The second auction would start promptly at 3 pm.

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    In previous years, the auction items in the second auction were never better than the first auction, so in order to maintain the sense of mystery and enhance the interest, the second auction will not announce the list of auction items in advance.
Therefore, there is no shortage of customers who bid when they saw a good auction item at first but ran out of money and found that there were more wanted items behind.
Similar scenes appear every year.

    This also revealed an important message: very few truly rich people participated in the second auction, but today is different.
The bidders on the circular stair seat are looking at the several suspended boxes and were whispering, guessing why the big figures in those boxes have not left.
Could it be something good had happened in this auction?

    The nine-tailed fox cub in the first game was already amazing, and now, there was something good in the second auction?

    For a bit, the crowd was faintly boiling.
The host is the same as the previous one, full of brilliance and witty words, and a few words will stir up the atmosphere of the scene.

    After several rounds of bidding, only the finale was left.

    The host's voice was breathless on the loudspeaker, but he was more excited than before.
“The last auction item, you must have been looking forward to it for a long time.”

    “Then I'll stop talking nonsense, the engine and drive of the Silver Falcon will start with 100,000 star coins.”

    The words fall, like water pouring into an oil pan, sparks splashing everywhere.

    Someone in the suspended box has already quoted the price, “150,000.”

    “200,000,” in another box, someone immediately added.


    Originally, they were lucky and didn't bid for anything.
Those who wanted to compete with all the star coins they had, could only die when they saw it.

    “It's 250,000 in a blink of an eye.” Xiong Fangfang muttered to himself, feeling like a dream.
    When he accompanied Ruan Shiqing to the appraisal office, he only thought that the engine should be sold for a lot of money.
How could he have thought that it would be the current situation? In the blink of an eye, the price soared to 250,000.

    He looked at Ruan Shiqing from the side but saw that he was holding the cub in his arms, sitting firmly on the seat, and there was nothing unusual about his face.
No one could see that he was actually the seller of “Silver Falcon” items.

    Xiong Fangfang took a deep breath, for fear that he would misstep and cause trouble for Ruan Shiqing.

    Auction prices were still climbing, but not as steeply as they started.
Many ordinary people who did not have enough star coins have withdrawn from the auction, leaving only a few big people in the boxes, clenching the price and bidding.

    “Three hundred and fifty thousand!”

    “Three hundred and sixty thousand!”

    “Three hundred and seventy thousand!”

    “Four hundred and fifty thousand!”

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    The numbers on the big screen changed in turn, and finally stopped at 450,000 stars.

    After a ten-second countdown—

    “450,000, deal!” The host's voice has a fierce vibrato, and today will be the pinnacle of his career.

    Xiong Fangfang also let out a sigh of relief, trying his best to grasp the armrest of the seat, and then suppressed the excitement of jumping up and cheering.

    Ruan Shiqing also lowered his head and pinched the cub's ears, and said in a low voice that others could not hear, “We are rich.”

    Rong Heng raised his eyes and patted his hand perfunctorily.

    He had bought the “Silver Falcon” back then and spent a full 3.6 million star coins.
This is still the discount price for the imperial prince.
If the engine and drive were sold separately, they would be worth at least one million.
Now it's sold for 450,000, this fool is still happy.

    Ruan Shiqing didn't know how much the “Silver Falcon” was originally worth.
Anyway, it was all for nothing, the 450,000 star coins greatly exceeded his expectations.
Happy bubbles popped out from the bottom of his heart, and he couldn't let others see it, so he could only secretly share it with the little brat.

    The feeling of money falling from the sky, so f***ing happy.

    The auction ended successfully.
The classical music in the venue was replaced by a lyrical ditty.
Everyone got up and left the venue one after another with an excited aftertaste.

    Ruan Shiqing knew the truth of not revealing wealth, so he mixed in the crowd silently, ready to leave first, and then find an opportunity to return to get his own payment.

    Xiong Fangfang was by his side, and his steps were as steady.

    Only Xiong Yuanyuan was puzzled, “This is the end?” What about what we brought?

    “Don't ask.” He glanced at his brother in dismay, Xiong Fangfang hated that iron for not becoming steel.
“You will find out later.”

    “Oh.” Xiong Yuanyuan closed his mouth with a slump.

    The three of them were about to go out with the flow of people, but the music in the venue stopped abruptly, followed by the sound of several gunshots.
A group of soldiers with live ammunition trotted over, blocking the passage, the muzzle of the guns towards the crowd.
“Everyone sit back.”

