


Jamie burst into madness at the childish thoughts which were popping up inside him.

When the Count saw his son, he couldn’t help but laugh.

It is my son, why should I worry?’

He didn’t want to let Jamie go, but as a magician he needed to let Jamie know about the world.

Especially the Omniscience Library.

‘That is a dream of every wizard.’

It is said that the omniscience library is an all knowledge thing which can advance the person by a notch with a single use.

And what would happen if a talented person like Jamie touched it?

‘No parent should stop their child from achieving what they want.’

Jamie will become a Great Magician.

Therefore, it was meaningless to think that Jamie wouldn't be able to touch that library.

“If anything happens, call for father.”

“It isn’t like I am leaving right away, why are you getting so worried?”

“My boy.
When you become a father later… no.
why bother saying it.”

What are you saying to a kid.”

Sears, who was listening to them, tapped the Count’s forearm.
And then turned to Jamie.

“It is just that the father is worried about his son.
You understand that?”

“I do.”

“But the mother believes that her son will do well.”

For what reason?

Jamie looked at Sears.

To be honest, he thought she would have a worse reaction than his father at his decision.

But here? Sears was encouraging Jamie to do his best.

Did the souls in the Count and Sears change?

That couldn’t be.

“So, how many days to reach that place? One week? Till the full moon? Or would it be a month since that Magic world is distant from us?”

His mother asked with bright eyes.

The Count and Jamie looked at each other.

‘Don’t worry, your father won’t tell her.’

‘Thank you, father.’

The two talked through eyes.

After dinner, Jamie walked alone in the Count’s mansion’s garden.

Normally, it would be time to head over to Gremia and do personal training, but the reason for the walk was simple.

“Would I have thought that a child would receive such a consideration?”

Someone appeared from behind.

Jamie turned around and saw Siegfried standing there with his arms crossed.

‘But, he’s so damn handsome, right?’

Jamie had researched Siegfried beforehand.

A great magician from slavery.

But for a slave, he looked decent.
With dazzling platinum blonde hair and flawless skin, it was enough to make one believe that he was a noble.

The reason Jamie went for an unplanned walk was to see this one.

Because inside the house, the Count would notice it.

“Doesn’t seem to care.”

Having said that, Jamie looked at Siegfried.

Earlier, they were talking about the library so he didn’t have the time to look.


He had qualities that weren’t lacking to the name genius.

And this man hadn’t reached his all yet.

Siegfried’s whole heart, which was made of energy and mana was circling through his body.

And the mana core wasn’t one.

‘He made one in the lungs and the lower navel.’

The lungs were organs which breathed in mana, and below the navel was the section where the mana accumulates the most, like the heart.

However, all of them were less efficient than the heart, so most magicians would concentrate on one thing only.

However, it was a different story when making it.

‘Two itself is great, but three…’

What was shocking was that he was trying to make another core.

‘An ability which needs to be passed to the coming generations.’

Even in his days as Diablo Volfir, magicians like Siegfried were rare.

“Planning to put a hole through me?”

Siegfried looked back a bit embarrassed and asked Jamie who was staring at him.

“Ah sorry.
You were more amazing than I thought.”

“… it is my first time hearing that I was better than what others thought.”

Everyone he met were the kind who were shocked at him.

But not Jamie.

In his eyes, Siegfried was great, but not to the level of shocking.

“Was I rude?”

“Not at all.
It felt refreshing.”

“Then I am glad.
But what are you doing?”

“It's nothing special.
Just wanted to spend time alone.”

Siegfried said with a smile.

Jamie, who heard him, said.

“… don’t tell me?”

Jamie took a step back with suspicious eyes.

At that, Siegfried narrowed his eyes and waved his hands.

“Not like that! Don’t misunderstand!”


“Even though I know that I am crazy, I have no hobby of touching children.”

Seeing that, Jamie laughed.

“I was joking.”

“… being pranked twice makes me lose my mind.”

Siegfried waved his hands as if he lost.

Probably because he was young, this elder didn’t really seem like an authoritative figure.
Jamie thought it would have been like this because of his status.

