The winter in Haiss was cold.

The fluttering snow covered fully harvested farmland and white snow filled the land, even the Plaza de Dalente was decorated in romantic air.

Siegfried was draped in a fur coat and watched Haiss from above.

“It is so huge.”

Since it was an estate of Eastern nobles, he knew it would be big, but this was much bigger than he thought.

And compared to the other cities, it felt much bigger.
Many tall buildings, clean streets and the faces of young people were bright.

Winter was a hungry season, but it didn’t seem like that applied here.

The estate which owned the largest agricultural land in the kingdom.

And his eyes ended in one place.
The building at the end of Belbart street.

The building near completion was the Church of Pyro.

“Isn't that where the Zenith church was?”

He was aware of the incident in Apton.

Even the magic world was keeping an eye on Zenith.
The magicians were individual thinking people, so they didn’t show interest in Apton.

However, since it was the King's orders, they had to follow it.

The church before completion looked beautiful.

“Pretty cool, right?”

Should it be called a work or an art?

While looking at that, the man caught something.

A fierce looking character, and the energy flowing was no joke.

He was curious about the person, so he kept staring at the man.


The man suddenly looked up at the sky.

Airak, who was in charge of the Pyro Church in Haiss and a Holy Executioner, frowned.

“What just happened?”

A strange gaze from the sky.

It was very faint but he felt it.

“I must be mistaken, I have been tired these days.
Am I getting too sensitive?”

Airak dismissed it and went back.

And Siegfried, who hid himself, was back.

“Phew! How did he know?”

He did sense that the man was unusual, but not to the extent of knowing he was being looked at.

Despite not knowing who the man was, it was certain that he was some high ranking person of the Pyro Church.

Actually, getting caught wasn't an issue, but to be caught while he was silently taking a peek was embarrassing.

Siegfried wasn’t very fond of such embarrassing situations.

“Should I stop messing around and do my work?”

He looked at the large mansion to the north.

The Lord of Haiss and his family would reside there.

And his target was there.

Jamie Welton.
He came to Haiss to meet that rising star of the world who was known to be the best talent in the human world.

If there was any problem, it was the strong guardian who was protecting that target.

Count Welton.

“I came here because those old people pushed me to.”

Still, at least once, he wanted to see the Sword Master, who was known to be one of the best.

‘He wouldn’t not like the magic world right?’

He heard that the Count wasn’t a fan of the battles between factions.

It was a part with which Siegfried could relate to.
Despite being a 7th class wizard, he didn’t like the faction battles.

The problem was that he would have to take Jamie Welton under him.

There was a reason why the other elders of the magic world didn’t come.

It was because they were scared of what could happen if they struck the nerve of Count Welton.

‘The Count wouldn’t just swing his sword right?’

He heard rumors that the Count wasn’t someone who harmed people recklessly.
It was told that unless one was offensive towards him, he had a docile disposition.

And it wasn’t like Siegfried was kidnapping Jamie, he was only to make a suggestion.

Well, the elders made a request and Siegfried had come over.

And the only reason he came here wasn’t because of the elders.

‘Did he enter 6th class?’

Jamie Welton was already in 6th class.

There were rumors circulating around the magic world right now.

The kid who was at age to enter the magic world as a beginner was already reaching the level of a high ranking magician.

It was such an unbelievable rumor that he thought it was an exaggeration.

And he assumed that the kid must have been in 5th level.

“I am so excited.”

Before Jamie Welton, the name ‘genius’ was always attached to Siegfried.

In fact, he had the greatest talent and was the youngest elder in the magic world.

But when Jamie came into the picture, Siegfried didn’t seem like much.

It wasn’t sure if Jamie was willing to enter the magic world, but Siegfried didn’t know what his fate would be if that happened.

“My heart is trembling with excitement.”

The space around moved and Siegfried was moving in.

“Coming to see you.”

And his form disappeared.


A strange sound.

Jamie lifted his head, feeling the vibration from the tip of the sword.
Beads of sweat rolled down his face.

He saw the space in front of him distort slightly.
The distorted space quickly turned back to normal.

And that was enough.



Count Welton was speechless seeing what his son created.

The slightly distorted space was back to normal, but it couldn’t be dismissed as an insignificant thing.

‘He’s already…’

4 months.

The time it took to teach Jamie Futility Divide’s basics.

It was a special and powerful swordsmanship which made the Welton family what it was today.
It was difficult to learn.

Among the Lords of the family, fewer than ten could master it.

Even the basics were known to be difficult.
To the extent where it was more difficult to even understand it.

‘But… he already learned the basics.’

A single sword which cuts everything.

