subtract anything.
He tried many things, and learnt that the Sea of Hundreds was complete in itself.

But Jamie did.
By maximizing the advantage of it, he changed it to an aggressive style.

‘Because he is a magician.’

The mana used for warriors and magicians was the same.
But the way they were used was different.

Jamie succeeded in merging completely different theories into one.

Was it possible because he was a child loved by magic?


The Count looked at his son, who seemed a bit sad.

Only one thing was certain.

‘He is a child loved by all’

Not just magic, but even martial arts loved him.

The Welton family was always loved by martial arts.

Hamilton walked over to the Count who was speechless.


The Count didn’t answer.

But Hamilton continued.

“As of now, it is clear.
No, I was sure of it before, but I wanted to check it out one more time because of my greed.
And I was able to see it.”

The Count’s gaze turned to Hamilton.

“Teach the young master the Futility Divide Sword.”

Futility Divide.

The swordsmanship of the Welton family.

A great swordsmanship which only those who inherited the blood of Welton could learn.

In proportion to its greatness, it couldn’t be challenged if the foundations weren't established properly.

So, the Count asked Hamilton, and now Hamilton was saying he could no longer teach the child.

“Jamie, did you know it?”


“Sea of Hundred, the gait method which was made by my father, Cherbyl Welton, the former Lord.”

“The instructor told me.”

“Then do you know this?”


“Sea of Hundred is a gait which only two or three of ten knights can learn?”

The reason why all the knights of Welton could learn it was simple.
Those who couldn’t were sent away.

The Sea of Hundred was a test which defined their qualification as knights.
Which was why the knights of Welton were strong.

‘The words changed?’

Jamie looked at Hamilton with wide eyes.

Hamilton said that all the knights appointed by the Welton family had to learn this.
He didn’t say that it was so difficult that only two or three of ten could learn.

‘It isn’t easy to learn the steps which senior knights are taught.’

No wonder.

No matter how much he wanted to learn, Jamie thought the difficulty of this was unreasonable.

If it hadn’t been for Endairon's advice, Jamie would have needed more time to figure it out.

If someone else could overhear Jamie’s thoughts, they would be shocked.
Still, he was confident that he could learn it in a few days.

Some people say that it takes an entire life to learn them, but it wouldn't be enough.

The Count looked at the training hall.

The sight was made by his son.
A hall made by paying a high price and carefully selecting the top-notch people.

Worth a lot of money and never messed up.

It was hard to believe that his son destroyed it.

‘Two great talents.’

The Count thought.

Is it a coincidence that a child with such great talent was born?

The world was moving in an unsettling direction.

Some nations even started to prepare for war.
The Zenith church had closed their doors and mouths, and the only option was war.

In a few years, war will come.

A world war, and countless lives would be lost.

So, was this a coincidence?

Was it really a coincidence that such a gifted child was born in Welton?

He doesn't know.
The Count was no prophet.
And there was no such prophecy either.

But before all that, this had to be a moment to rejoice.

Blessings on his son.
And the child had to be congratulated.



The Count called Jamie and he answered.

The two looked at each other without a word.

It was the Count who opened his mouth.
He smiled and touched his son’s head.

“You did good.”

For the first time, his son, who would have a shaky expression when his hair was stroked.

“Thank you!”

Smiled brightly.

“From tomorrow father will teach you.’


Before that, say thanks to Hamilton.
It has been a few days, but he still taught you.”

“It is fine.”

At Count’s instructions, Jamie approached Hamilton.

Hamilton looked at the young master and smiled.
And soon took the posture of the instructor.



“This instructor’s training will be completed as of today!”


Everyone’s attention focused on them as they shouted.

The Count watched it with delighted eyes.

“The trainee performed the instructor’s training diligently and perfectly.”


“So the trainee is eligible.”

“Yes… eligible?”

“The trainee is still a trainee to the instructor! Why did you speak?!”


Jamie exclaimed vigorously.

Hamilton smiled and took off his red hat and glasses and put them on Jamie.

“This is a gift from the instructor to the trainee who successfully completed the training.”

“Thank you.”

“Even the instructor isn’t familiar with the sword of Futility Divide, but it will definitely be a more difficult course than this.”

“There will be no problem!”

“Good posture!”


“I hope you grow into a good knight in the future!”

“I learned a lot from you!”

“I learned a lot too, young master.”

Hamilton, who always had a stiff expression, smiled softly at Jamie.

“Please be well in the future, Sir Leonardo.”

And they held each other’s hands and waved.

Short but intense three days.

These three days were very special to Jamie, who had many experiences since his previous life.
He would keep this memory engraved in his heart for the rest of his lie.

Hamilton smiled and announced the end of training.


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