The mall is located in the heart of the inner city, bustling and crowded.

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    Everyone that comes or goes, no matter who it is, is well-dressed and refined.
From the appearance, they are somewhat similar to ancient humans, but they are taller and more delicate.
Without Bis features, but probably not an ancient human either.


    Ruan Shiqing's eyes were full of curiosity.
“Are they all evolutionary people? But they are not the same as what I have seen.” They look thinner than the evolutionary people in the outer city and they don’t have that kind of bursting power.


    Xiong Fangfang moved the ears on top of his head, and his dark skin blocked the blush on his face.
“Most of the people here are Bis people.”


Ruan Shiqing subconsciously wanted to ask “why don't they have the beast characteristics of the Bis people?”, but when he saw the black bear ears drooping down from the top of the brothers' heads, he suddenly realized.


    It turns out that not all Bis people will show the characteristics of beasts.
Thinking back to when they entered the mall, there have been surprise glances from time to time, and the two brothers are also very uneasy.
He originally thought it was because their clothes were too outdated, but now that he thought about it, it is also possible that the person is looking at the furry bear ears exposed by the two.


    The brothers of the Xiong family who cannot take back the bear ears are not special cases in the outer city.
But to the Bis people in the inner city, they may be some kind of crippled outlier.


    After thinking about it, Ruan Shiqing stopped the topic in time and didn't ask any more questions.
On the contrary, Xiong Yuanyuan touched his ears and explained, “A normal adult Bis can perfectly control his own shape.
Only a cub who is not an adult can't control his own form.
Occasionally, they appear to be half-human and half-beast.
But there are also some adult Bis people, because of genetic defects or stunted growth as cubs, they still cannot perfectly control their form as adults.” That's why there are so many adult Bis people in the outer city who maintain the characteristics of beasts.


    “So it is.” Ruan Shiqing responded with a natural attitude and said with a smile, “But, I think it's okay to not be able to control the form perfectly.
Humans are inherently imperfect creatures.
Your bear ears are very cute.”


    “Really?” Xiong Yuanyuan's cheeks were hot, the ears on the top of his head stood up, and his spirit was excited.


    “Of course.” Ruan Shiqing took the opportunity to touch the bear's ear and praised, “The fur is smooth and feels very good.”


    Xiong Yuanyuan: woo woo qwq


    While we were talking, we had come to the counter selling intellectual brains.
The three of them were out of tune with the atmosphere of the entire mall, and the counter shopping guide noticed them early in the morning.


    Several Bis shopping guides dislike the savageness and poverty of the people from the outer city and were too lazy to receive them.
Only an ancient human shopping guide took the initiative to greet him enthusiastically.


    This is a young man with a similar stature to Ruan Shiqing.
He should be in his early twenties, with a youthful face and a sincere smile.

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    “Are you also an ancient human?” Ruan Shiqing was curious and asked one more question.


    “Yes sir, my name is Gu Feng.” The young man scratched his head and smiled shyly.
“I'm a new trainee shopping guide.
But please rest assured, I have all the product functions in the store memorized by heart.
I will definitely recommend the most suitable model for you.”


    Under his leadership, Ruan Shiqing looked at various styles of smart brains and finally chose a bracelet-type smart brain, with a small and delicate body in porcelain white.


    “Can you tell me about this one?”


    “Of course.” Gu Feng explained the functions of the brain to him in great detail, as well as various advantages and disadvantages.


    Seeing the enthusiasm of Gu Feng's sales method, the Bis people watching next to them couldn't help but mutter, “This is a classic smart brain from Naxi Company, and people from outside the city can't afford it.”


    “Maybe let him meet a nouveau riche? If he can't sell the product, he will have to be fired.”


    “Pfft, don't look down on the nouveau riche.
For a waste race like ancient humans, it may not even be enough for the nouveau riche.”


    The three Bis shopping guides gathered not far away, laughing and giggling, and the voice was not small enough for the two of them to hear.


    Gu Feng stopped the explanation in embarrassment, turned around and stopped his colleagues, and apologized to Ruan Shiqing, “Sorry sir.”


    He didn't know how to ease the embarrassing situation, and finally, he could only pretend to smile easily, “If you have a limited budget, you can also look at other styles.”


    Ruan Shiqing glanced at the price on the label, “88,000 star coins? I want this one.”


    Gu Feng was stunned for a moment, then smiled relievedly, looked back at his embarrassing colleagues, then bowed to Ruan Shiqing, “Please wait a moment, I will put it on for you.”


    “No need to pack, just activate it.” Ruan Shiqing took out the crystal card and handed it to him.

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    Gu Feng swiped the card for him and taught him to insert the ID card into the brain to activate it.


     Ruan Shiqing put the brain on his wrist.
The originally thick bracelet automatically adjusted its size to fit his wrist.
He looked slightly surprised.


    “This brain is made of memory metal, and its shape can be adjusted at will.
When needed, it can be mimicked to become a simple holographic helmet, which can be connected to the holographic network anytime, anywhere.” Gu Feng sent him an electronic manual.
“This has a detailed function introduction.”


     Ruan Shiqing thanked him before leaving the mall.


    Gu Feng watched him leave, and when he looked back, he saw the unpredictable and regretful expressions of his three colleagues, imitating their tone of voice, “Those who are racists are really idiots.”


    Leaving the mall, Ruan Shiqing recalled what happened to him just now, and couldn't help frowning, “Is the racial discrimination in the inner city so serious?”


    He had heard that ancient human beings were not welcome, and he had no real sense of it.
After all, the outer cities are mixed, and everyone is busy struggling to survive, so how can they have the time and energy to trash on people.
It felt absurd after experiencing it myself today.