In other words, it could cut down the space too by default.

It was very little, but it was good.
This was a sign that this child could master it.

It took the Count two years to learn the basics.
But his son only needed 4 months.

He already knew that his son was gifted with the sword.
The Sea of Hundred which he thought was perfect was developed further by his son.

Even so, he thought learning the family sword would be tough…

“This father of yours cannot help but admire you each time you grow.”

“All thanks to my father’s teaching.”


The Count smiled at his son who was praising him.

“I have nothing more to teach you.”

“Huh? I thought we were just getting started?”

“You have mastered the basics of it.
From now on, it will be a battle of enlightenment.”


“As you know, Futility Divide is different from other swordsmanship.”

Jamie nodded.

He wasn’t sure until he learned it, but as he did, Jamie realized how different it was.

A sword with no form.
Which meant there was no technique.

And the replacement for that was ‘Welton version 10’.

Version 10.
That was the essence of the current swordsmanship of the Welton family.

As the basics were learnt, the space could be cut down.
The higher the level, the bigger the shape and later even non-material things will be cut.

With Jamie’s current skills, he could only scratch it, but the more he realizes about the sword, the more ghastly the technique would become.

‘It is quite an odd swordsmanship.’

In his past life, he never came across anyone who used their swordsmanship as such.

“If there are questions you have, you can ask them at any time.”


“My kid.”

Count Welton patted Jamie’s head.

And then came a servant.

A guest has arrived.”

“Guest? I don’t remember being informed.”

“That is…”

The servant glanced at Jamie.

The Count frowned.

“Who is it?”

“The 7th elder of the Magic world has come,”

The Count’s expression took a subtle change at the word Magic world.

It has been just a few days since the new year.

And there was only one reason for a magician to visit the Welton family.

“I think they are here for me.”

Jamie turned 8 this year.

He was old enough to enter the Magic world.

And the Magic world had always been paying attention to Jamie’s growth.

There was no way Jamie or Count Welton didn’t know that.

“Must be here to make me a disciple.”

There were rumors going around that Jamie had reached the 6th class.
Most of them didn’t believe it, but the others believed that Jamie managed to break past the 5th class.

And if he was taken in as a disciple while he was under 5th class, another magician couldn’t snatch him.

“They must want me.”

“Looks like that.”

The Count replied with a smile.
But the only thing smiling was his mouth.
His eyes were cold.

Jamie didn’t know why the Count didn’t like the Magic world, but if they were here to take him away, then Jamie would have to make a choice.

Count Welton was a caring father who put his children above everything else.

‘7th elder?’

Jamie didn’t have much interest in Magic world, but 7th had to be an exception.

‘Wasn’t the 7th elder said to be a genius?’

Space magic.

Name had to be Siegfried.

‘I want to see him.’

He wanted to ask Count Welton if he could, but Jamie could see his father’s expression.

‘I think he is quite angry?’

He couldn’t understand the reason, but he knew that even the greatest magician wouldn’t be able to handle the Count.

“You can leave.
I will wait for you.”

“I thought you were going to ask to come with me.”

“Well, you will say no anyway.”

“Has your insight grown?”

The Count stroked Jamie’s head.

“Rest in your room.”

“I’ll be swinging my sword more.”

“Such an attitude is a good thing.”

The Count then left with the servant.

Jamie looked at his back and shrugged his shoulders as he went back to swinging his sword.

Siegfried was looking at the room.

No matter what anyone says, the mansion of a great noble is different.

As was the case with vast estates, the huge mansion was well maintained.
Above all, there were artifacts disguised as ornaments scattered everywhere.

And it was the artifacts which would bombard any intruder ruthlessly.

And diverse kinds too.

“Nobles are truly different.”

Of course, these artifacts weren’t comparable to those in the Magic world.

Still, after seeing the room, Seigfried felt comfortable in this place, and looked at the teacup which was closer to an art piece than a utensil.

And he wasn’t going to be able to deal with the person he meets from now on comfortably.

Just then, the door opened.

Siegfried put down the teacup he was holding.


The man who came in with his attendant looked at him with cold eyes.

At that cold gaze, Siegfried could feel a chill run down his spine.

The Sword Master Count Welton, the most skilled person in the Kingdom.

The Count opened his mouth.

“Nice to meet you.
I am Count Welton.”

“I am Siegfried, the 7th elder who came out as a representative of the Magic world.”

“I am familiar with the reputation you have.
And so…”

The Count who took his place, spoke in a low voice.

“Tell me your purpose for coming to the Welton's home without informing us beforehand.”

Siegfried, who was sitting there, thought he was trapped in front of a lion.

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