“Actually, the reason I came here isn’t just to offer a chance for you to the magic world.
Rather, there were other reasons.”

“Other reasons?”

“Best in the world.
I came here hoping to welcome the greatest genius in history…”

“So, how was your impression?”

Jamie asked with confidence and not arrogance.

Siegfried answered.

“You live up to your name.”

Siegfried’s eyes had been contemplating Jamie’s insides the moment he laid eyes on him.

‘That is ridiculous.’

He heard rumors about Jamie entering the 6th class.

He thought it was an exaggerated rumor.
Actually, he thought he might be 5th class.

In fact, he thought 5th class could be too much too.

A 7 year old in 5th class.
It was a state a lot of people couldn’t reach even after longing all their lives.

Siegfried also achieved a high level at a young age, but there was a huge difference between 15 and 7.

‘But it’s true.’

Jamie was a 6th class magician.

And it wasn’t at a state of being a beginner at 6th class, he was gearing up to rise higher.

And mana?

‘It was blinding.’

The mana which filled Jamie's entire body was dazzling enough, making him doubt if the mana in his and the child’s body was the same.

And that small body had just one core.

‘Like Marquis Linmel.’

But superior.

He knew a bit about the breathing method of Marquis Linmel.

He wasn’t aware of the concept, but he thought that it was pretty amazing.

‘He met Marquis Linmel right? Did the Marquis tell him about it?’

That was a possibility but even so, it was a superior breathing method and Jamie improved it for himself.

It was unreasonable to think that an 8 year old boy could have such a talent.

Only then did Siegfried understand the way people looked at him in the past.

Really wonderful.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

It could be embarrassing for a kid to receive the compliment, but Jamie didn’t seem like it.

“But what kind of place is the Magic world?”

“I will give the kind of answer that young lord wants to hear.”

“I want the naked truth.”

Jamie’s voice was low as he spoke.

Siegfried smiled and relayed the conversation he told the Count earlier.

“… so now there are three factions in there.”

“And the 7th elder didn’t want to join them?”

“I didn’t, and I don’t want to either.
Isn't it the best to stay free?”

Jamie partly agreed to it.

The Magic World was at a stand still.
And the stagnant places were bound to rot over time.
Maybe it had already started to rot.

The history of the Magic world is the same as the history of the Seldam Kingdom.
On the day the kingdom was formed, the Magic world was created.
A gigantic organization which has been in existence for over 500 years.

There was no way such a long running place could keep their initial focus.

Count Welton hated that.
And when Jamie’s expression darkened, Siegfried asked.



“Because the damn grown-ups won’t leave the young lord alone in the future.”

Despite being mature, Jamie was an 8 year old kid to others.
All temptations which a child couldn’t say no to would be given.

Will he be able to overcome it?

Aside from the phenomenal talent, Jamie lacked experience.

The old monsters of the Magic world were trying to recruit Jamie.

‘Unlike me, he is too young and might be unsure.’

In addition, he possessed the 9th class talent which had never appeared in humans till now.

What if the child with those qualities loses this path?

In other words, what if he joins a faction and the other two aren’t able to keep a check on him?

In the course of training a kid with great talent, it might bring a war between factions.

And if Jamie really can touch 9th class…

‘The balance in power will be disrupted.’

Siegfried thought that he wanted to see it at least once.

But his thoughts were wrong.

“Isn’t it good for me to be found?”

“… what do you mean?”

“Well, if people come to find me, they will have to pay a fair price.
If the deal is okay, I will accept it.
Isn’t that a win-win for each?”

Despite it being brief, Siegfried learned a little about Jamie.

‘This child…’

Jamie looked at the stiff face of Siegfried.

“If you need something, you take it.
I wonder if the famous people in there would let me even touch that library if given rights?”

At that Siegfried laughed.

He felt like the old people back in the magic world should start getting nervous.

Jamie Welton…

‘This kid is already a monster.’

Siegfried thought as he looked at the eyes of Jamie which shone purple.

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