    The black muzzle pointed at them, and those who did not have a chance to leave had to return to the venue.
Immediately afterward, he saw a group of people who left in the front return inside.

    “Everyone, take off your cloaks and masks.” The leading officer gave the order again.
“Queue up for inspection.”

    “What happened?” Ruan Shiqing put the cub in his jacket to protect it and asked the person next to him.
    “It seems that an auction item is lost.” The man said with a sullen look and reluctantly took off his cloak.

    Lost auction item? Ruan Shiqing's heart moved, and it must be worth a lot of money to come up with such a big auction.
Could it be the little fox?

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    At this time, everyone has removed their disguise and lined up for inspection.
Ruan Shiqing carried the cub and walked out slowly with the crowd.

    The soldier in charge of the inspection saw a bulge in his coat, as if there was a living thing hidden, his eyes suddenly brightened, he aimed his gun at him, raised his chin, and asked with a little joy, “what's hidden in the clothes?”

    Ruan Shiqing opened the zipper and raised his hands.
“It's my puppy.”

    The other party leaned over to look, and when he saw that it was a puppy, his face collapsed a little.
He became more impatient and pointed to the passage.
“Hurry up.”

    After the three of them went out smoothly, Ruan Shiqing said firmly, “The nine-tailed fox cub is lost.”

    The brothers are puzzled and don't know where he got the news.
Rong Heng couldn't help but glance at him and tutted secretly.
Not stupid.

    When the soldier saw the cub in his coat, his expression changed from secret joy to disappointment to anger.
Although the mood change was subtle, Ruan Shiqing noticed it.
The contact lost a valuable auction item, it’s the nine-tailed fox cub that is lost.

    He doesn't know if it was stolen or if it ran away.
He hoped it was the latter.

    “Let’s go before the people inside come out.
Let’s get the money first.” The heaviness that had been haunting his heart dissipated, and Ruan Shiqing’s footsteps became brisk.

    The three put on cloaks and masks, turned back through another passage, and went to get their own auction money.

    The transaction price of the engine and drive totaled 450,000.
The auctioneer took 1/10 as a commission, and the remaining 405,000 star coins were stored in an anonymous crystal card, which was handed over to Ruan Shiqing by the auction manager.
    “Sir, you can actually provide an account, and we will directly deposit to the account so you can avoid coming in person.”

    “No, this is safer.” Ruan Shiqing politely rejected the other party’s inquiry, took the crystal card and left immediately.

    The manager originally wanted to find the identity of the other party, but he did not expect him to be so cautious that he didn’t even want to reveal his bank account.
In addition, the lost auction item has not been recovered, and he has no energy to entangle more, so he could only let people go,

    Leaving the auction, he found an unoccupied corner to take off the disguise, Ruan Shiqing blended into the crowd.
The auction had just ended, and many people were taking a walk around the market and discussing the things that had happened in the venue.
The three of them were inconspicuous.

    Ruan Shiqing asked the brothers in a low voice while paying attention to the goods on the booth, “Where can I buy a smart brain here?”

    He knew from the book that mobile phones and computers in this world have been replaced by smart brains, which are bound to personal ID cards, integrating entertainment, learning, life, and work.
The intellectual brain is a great way to gain insight into the world.

    A smart brain is equivalent to a mobile phone + computer + holographic helmet + storage space.
In short, it is very powerful; Of course, the price is not cheap.

    If only a few days ago, he would not have dared to think about it, but now it's different.
He picked up some money!

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    “Smart brains must be bound to an ID card so only stores in the inner city have it,” Xiong Yuanyuan said, “If you want to go to the inner city to buy, you must, first, go to reissue the ID card.”

    “Can the ID card be reissued?” Ruan Shiqing was surprised.
“Why haven't I heard from you before?” He thought it would take a lot of twists and turns.

    “You have to pay a fine and a handling fee for the replacement of the ID card, which adds up to 10,000 stars.” Xiong Yuanyuan couldn't help laughing.
“It's useless to say it before, we can't afford to pay that much.”

    After leaving the venue, he realized in a trance that the engine they brought over was the final auction item.
From the auction venue to the market, he has been smiling all the way.

    Ruan Shiqing smiled when he was infected: “We can afford it now.”

    The brothers took Ruan Shiqing to the ID card office.
Ruan Shiqing took a few steps inside and found that the two did not follow up.
“Why aren’t you two following?”

