The cabin of the aircraft was semi-circular and white inside and out.
Except for a few damaged parts and serious scratches on the outer paint, the overall preservation was fairly good. The two brothers worked together to buckle the cabin upside down on the ground, and it became the simplest tent.

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    Ruan Shiqing walked around the new home and was quite satisfied.
Although it is a bit crude, from now on, at least there is a place to stay.


    “Let's do it for now,” Ruan Shiqing handed the two hundred star coins to the two brothers and said earnestly, “If you find something useful in the future, you can bring it to me first, I will take it even if others don’t accept it.”


    “Then, we're thankful.” Xiong Fangfang scratched his head, took the star coins and put them away in embarrassment, and said, “When we found it for you, we also found another aircraft cabin, by the way.
Is it okay to put an aircraft cabin next to you? If you need any help in the future, feel free to come to us.” After a pause, he realized that it seemed as if he was relying on Ruan Shiqing, and then waved his hand. “You don't need to give money for help, we are friends.” 


    Ruan Shiqing laughed, and after answering loudly, he waved to the two of them before turning around and entering the cabin. 


    The space inside the cabin is about 10 square meters, which is not really big.
Ruan Shiqing examined it and planned to add a bed, table, and two chairs.
If possible, he could also add a shelf to put miscellaneous things later. 


    Naturally, there’s no money to buy these things, so he can only find materials and make them himself.


    Looking out of the window at the huge garbage dump, Ruan Shiqing had a plan in his heart, so he was not in a hurry.
He sat down on the spot, put the cub on his lap, took out two tubes of nutritional supplements, and shared one with the cub.


    The taste of the nutritional supplements is not good, but the feeling of fullness is strong.
Ruan Shiqing finished eating quickly and saw that the little cub was holding the nutritional supplements but did not move.
There were two slight bite marks on the lid of the tube.


    Ruan Shiqing: Pfft.


    “Sorry, I forgot to open it for you.” He held back a smile and took the nutritional supplement, twisted it open, and fed it to his mouth.


    Rong Heng:… Don't think I didn't know you just laughed.


    He bit the nutrient bottle unpleasantly, raised it up, and ate it in one go.


    The bad taste of nutritional supplements is not unfamiliar to him.
When stationed in the front line area, he has been taking nutritional supplements for convenience, so he is very adaptable at this time.


    Seeing that he had finished eating obediently, Ruan Shiqing sighed with emotion that it was really good to feed, and reached out to wipe the residue on his mouth for him.


    Rong Heng subconsciously stretched out the tip of his tongue, but it happened to lick the pad of his finger.
The warm dampness was fleeting, leaving both of them stunned at the same time.

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    Ruan Shiqing didn't care much and rubbed his little head with a smile.
“Good, I'll give you medicine next.”


     Instead, Rong Heng’s body was stiff, his claws were straight, and he let himself turn over.
At first glance, the tips of his ears, covered with fluff, went quietly warm. He’s grown so big, but he hasn’t licked anyone yet.


    For Youmir, who is arrogant by nature, the part of his body that belongs to the beast is shameful.
Only in front of the people closest and dearest will they show it unscrupulously.
For something as intimate as licking fur, only people who have a very close relationship will do it. 


    Let the people you value contaminate your own breath is an expression of love, and it is also protection that defines a range.


    Rong Heng snorted coldly as he lifted his eyelids and glanced at the boy who lowered his head to give him medicine. It's cheaper for you.


    Ruan Shiqing didn't feel that he was taking advantage of him, and was now concentrating on giving medicine to the little brat.
The abdominal wound is too large and has not been completely scabbed over yet.
Although it has been cleaned once before, there will still be a little bleeding.
He can only endure the distress and clean the wound again, then carefully spread the medicine evenly, and then re-bandage it.
When it was finally completed, he let out a long sigh of relief.

(T/N – calling ‘little brat’ affectionately)


    Holding the little brat’s head with one hand, and tapping his fingertips on his abdomen, Ruan Shiqing asked softly, “Does it still hurt?” The question is asked, but the little pup couldn't speak, and he can't tell him it hurts.


    He could only blow gently on his wound in distress and coaxed in a warm voice, “The vendor who sells medicine said that this medicine is very effective for trauma, and it will definitely be healed in a few days.
It won’t hurt in a few days.”


    Fool, that person lied to you.


    Rong Heng's ears twitched slightly, he turned over suddenly and hid his soft and fragile abdomen.


    And I'm not in pain.


    As the crown prince of the empire, stationed on the front line, fighting for the glory of the empire, and fighting for the people of the empire is an unavoidable responsibility.
He will never cry out in pain.


     The little pup turned over, resting his head on his paws, and dozed off on Ruan Shiqing’s legs.
Ruan Shiqing gently petted his fur until he heard soft purring sounds, then picked him up and placed him in a small nest made of the jacket by his side. 


     He himself rested on his arms and looked at the sky from the skylight above his head, thinking about the next plan.


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    With the little robot, language communication is no longer a problem.
The next most urgent thing is to find a place to sell the engine and the drive as soon as possible.
After he has money, he can change to a better place to live, and then find a doctor to take a look at the puppy’s injury…


    He was thinking about it when there was a sudden commotion outside. Ruan Shiqing went to the door vigilantly and looked around.


    In the small nest, Rong Heng, who was sleeping soundly, raised his head at the same time, looking alert, after hearing what was being said outside, he lay back lazily, looking sleepy.


    Ruan Shiqing came over to pick him up at this time, put on his coat, and put him back into his clothes.
There seems to be a lot of trouble outside, he has to check it out.
He went out with the little robot and ran into the Xiong brothers.


