The little mermaid stayed at home. According to the doctor's instructions, Ruan Shiqing prepared a large bucket half a person high for him.
He filled it with water, poured the medicinal liquid into it, and settled the little mermaid in.

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    He was a very sensible cub, most of the time he was quiet, and occasionally the splash of water, when his tail flutters, was cautious.


    When Ruan Shiqing was at home, he was lying on the bucket, staring at him, his blue eyes as bright as gems; if Ruan Shiqing was not there, he would sink quietly at the bottom of the water, like an abandoned little animal, curled up in a ball holding its tail.


   Usually, he would never resist taking the medicine.
He drank the medicine in small sips, and even put the empty medicine tube neatly, trying his best to reduce the inconvenience and burden to Ruan Shiqing.
Being this well-behaved is distressing.


    Ruan Shiqing and the Xiong brothers have been looking around for a  house these days.
He can carry the puppy with him, but the little mermaid can only stay at home.
When passing a stall, Ruan Shiqing was caught by a yellow rubber duck that was displayed.


    He paused.
“How much is this?”


    “One for six star-coins and two for ten star-coins.”


    “I want two,” Ruan Shiqing paid and slipped the rubber yellow ducks half the size of a palm into his jacket.


    Rong Heng perfunctorily pawed his claws at it twice and pouted.




    Ruan Shiqing was about to go to see the house.
During the three days he stayed in the inner city, the Xiong brothers found a few good houses for him.
After settling the little mermaid, he had already seen three houses, but was somewhat dissatisfied.
Now only the last place is left.


    “The last house is close to the underground market, the traffic is relatively large, and the first floor just happens to be a shop.
The area of the house is also large, but it is old.”


    When Xiong Fangfang said it was old, it was really quite old.


    Ruan Shiqing was also a little shocked when he looked at the two-story building with unknown vines in front of him.


    The outer city is very backward and poor.
The street surrounding the underground market is already the most prosperous street.
Many repair shops are open next to each other, and the competition is fierce.
The original owner of this small building was a forward-thinking man.
After living here for 80 years, he finally saved enough money, reissued an ID card, and moved into the inner city.
So I decided to sell the house in the outer city.


    “Because the house is too old, and the owner is eager to sell, so he only asks for 100,000 stars, but the requirement is to pay in a lump sum.” Xiong Fangfang said, “This house is in a good location, and there are many people who want to buy it, but no one can pay for it all at once, so it has not been sold so far.”


    Ruan Shiqing pushed aside the lush vines, pushed open the door, and walked in for a look. It's really big.


    The reason why he was dissatisfied with the first three houses was that the places were too small.
Not only did he want to open a repair shop on the first floor, but he also wanted to get a workspace.
He has a habit of hoarding materials, and if the space is too small, the workspace would soon be filled.
In the long term, it is better to buy a larger place at one time.

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     “That's it.” Ruan Shiqing walked upstairs and downstairs, quite satisfied.
Although it is indeed a little old, he can repair and replace it slowly, but if the place is small, it is difficult to expand.


    One is in a hurry to sell, and the other is in a hurry to move.
After the two parties met, they soon reached a consensus, and finally settled on the price of 90,000 star-coins.


    The outer city is a place outside the law.
There are no cumbersome procedures for the transaction.
After signing an agreement and paying the money, the transaction is completed.


     Ruan Shiqing and the Xiong brothers spent half a day trimming the overgrown vines before they stopped and went home to see the little mermaid.


    It was already night, two moons reflected two interlaced shadows under his feet.
He heard the sound of machines running nonstop, and even the blowing wind had the smell of metal rust.


    Not far away is their temporary residence: two semi-circular aircraft shells upside down on the ground, close to each other.


    Ruan Shiqing suddenly had a trance-like illusion, as if everything here was real, and the world left in his memory gradually became blurred.