    “We don't need an ID card, we'll just wait for you outside,” Xiong Fangfang said.

    Ruan Shiqing understood and smiled slightly, “You come in too, just accompany me.” Listening to what he said, the brothers followed him in, standing on either side of Ruan Shiqing.

    When the staff at the office saw the people coming in, he didn't even bother to lift his eyelids.
“Re-issue an ID card, 10,000 coins per person.”

    The three of them looked poor and dressed in rags, and they didn't seem to be able to afford the money.
How many people in the entire outer city can afford it?

    The staff felt a sense of superiority in his heart.
These mice living in the garbage heap didn't even have ID cards.
Even if they die, the police will not care.

    “We have three people to handle.” The other party's attitude was not good, Ruan Shiqing also put away his smile.
“Swipe the card.” After speaking, he took out the crystal card and pushed it over.

    The staff glanced at the crystal card and was reluctant to start the registration process.

    After photographs, voiceprints, fingerprints, iris scans, and a series of other procedures, the staff swiped the card on the terminal and handed the three ID cards of admission information to Ruan Shiqing.

    His attitude softened a lot, but he still carried a high-level superiority.
“Okay, this is the proof of ID card collection, you can leave after signing.”

    Xiong Fangfang and Xiong Yuanyuan took over the electronic display screen and were about to sign in a daze, but were stopped by Ruan Shiqing.

    He flipped through the documents handed over by the other party, and when he saw that a satisfactory service evaluation was selected by default on the second page, he turned the display screen to face the staff and asked with a smile.
“Shouldn’t how much the service evaluation satisfaction be up to us to choose?”

    He didn't expect him to be literate, the staff twitched, and the perfunctory smile became reluctant.
“Of course, sir.”

    The rats in the garbage dumps in the outer city are basically uneducated, and naturally, few are literate.
Even if they earn some star coins by selling metal garbage, they can only lower their head here.

    This is the first one who dared to confront him.

    The staff's eyes were burning with anger, and he gritted his teeth and warned in a low voice, “But I advise you not to do this.”

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    The more he cared, the more Ruan Shiqing was sure of the importance of this evaluation.
Turning the pen on his fingertips, he tapped the table.
“I guess here, no one will know no matter how bad your attitude is, but if we submit an unsatisfactory service review, the people above will definitely know.
Maybe it also will affect some assessments, right?”

    Although it is a different world, he feels that some rules should be the same.
The other party's face became stiff.
he wanted to get angry but held it in for fear of offending him even more.

    Ruan Shiqing changed the default evaluation to dissatisfaction and filled in the improvement suggestions carefully before signing and submitting.

    Xiong Fangfang and Xiong Yuanyuan followed his example, changed the options, signed, and submitted.

    “Thank you.” Ruan Shiqing pushed the display back, waved his hand, and turned to leave.
The staff stared at their backs angrily.

    Xiong Yuanyuan looked back and said with a smile, “He stared and bulged like a purple frog.”

    Xiong Fangfang thought more, “If you offend him, will there be trouble in the future?”

    “If he had that ability, he wouldn't have been sent here to work.”

    From the perspective of the degree of discrimination in the inner city and the outer city, the ID card office that is close to the outer city and often needs to deal with people from the outer city is obviously not a good unit.

    So when the other party gets angry, he can only hold it back.

    Xiong Fangfang was relieved after hearing the words, and hesitantly said, “The money for the ID cards…”

    Before he could finish speaking, Ruan Shiqing interrupted him.
He didn't need to finish listening, he also knew what the two of them wanted to say.
“This is one of your rewards, I'll transfer 20,000 Star Coins to you later when I buy the smart brain.
This is the reward you deserve, no need to repay me.”

    These days, the two brothers have helped him a lot.
If it wasn't for them, the engine would not have sold so smoothly.

    Although the brothers were a little embarrassed, they were not ungrateful people, and finally chose to accept the reward calmly, “Then if you have anything in the future, just call us.”

    “Don't worry, I won't be polite to you.”

    The three chatted, laughed, and followed the road signs to the mall.

    The inner city is much more prosperous than the outer city. The streets are lined with houses.
Advertising videos are played in turn on the huge display screen.
From time to time, uniquely shaped airships or shuttles pass by, and the wind blows through the roadside vegetation.
The outer city is full of rubbish, dirty and crowded, as if in two worlds.


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