    “It seems that Hornick and Marin got into a fight, and now everyone in the North District is clamoring to help the boss.” Xiong Yuanyuan said, still feeling incredible, 

“Why did the fight suddenly start? “


    Ruan Shiqing said, with a calm face, “Let's go over and take a look.”


    Most of the people had already hurried to the battlefield with their allies.
The three of them followed behind, and one of them found a stick and held it in his hand, so as to blend in.


    The group excitedly arrived at the place, only to find that they couldn't get involved at all.


     Hornick and Marin have already started fighting, first in human form, and then they both transformed into animal forms and started a more fierce fight.


    The giant eagle of Arda swooped down from the air, but the black mamba was not afraid at all.
The snake flicked its body and showed its sharp fangs towards the hunter of the air. 


    Ruan Shiqing stood at the end of the crowd, but he could still clearly feel the shocking power. If he had only a vague concept of the power of Hornick and others in Xiong Yuanyuan's description before, now, facing the battlefield of brutal killing, he finally deepened his understanding of this concept.


    The gap between him and Hornick now is like the primitive era, when humans faced prehistoric beasts with their bare hands.


    Under such pressure, Ruan Shiqing's body instinctively tensed, his eyes stared at the battlefield.
However, his mind was spinning rapidly, how to use the existing things to create a weapon capable of resisting Hornick as soon as possible.


    You can't beat a prehistoric beast with your bare hands, but what if you add heat weapons? As an excellent researcher of the institute and a top ten outstanding engineer, the thermal weapon blueprints stored in his mind are enough to arm a powerful army.


    When he was distracted, the fight between Hornick and Marin had already been decided.


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    One of Marin's wings was injected with snake venom and he couldn't move, but half of Hornick’s body was abruptly torn off, and his internal organs were scattered on the ground.
Obviously, he lost.


    “I said, I'll kill you sooner or later.” Marlin approached, wiping his hand into Hornick's chest wound, and put it into his mouth to lick the blood. Behind him, the residents of the North District raised their arms and cheered, booing towards the opposite side.


    Seeing that Hornick was defeated and died in the South District, they could only carry his body away in a sullen manner.


    Seeing this, Ruan Shiqing breathed a sigh of relief but did not feel relaxed. Here, the vast majority of black households were without identity cards.
The mix of people is complex, and everyone speaks only on the basis of strength; chaos and fighting are the norms. If he can't make himself stronger as soon as possible, he will face an endless stream of Zhang Nick, Zhao Nick…

(T/N – similar to ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’)


    Rong Heng had no interest in battles outside, such a fight was a small scene for him. 


     Still, Ruan Shiqing’s faster heartbeat and tense body made him have to poke his head out to look. ?? Nothing scary.


    He looked up at the thin young man suspiciously and found that his lips were slightly white. Weren’t you very courageous before, now this frightened?


    Rong Heng snorted and was about to withdraw his head and continue to sleep.
But before he went back, he acted impetuously and rubbed Ruan Shiqing's shirt lightly.
The boy's thin chest was stained with the unique smell of Youmir. After realizing what he had done, he hurriedly lay back and buried his head under his belly.


    After a while, he couldn't help showing one eye to observe. It’s will not be scary, will it? Sigh, coward.


    Ruan Shiqing accepted the little brat’s silent comfort, and couldn't help pinching his shaking ears with joy. Fortunately, in this strange world, there is such a soft little thing to accompany me.


    On the way back, Ruan Shiqing told the Xiong brothers about the engine and asked them to help inquire about reliable sellers.


    After Ruan Shiqing went back, he began to retreat and learn Interstellar Common Language with the little robot.
He is very talented in language and has a good memory.
In addition, common language and English have something in common.
After practicing with the little robot for three days and three nights, he can have smooth daily conversations.



    At this time, the Xiong brothers also brought back good news—two days later, there will be a free auction in the underground market.


    The auction is anonymous.
When participating, everyone must wear masks and cloaks to hide their identities to the greatest extent possible.
Whether it is a seller or a buyer, you only need to pay a small amount of star coins to get a black box of a unified standard.
In this way, the auction items are placed in the black box, and no one will know what you have photographed, which can guarantee the greatest extent of security to the participants.


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    The reason why it is called a free auction is that in addition to the fixed auction items, the participants, as long as they pay a fee, can let the auction house auction the items they brought on their behalf.


    This auction, for Ruan Shiqing, is tantamount to a timely rainfall.


    He even agreed with the two brothers to meet the day after tomorrow – before the auction, they will go to pick up the hidden engine and drive.


    After the agreement, Ruan Shiqing suddenly felt much more relaxed and asked the two of them where to buy books.


    Xiong Fangfang was taken aback.
“What books?”


    Ruan Shiqing hesitated, “It's about…physics, chemistry?”


    Seeing that the expressions of the two of them became more and more dazed, he could only say, “I want to know the current level of science and technology, just…
related books are fine.”


    Brother Xiong: Huh?


    “Who would buy this kind of book?” Xiong Yuanyuan scratched his ears, bewildered.
“No one will read this kind of book in the B3024 star, and I have never seen one for sale.”


    After all, even repairing aircraft is based on word of mouth.


    On the other hand, Xiong Fangfang said, “There should be a school in the inner city.” He spread his hands.
“But we can't get in either.”


     Ruan Shiqing was a little disappointed when he heard the words, but he didn't take them too seriously.
If you can't buy books, you can only rely on yourself to do more research and ask people.
There are so many repair shops around here, and you can learn something even if you sit outside and watch it for a day.


    So he changed the topic and chatted with the brothers about other things.
In the clothes, Rong Heng moved his ears. Want a book? Scoff, he actually left him alone and asked two idiots. 



The author has something to say: 

    Rong Zai: Young people, the road is narrow.

    Rong Zai: Why don't you come and beg me. 

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