    He doesn't think that the weak ancient human beings are wastes, and they can't win in terms of physical quality, but they can rely on other aspects.


    The Creator is always fair, no race is a perfect creation.
What you lack here, it must be made up elsewhere and vice versa. He doesn't feel inferior, just finds it ridiculous.

(T/N Odd little religious tidbit here, but ok.
Does it mean the main character is religious?)


    “You don't need to pay attention to what those people say,” Xiong Yuanyuan comforted him awkwardly, “In my opinion, you are already more powerful than many Bis people.”


    The ancient human beings are all discarded waste; the Bis people who cannot have a perfect human form are incomplete and inferior…


    Before this, they were easily defined by other people's words, and under the subtle influence, even they themselves gradually recognized it.


    Until the appearance of Ruan Shiqing; he broke the perspective that ancient humans are all discarded waste.
He also told them that humans are inherently imperfect creatures, and your bear ears are cute too.

    “Those insulting words are easier for people to believe.” Ruan Shiqing said, “but we should know that this is not right.
No one can define us except ourselves.”

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    He smiled lightly, “I will prove those racist people are all idiots.
The race of ancient humans has continued to this day, not for the sake of being discriminated against.
The continuation of every race has its own advantages.”


    When he said this, his eyes were very bright, and there seemed to be stars shining in the depths.
Even though he is still so thin, it doesn't make people feel weak.
Instead, it is like a sapling rooted in the soil, bathing in the sun and rain and growing vigorously.
One day, it will cover the sky.


    Xiong Fangfang and Xiong Yuanyuan were stunned when they heard it, and then a strange force seemed to be injected into their hearts.


    In the coat, Rong Heng closed his eyes and raised his head suddenly, looking at the young man with new eyes.


    He had heard similar words once upon a time.
The continuation of every race has its own advantages.
Every life should be respected, instead of artificially setting up classes to trample each other. Otherwise, it would be a retrogression of civilization and a tragedy for the empire.


    His mother, Queen Farah, spent her whole life implementing the Racial Equality Act, hoping to promote empire reforms, but she ended up dying on the front lines.
And, the empire is still on the road to sinking and has not stopped.


    Rong Heng's heart suddenly felt irritable, if there were more smart people like the young man in the empire, maybe it wouldn't be so rotten.


    Ruan Shiqing noticed his agitation and gently smoothed his back.
“What's the matter? Is it uncomfortable?”


    Rong Heng looked at him, looked away after a while, relaxed his tense body, and accepted his comfort.


    Ruan Shiqing thought it was the cub's wound that was uncomfortable, thinking that the medical level in the inner city should be better than in the outer city, so he took the cub to the hospital again.


    The doctor who received the consultation was an elderly Bis man with a mild temperament and was very gentle with the cubs.
Ruan Shiqing breathed a sigh of relief; not all people in the inner city were arrogant and rude.


    “Did he have this injury for a while?” The doctor said while writing the case: “The injury is very serious.
If it is an ordinary cub, it will not survive.
Your family’s cub is tenacious and survived such a serious injury.
However, just in case, it is recommended that you do a comprehensive examination and stay in the hospital for three days.
If there is no problem with a full inspection, you just need to wait for the wound to heal slowly.”


     Ruan Shiqing became worried when he heard it and immediately paid the child to go through the admission procedures.


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    Rong Heng looked at his nervous look and snorted.
The tail couldn't help but flick.
I don't know why to be worried about this little injury.


     It was inconvenient for Xiong Fangfang to stay in the hospital, so he went back to the outer city first.
In addition to the 20,000 star coins that he was going to give to the two, Ruan Shiqing also transferred another 50,000 star coins, asking them to help him find a house with a suitable price – he plans to go back to the outer city after he is discharged from the hospital, find a suitable place, and get it first Get up a repair shop.


    He had already read some of the books given to him by the mysterious man before and found that although the technology in this world is very different from his original world, there are also similarities in some places.
He already has some vague ideas, but he can't verify them just by reading books.
He could only explore and accumulate experience through practice.


    The three are divided into two groups.
Ruan Shiqing took care of the cub in the hospital.
In his spare time, he would explore and familiarize himself with the smart brain, otherwise, he would read the books borrowed from the doctor; the Xiong brothers returned to the outer city, and start looking around for suitable shops.


    Three days later, Ruan Shiqing left the inner city with his cub and a bag of medicine.
The brothers were waiting for him outside the inner city gate.
As soon as Xiong Yuanyuan saw him, he happily greeted him.
He leaned into his ear and said mysteriously, “I found something good, you will like it.”


    Ruan Shiqing is inexplicable, “Have you found a suitable house? Or a rare material part?”


    “Neither.” Xiong Yuanyuan smiled and dragged him along.


    Assuming that they were almost to the west of the junkyard, he finally stopped, opened an old aircraft casing, and rubbed his hands to urge him, “Look.”


    Under the aircraft shell, there is a small hidden space.
Ruan Shiqing approached and saw a child lying in the innermost corner, unable to move, looking at them with horror in their eyes.


    It is not appropriate to say that it is a child.
The child has a fish tail below the waist, but it has no scales and looks bloody.


    “Is this…
a merman?”


    “That's right!” Xiong Yuanyuan said with a smile on his face.
“I found it yesterday, don't you like the nine-tailed fox cub? But it's too expensive and we can't afford it.
The same is true of the individual fish cubs, although they are a bit ugly when they are injured, but if they are raised well, they are more beautiful and precious than the cubs of the nine-tailed fox clan.”


    Ruan Shiqing: … Thank you so much.


    The author has something to say: 

Rongzai: You are dead (grinding claw)

Xiong Yuanyuan: ?

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