Chapter 26: Hunter Will Not tolerate Those Who Insult Their Prey.

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At the party after the symphony orchestra had stopped playing, his words drew attention to us.

King Bern watched our scene with a frown.

“I’m fine.”

“I don’t think Miss Alice would have stumbled if it had been me.”

Alan mockingly laughed without a care in the world, even under Alice’s cold stare.
But he glared at me for a moment.

Blonde hair, good looking there, but not physically fit.

I took one look at the man named Alan who was glaring daggers at me and then asked Alice.

You know this guy?”

“… This man is…”

Alice was about to answer my question, but Alan butted in with a word of warning.

“This guy, you say? How dare you talk to Lord Alan, the second son of the Earl of Manchester?”

“The Count?”

I tilted my head to Alan, who wrinkled his brow and glared at me sharply.

As I recalled, counts or earls were below dukes.
According to Agnes-san’s lecture, it should be Royalty> Duke> Marquis> Count.

In other words, this man’s family was two steps below the Medici family, who held the Dukedom of Leinster, and furthermore he was the second son who did not inherit the title.

The Count’s inherited magical ability was high, generally class 4.

By the way, here in the Kingdom of Laodecia, class was the name of the game.
So even if you were a class 5 without a title, you were in a better position than a class 3 or 4 with a title.

Having drawn such a conclusion, I began to introduce myself to the extremely rude man.

“My name is Haruto Takatori.
I’m a former soldier from a distant country, and I’m a Class 5 Summoning Magician.
Tell me your class.”

”What! A Class 5 Summoner?”

Alan’s eyes widened and he took a step back.

“A-amazing, a soldier and a Class 5 Summoner!”

“I thought he was some kind of magic swordsman or something…”

“Because he’s a man with excellent physical abilities and magical talent… he was able to meet Lady Alice’s expectations… That’s great.”

Alan shook his head from sideways with all his might, as if the murmuring from surroundings was bothering him, and said to me provocatively,

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“Show me your status! I can’t trust you with just words!”

“You show me first.”


I have trained and worked with hunks of gymnasts all my life.
So, Alan’s threatening language was just a dog’s bark to me.


Then Alice added a few words.

“Haruto, he’s a Class 4 earth magician.
He was originally a Class 3, how in the world did he become a Class 4?”

Said Alice, crossing her arms and giving Alan a very cold stare.

Perhaps taking this look as a favor to himself, Alan turned up his chest and said.

“Miss Alice… incompetent people in this kingdom don’t know how good I am.
With a talent as good as mine, I can be class 5 without any problem, but those incompetents are just jealous of my talent and are trying to prevent me from being level 5!”

Hearing his words, King Bern and the other nobles frowned and glared at Alan.
However, King Bern raised his hand and signaled them not to do anything.
So the people around us were watching quietly without waiting for Alan’s rude words and actions.

The party hall had gone quiet.
Alan continued with a sickening smile.

“So only I can protect Miss Alice.
I’m better… than that man.”

His eyes had the same look that the men who attacked the Medici family had.

My blood began to boil.

Now it’s clear.


This man was a dangerous man who must be eliminated.

“Oh, you thought so… then…”

After saying that, Alice suddenly yanked the collar of my shirt as hard as she could.

And kissed me.


“Wha, whaaaat?”


Everyone at the party was surprised.
Of course, I was quite surprised too.
It’s not like… her to do something like this in public.

No, these dead eyes were very Alice-like.
The dead eyes that Alice only looked at me with a stare that sucked in everything of me.

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The kiss ended and Alice swallowed a string of spit as if to say thank you for the treat and turned to Alan.



”Haruto protected me and the people I care about.
So don’t use your dirty mouth to humiliate my man.
I don’t like anything about you.
You should know your place.
Or I will crush you.”

“M-miss Alice… Oh, no…”

Alan was annoyed when Alice treated him without concern.


The next thing I knew, the anger returned to his face, and he turned his shaky hands to me and spoke out.

“Haruto Takatori! I challenge you to a duel!”


In the evening

The royal arena was lit by magic stones and torches.


“Wow, that’s amazing… I never thought this would happen…”

“Alan’s always been obsessed with the Medici family, hasn’t he? He’s got ulterior motives, and he’s so full of himself.”

“The opponent is a level 5 summoning magician!”

“He can’t win unless you cheat.”

“Perhaps he still doesn’t know anything about him, Takatori guy.
Through this duel, we will know how strong he is and whether he is worthy of Miss Alice.”

Well, as it turned out, I accepted Alan’s semi-coercive proposal to fight a duel.

Alice told me that there was no reason for me to fight, but after seeing the murderous look Alan gave me and the disgusted look he gave Alice, I knew I had to get rid of this b*****d.

So, the party hosted by the royal family was abruptly canceled, and all the invited nobles and royalty were sitting in the spectator seats in the large arena near the royal palace.

The royal family and their associates were not particularly interested in stopping us, although common sense would dictate that we should kick Alan out for ruining the party that we had arranged.
The King Bern had been giving me a testing look for a long time, although he had never given me a malicious glance.

On the way here, Alice told me some information about Alan.

In summary, it was as followed:

He’s most likely a Class 4 in the wrong hands.

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His family is likely to have amassed their fortune in unauthorized ways.


Arrogant and brazen.

In other words, on the surface he posed as a refreshingly good-looking guy, but inside he was a scumbag of the highest order.

He had been pestering me, but I just let it slide and let it go by, but it seemed that my patience had finally snapped at Alan’s bad comments about me.

Alice was angry for me.

So I had to answer Alice.
I had to show everyone here that I was man enough for Alice to get really mad for me.

And so I was standing on the arena ground.

“I will beat you and prove that I am the only man worthy of Lady Alice.”


Dueling in the Kingdom of Laodecia.

In other words, you kept fighting until your opponent gave up or became incapable of fighting.
But in this country where wizards were scarce, the act of taking a life between magicians was strictly forbidden.

I had done a few quests as an adventurer, so I knew what Class 3 and Class 4 were capable of.

“Let’s go then! Haaaaah!”

Alan summoned an awful lot of little golems without chanting.

“Oh god! No chanting?”

“No chanting is one of the requirements to become a class 5…”

“That guy, until recently, couldn’t use magic without casting a spell…”

“What in the world is going on?”

“And there are so many… that even level four shouldn’t be able to summon so many…”

The outside world was buzzing about Alan’s actions.

But I was going my own way.

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I used my summoning magic to erase the clothes I was currently wearing and changed into my regular combat uniform.

“What the… What is that dress? I’ve never seen that shape before!”

“He had a round helmet on his head!”

“I don’t know what it is, but it looks really strong!”


The nobles and royalty looked at me in my combat uniform and murmured their thoughts curiously.

After clothes, weapons were next.


One important fact.


I was at a huge disadvantage here.

If I used guns, anti-tank missiles, etc., the shrapnel would fly off and hit the audience directly.

Winning against that guy was important, but it was also important that no one got hurt.

How to meet these two conditions…

That’s what I was thinking.

“Go! Mini-Golems.”


Alan didn’t give me time to think, but instead turned the little mini-golems towards me.

“Mini-Golem, I give you an order.
Kill that man!”


Killing between magicians was supposed to be forbidden.
And yet…


The hands of the tremendous number of mini-golems changed shape and became deadly weapons such as knives and hammers that could kill people.

“I will not allow you to take away Lady Alice’s lips… never! You have to pay for this with your death!


Last Boss-kun(?)… You’re doing a good job.

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