at didn't count is that the injury was more serious than he expected.
The survival instinct made him return to the puppy stage when he was in a coma.
    Rong Heng raised his head, glanced up at the young man from the neckline, and changed his mind when he saw the other's gentle expression.

    When it comes, let it go.

    The unknown whereabouts of the emperor of the empire who was attacked before the succession ceremony, so those people of Sikkim will definitely be in constant movement.

    Thinking of the fighter fleet that was ambushing in advance in the Baghdad region, Rong Heng's eyes flashed with strong anger and quickly subsided.
He lowered his head and carefully sorted out the messed-up fur before lying down again.

    The puppy was tucked in the coat and struggled a few times in a panic, didn't feel any danger, and fell down obediently and didn't move.

    Ruan Shiqing observed secretly and was hit with cuteness so strong his liver trembled.
My dog ​​is so cute!!

    He couldn't help pulling the zipper of his jacket down a little, and reached out to pet the puppy.
Although he knew that the dog couldn't understand, he still explained, “Don't be afraid Snowball, Dad is bringing you to go buy delicious food, you should be hungry too, right?”

    Rong Heng: ??? Who are you calling Snowball? Who the heck is your son?

    It was unbearable.
He gritted his teeth and let out a displeased growl at Ruan Shiqing.

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    If this is a low growl from Youmir in adulthood, it will definitely scare Ruan Shiqing into calling daddy.

    But now, the growl was from a wounded Youmir cub.
The low roar from the cub's throat, soft and weak, reached Ruan Shiqing's ears, and it was the milky “Ouch~”.

    Ruan Shiqing: !!

    The dog is coquettish with daddy! QWQ

    Rong Heng: …


    Ruan Shiqing left the temporary residence with the dog and the parts of the aircraft disassembled yesterday.

    In the two or three days he just passed through, he had no sense of reality in the world, as if he had fallen into a hazy dream, and the surrounding environment and people were also watching.
When I came out this time, I was in the mood to marvel at the difference in this different world.

    The first thing that catches your eye is the unbounded garbage dump, and then you look up, you will know where so much garbage comes from – countless transport spaceships hovering Above the junkyard, the bottom hatches opened and a steady stream of waste was dumped.

    Just a few seconds after Ruan Shiqing raised his head, several transport ships left after dumping the garbage, while other transport ships filled the vacancies.

    The sky was grey, and the noise of transport ships and dumping of garbage filled my ears all the time.

    In such a harsh environment, the population is not small.
In this huge garbage dump with no end in sight, many people are scrambling to find the newly dumped garbage – these transport ships are not dumping ordinary household garbage, most of them are all kinds of metal garbage, which are too large to be damaged.
Serious vehicle shells, all kinds of scrap metal products that are too small to see the original appearance, everything.

    Looking at the huge tower and the slowly turning windmill in the distance, Ruan Shiqing guessed that there should be an energy conversion plant behind this huge garbage dump to specially process these metal garbage into usable energy.
Otherwise, such a dumping method will not take long to fill the entire planet.

    He stopped for a moment and moved on.

    Two sturdy men with black bear ears passed Ruan Shiqing.
The two of them also happened to turn around, and after meeting his gaze, one of them turned his hands into bear paws, clenched his fists, and waved at him, his face full of ferocity.

    Ruan Shiqing turned his head expressionlessly, but reached into his coat and pinched the furry ears of his puppy.

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    Rong Heng: ????? There is no end to it.

    After coming out of this world, the worldview has been collapsing.
Ruan Shiqing is not surprised.
With a puppy in his arms, he walks around without panic.
In fact, he is thinking about the language barrier.
How to sell the things in your hands and turn them into coins and food?

    But there is nothing like a market where the naked eye can see, and there is no one who calls for acquisition.

    Just as he was at a loss, someone suddenly patted his shoulder, and when he turned his head, a tall, thin man with half a face covered with red scales smiled at him with a forked tongue.

    Ruan Shiqing took a step back calmly, but the other party raised his hand and pressed his shoulder.
The strength of the hand was not too big, but it was just enough to prevent him from escaping.

    A radiator, a cooling shroud, and a fuel atomizing cone.

    These things are inconspicuous, and most aircraft will carry them.
They are parts that are very damaged and need to be replaced frequently, so they are not expensive.
What caught his attention was the falcon pattern and number engraved on it.

    NAX06-R9 is the number of the latest high-speed shuttle “Silver Falcon” produced by Naxi Company.

    “Silver Falcon” is the first batch of high-speed shuttles produced by Naxi Company's entire production line.
From the drive to the engine, to the tiniest parts, it is all designed and produced by Naxi Company.
The appearance is high-end, the performance is superior, and the price is very high.
The first batch of “Silver Falcons” were sold out as soon as they came out.

    Those who grabbed the “Silver Falcon” are too late to cherish it.
How can silver Falcon parts end up in this remote junk star at this time? And it happened to be picked up by the kid in front of him?

    The man immediately thought of the explosion in the middle of the night two days ago.
If someone had an accident with the “Silver Falcon” and happened to crash into the garbage dump, it would make sense.

    The boy in front of him was lucky and found the crashed “Silver Falcon”, but he didn't know the goods, and only dismantled a few worthless small parts.
If he can find the “Silver Falcon”, remove the drive and engine, and put it up for auction on the black market, for better or worse, he will definitely make a fortune.

    Thinking of this, the man's breathing became heavier, seeing Ruan Shiqing not speaking, he secretly increased the strength in his hand, and asked again, “Where did you find the thing in your hand?”

The author has something to say: Rong Zai: I bit someone, I am not clean.

    Xiao Ruan: It doesn't matter, I'm vaccinated.

    Cub: ?

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