So he just held her hand and watched her cry.

How much time had passed?

A little genuinely Rebecca asked.

“A letter, can I write for you?”


“… I’ll write sometimes.
Reply to me.”

“I will.”

“Promise me.”

Rebecca held out her pinky finger.
It was quite childish, but in reality she was a child.

So the two interlocked their pinky fingers.
Only allowed to write letters.


As if feeling good, the girl began to laugh.

Despite being covered in tears she laughed making her look not so cute.

In a playful voice Jamie said.

“They say when you cry you get horns on your butt.”


Rebecca was truly a naïve child.

Another day passed.
The formal banquet was over.

The nobles who attended headed back to their estates.

The Viscount Balle family was the last.

“See you next time, brother.”

“Go back safely.”

“I will.
You should stay safe too.”

“Let’s meet next time!”

“Take a rest!”

Rebecca and Ash bowed their heads to the Count.

The Viscount smiled a little and greeted Jamie and Sarah who were standing next to the Count.

“I expect you to be cooler the next time we meet.
And I hope Sarah turns prettier.”

“Please go back safely.”


Jamie and Sarah greeted each other like kids.

The Viscount pushed his two kids ahead telling them to greet the kids.

“We should too?”

“See you later!”

As Ash waved her hand Jamie nodded.

Next time.”


Sarah waved her hand.
Well, Ash and Sarah played for sometime so it seemed like they got close.

Next was Rebecca.
Although she recovered she still looked weak.
Yet, she smiled at Jamie.

“Someday, let’s meet each other.
Young lord.”

She emphasized on the word ‘someday’, it seemed like the words from that night were still in her heart.

Smiling awkwardly Jamie said.

“L-lets meet next time.”


As she wasn’t very close with Rebecca, Sarah meekly wished her a safe journey.

The Viscount family got in the carriage and went away.

At that moment, Ash poked her head out the window and said.

“Next time I see you, I will be bigger than now! Look forward to it!”

Look forward to what?

Jamie frowned and Rebecca was following her sister.

Even though it wasn’t herself, she still shouted.

“I-I will write a letter!”

Jamie scratched his cheek with a smile.

“My son looks really popular?”

I know.
When did he make the two daughters of Viscount Balle turn like that?”

“I-it isn’t that.”

Jamie denied it at his parents' words.

‘I was as usual.’

It was a sin to be born like this.


When the Viscount carriage was no longer visible, Count Welton spoke to his son.

“It has been a long day, but now I can finally focus on you.”

“Yes, father.”

The swordsmanship training should have started yesterday, but due to the banquet it was delayed by a day.

“You need to be prepared.
It will be different from Hamilton’s classes.”

“I look forward to it.”

“This mother believes her son will do well.”

“Brother, fighting!”

The day was going down and time passed.

A new year and Jamie is 8 years old.

This bread is so crumbly.
I think it would be nice to have some milk with it.”

A man in worn out shabby clothes chewed on dry bread.

The man seemed rather neat.

Shiny, bright blonde hair which was tied together at the back, robe which seemed stained with dirt.

And the white clean skin would make one think that it was a noble.

Those blue colored eyes.
The sharp nose.
A man who didn’t go well with the shabby clothes.

“You, what are you…!”

Standing in front of him, a man with a shaggy beard pointed his hand.
And the blade trembled violently.

This man was the head of an infamous bandit group in the area, and was a knight who had Expert level skills.

Yet, in front of this neat looking blonde man, he felt scared.

Grumbling, the man spoke to the bandit.

“What? You are the one who argues and gets annoyed with it.”

“T-that isn’t what I am saying! You! To my men!”

The bandit leader looked around and yelled.

Bandits over 200 in number had turned into cold corpses.

What was more frightening was no one was hurt.

“You are one funny man.”

The man threw his bread on the floor.

He was hungry and wanted to eat it, but couldn’t.
The mouth was getting dry because of the bread.

He got up from his chair which made the bandit leader gulp.

“You will have to pay the price for killing my men!”

He wasn’t sure what the opponent was, but the bandit leader was someone who was proud of his skills.

He was confident that he would not be defeated.

Since ancient times, the magician's enemy was none other than a warrior dealing with Aura!

The man raised his brow and said.

“People normally regret their choices.”

The air around them changed.

Not a metaphorical expression.

The density had increased.

The man, Siegfried, lifted his finger.

[Space Magic: Soul Break]

That was the last.

Siegfried smiled.

“I wasted my time with these bastards.”

The day is cold.

It was mid-winter.
Soon snow would fall.

“I wish I could get to Haiss before that.”

The 7th elder of the Magic World of Seldam Kingdom.

Siegfried of Space.

His figure flashed and disappeared at the same time.

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