    Pushing the door and entering, there was a small sound of water splashing in the room.
Ruan Shiqing turned on the light, and saw the little mermaid lying on the edge of the bucket looking at him with long blue hair draped over his shoulders, quiet and well-behaved. 


    Rong Heng followed the sound and glanced at him, showing disgust. It was wet and had a fishy smell.
He ran away with two little yellow ducks in his mouth.


    “How was today?” Ruan Shiqing approached and rubbed the top of his head.


    The little mermaid nodded and pointed to the two empty pipes neatly placed on the small stool.
One is a medicine and the other is a nutritional supplement.


    There is one nutritional supplement left.


    Ruan Shiqing took it over, twisted it open, and handed it to him.
“Why don't you eat it? Don't like it?”


    The little mermaid took it and hugged it, shook his head, looked at him with bright eyes, clenched his fingers, and made a hard “ah” sound.


     Ruan Shiqing was touched, he asked with a smile, “Want to wait for me to come back and eat together?”


    The little mermaid nodded and then began to sip the nutrient solution.


    “I brought you a present today.” Ruan Shiqing's heart softened.
He got up and walked towards Rong Heng, took the two little yellow ducks he just placed, and shook them in front of the little mermaid.


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    “If you can't go out, let them accompany you.” Ruan Shiqing put the rubber duck in the water, and the yellow little duck floated with the water, looking naive.


    The little mermaid stared at them, and couldn't help shaking the fishtail, creating water waves to push the duckling forward.


    “Ah!” He turned his head, his sapphire-like eyes curved up and smiled at Ruan Shiqing.


    “It's good if you like it.” Ruan Shiqing smiled back: “Wait a few days to move to a new house, and then I'll buy you something else.”


    Rong Heng:? ? ? ? ? Was, this, not, bought, for, me? 


    Glancing at the little mermaid, he lay back again.


    Hey, this kind of cheap and naive gadget, that is, the merman who has no knowledge will like it.




    It took three days to clean and add furniture.
On the fourth day, Ruan Shiqing finally moved with his cubs to a new home.


      After pruning and reasonable pulling off, the overly vigorous vines that climbed it became the green embellishment of the small building, making it less gloomy and more vibrant.
The yard's fences were re-strengthened, weeds were cleared, and easy-to-grow shrubs were transplanted.


    An eye-catching signboard was hung on the gate of the first floor, which was written in Chinese characters.
It was the character “Ruan”, written by Ruan Shiqing.

(T/N – “阮” the character.)


    This is the name of his shop and the proof that the original world existed.


    Xiong Yuanyuan doesn't know Chinese, but it doesn't prevent him from blowing rainbow farts.
”This is the most unique shop name I've ever seen!”


    Ruan Shiqing laughed out loud and asked him to see if the doctor came.


    He doesn't have many friends in this world, except for Xiong Fangfang Xiong Yuanyuan, 

and only because the little mermaid is familiar with the doctor.


    “He’s here!”


    Xiong Yuanyuan's voice could be heard from far away, Ruan Shiqing glanced out the window, put the little mermaid into the new bucket, and hurried downstairs to meet the doctor.

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    The little mermaid floated in the water and looked out the window curiously.
His new bucket was more than three times larger than the original, and it was placed by the window of the living room on the second floor.


    His eyes opened wider and wider, and the barren outer city was full of magnificent colors in his eyes.
Look at the world he’s never seen before.


    Rong Heng, who was squatting aside, glanced at him and turned his head.





    After moving to the new house, Ruan Shiqing specially packed a few dishes and two bottles of malt beer from the restaurant in the inner city.


    In the interstellar era, food was a luxury enjoyment, and various artificial nutrient solutions were the main food.
It was rare to have a decent meal and made everyone very happy.


    It’s just that this body's alcohol intake is not very good.
Ruan Shiqing drank three glasses of beer and was already slightly drunk.


    After sending off the Xiong brothers and the doctor, he staggeringly climbed up to the second floor, leaned against the little mermaid's wooden barrel, and slid on the cushions in the living room.
He stretched his limbs lazily, watching the sun slowly sinking under the horizon, and muttered to himself, “Actually, it's not bad here.”


    It was a little difficult at the beginning, but everything was getting better.
And here, he no longer feels unspeakably lonely.
Ruan Shiqing leaned against the barrel and fell asleep.
It was late at night when he did.


    The little mermaid called “Aaah” twice, but couldn’t wake him up and didn’t dare to pull his hair forcefully.


    Rong Heng stretched his waist and stood up, pacing closer, and after confirming that the person was asleep, he returned to his human form.


    He bent down and easily picked up the sleeping boy.


    The little mermaid was stunned by this change, opened his eyes wide, and looked at him at a loss.


    “Don't talk nonsense, you know?” Rong Heng stretched out his finger and pointed at him 

from a distance, his words threatening.


    The little mermaid nodded and shook his head, looking at Ruan Shiqing, a little anxious.


    “Hey, I almost forgot, you can't speak at all.” Rong Heng took Ruan Shiqing into the room, covered him with the quilt, and took away his newly bought smart brain.
The smart brain that perfectly fit Ruan Shiqing's wrist was easily removed by him.

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    Rong Heng closed the door and sat down on the windowsill in the living room.
The bracelet-shaped smart brain in his hands quickly turned into a simplified version of the neuron-link helmet.


    Putting on the helmet, connect to the holographic network, and the emotionless mechanical voice begins to warn, “If you are not connected, you cannot log in; if you are not connected, you cannot log in…”


    Rong Heng ignored the warning and issued a series of instructions.


    The emotionless mechanical voice quickly switched to a calm mezzo-soprano, “His Royal Highness, long time no see.”


    “Noah, call Dareth for me.”


    “Please wait, Your Highness.”


    In the virtual holographic space, countless code data flashes and disappears. A moment later, a figure appeared out of thin air, striding forward excitedly, wanting to reunite with Rong Heng and give a long-awaited hug.
“Your Highness, you are still alive! The old saying says that scourges remain for thousands of years, I knew you wouldn't die so easily!”


    “Please pay attention to your words, Colonel Dareth.” Rong Heng avoided him, frowning in disgust, and said, “Stop talking nonsense, how is the situation in Yangis? What is going on in Sikkim?”


    Speaking of business, Dareth put away his relaxed look, showing a bit of heaviness, “Asman died in the line of duty.
After the news of your death came out, the front-line Zerg forces’ strength suddenly increased.
I suspect…” Dareth paused, then gritted his teeth and said this terrible guess, “I suspect that there are Zerg internal associates in the empire.”


    The war between the Galactic Empire and the Zerg has lasted for thousands of years. From the very beginning of the Galactic Empire, the Zerg also existed.
This kind of race had no intelligence and was only controlled by the Queen of the Zerg.
They were extraordinarily powerful in terms of body structure.
Over the past two thousand years, with the prosperity of the Galactic Empire, the Zerg have also grown stronger.


    The war between the two sides has reached a white-hot level in recent years, almost endless. Every year, the empire sends countless soldiers to the four front-line regions to fight against the Zerg in order to defend the peace in the rear of the empire.
As the heir of the empire, Rong Heng was also a powerful Yomir, so it was natural for him to join as well.


    Since he entered the growth period, he had rushed to the front line and has been sticking to the Yangis region.


    Until a month ago, according to the age calculation of the Yomir clan, he finally ended his growth period and entered adulthood, and was recalled to Sikkim by his father, His Excellency the Regent, to prepare for the succession ceremony.


    Unexpectedly, they were intercepted by a fighter fleet at the transition point in the Baghdad region.


    No one in the entire team survived, except him.



    The author has something to say: 

Rongzai: I, don't, like, ducklings, at, all

Little Mermaid: I like it!

Cub: 🙂

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