Chapter 22: The Prey Offends The Hunters!

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“N-no… no matter how much you want to, you two can’t sleep with me.”

Alice and Carol smelled good after a bath, so I took a step back and looked at them alternately.
Then, Alice stepped closer to me, brushing up her waist-length pink hair with her hand.
And then, she said shyly with her cheeks slightly red,

“Carol will be joining us too, so it’ll be fine.”


I looked at her suspiciously, but she didn’t say anything and just kept staring into my eyes.

I mean, I pointed out that you couldn’t sleep with me, so why did having Carol in between have to do with anything?

I opened my mouth again after a series of inhales and exhales to calm my racing heart.

“Anyway, it’s not good… for men and women to sleep together, so it’s better to sleep in separate rooms.”

I waved my hands in the air in hope that they would probably give it up, but instead Carol moved even closer and looked into my eyes.

“I came here because being with Haruto-onii-sama is safer than anywhere else.”


I didn’t know why, but Carol’s words upset me as they pierced my heart.

Carol looked at me with moist ruby eyes, shaking her shoulder-length pink hair.

Her cute gestures and heavy stares.
Her conflicting looks were stirring my heart.

What Carol wanted from me, what Alice wanted from me, what Agnes-san wished for me.

What does my empty heart demand…?

It’s starting to become a little clearer.

“… Okay.”

“Really?” x2

“Carol’s right, it’ll be safer together.”

“!!” x2

Hearing my words, the two of them suddenly wiggled their hips and twitched their bodies.

“What’s wrong?”

It was a little funny the way they looked at each other, so I urged them to continue, and they both replied happily,

“It’s nothing.”

“There’s nothing really!”

They stood side by side and smiled, but their different colored eyes focused on me precisely.

So now there were three of us lying on the canopy bed.
If you looked down from above, it was me in the middle, Alice on the right, and Carol on the left.


There was no way I could sleep now.
I let the two of them sleep with me after hearing Carol’s words of uneasiness, but still, it was getting impossible for me to calm down now.
They were the most beautiful sisters in the kingdom of Laodecia, after all.

And they were the daughters of a duke.
In addition, there were no men in this mansion.
So this situation should be very uncomfortable for both Alice and Carol.
I must not do anything to hurt them.

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With that thought, I turned my head to the left and looked at Carol with it.


“Fast asleep, huh.”

Carol was sleeping comfortably.
She looked so peaceful that I wanted to poke her in the cheek.

Was I being too cautious? Or was Carol like this by nature? My head was going crazy.

In this vein, Alice was also…

I thought and turned my head to Alice.

And it was then…

I was captivated by her pair of blue eyes.
The fact that it was nighttime gave her a mysterious atmosphere.

I was a little surprised to see such a beautiful Alice, so I scrunched up my face.

“I’m surprised Carol went to sleep so soon.
It’s a miracle.”

“Isn’t she always like this?”

She always has insomnia, and she comes over to my room every so often to sleep with me.”

“I see.”

I turned my head to my left again to looked at Carol.


She was sleeping really comfortably.

“Fufu, my sweet little Carol.”

From behind me, Alice spoke words of love to her own sister.
The moment I heard the sound of her voice, I started to relax, as if all the tension I had been feeling was released.
So I sent my gaze towards Alice again.



Thanks to Alice raising her upper body sideways, looking at her sister, the sight of those two voluptuous, huge marshmallows drooping by gravity caught my eye.

I’ve got to get my head around this one…

Alice’s white skin and blue eyes, glowing in the moonlight, were so beautiful that they gave the illusion of being out of this world.

When I was puzzled, Alice giggled and turned on her back, perhaps sensing my feelings.



“Can I ask you something?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Why did you save us then and leave without revealing yourself?”

“I was…”

I paused and took a small breath.
It didn’t mean much, but I was a little afraid to tell Alice why.
But I have to tell her.
Because I decided to.

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“I didn’t know how much it meant to me to get involved.”

“I wonder if it has something to do with your past.”


”My mother told me.
About Haruto’s past…”

The other night, in bed, Agnes-san asked me if she could tell the girls about my past and I agreed.
So it’s not strange that Alice knew about my past.

So I continued my words…

“If I got involved, I’m sure I’d lose them again.
I kept having these negative thoughts…”

“… It’s kind of natural to feel that way.”

Alice said in a worried voice and sighed beautifully.
Then she opened her mouth again.

“Do you still feel that way?”

“… I don’t know now.
After I got involved with you and the others, I don’t know what’s happening anymore.”

“… I see.”


I exhaled with a confused look on my face and felt a soft touch on my cheek, Alice’s thin hand.
I turned to face Alice again.

Alice looked at me with a look of compassion for someone like a goddess.

Eyes deeper than the deep sea.

“Haruto… you’re so kind.
You protected me.
My innocence.
Our smiles.
And our happiness.
I’m here now… all because you protected me!”


She smiled at me like a child who didn’t know wrong, but her eyes never left mine.
Alice then grabbed my hand with both of her own and brought it to the middle of her own chest.
Her soft marshmallow and thin, beautiful hands gave my hands the most exquisite pleasure and comfort.

“So, I wanted to make you happy… all the time.”


“But Haruto, you saved us and disappeared.
Without saying a word… didn’t ask for anything in return… like my father…”


“So… sad… I was so sad.”

Beautiful crystal tears then rolled down her white cheeks and wet her pillow.

I was a fool.

I made the excuse that it was a different world, and I made the excuse of my past to make Alice and the girls feel lonely.

What did Alice, Carol and Agnes-san want from me… and what can I fulfill for them?

Seeing the look on Alice’s face right now, I was sure of it.

So I took my hand off Alice’s chest and opened my mouth.

“Let’s just calm down.
I’m with you now.
And I won’t be gone when the night is over.”

I told her, Alice sighed in relief and smiled.

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“Hehe… we’re gonna have the same morning.”


“Thank you.”

Alice said and leaned on her back.

“I’m kind of sleepy.
It’s been a while since I’ve slept comfortably.”

“Well, that’s good to know.”


I was told so, too, and I suddenly began to feel sleepy.
The beautiful sisters were next to me, but strangely enough, my eyelids were getting heavier and my vision was gradually getting hazy.
The only light that illuminated this place was the moonlight and the candlelight that illuminated the two roses on the side table.


In the morning.

Two beautiful girls were sleeping on a large bed with the morning sun shining through.


Alice woke up.
Then she looked next to herself.

“He’s not here!”

She couldn’t see him.

“Haruto… Haruto! Where? Where are you?”

The languor of waking up had been blown away, and Alice’s face was tinged with despair.
It was as if the…

I don’t want a world without Haruto!”

Alice searched for Haruto under her breath.

“Haruto… Haruto!”

At that moment, the door was opened.



There stood Haruto.

The sight of him in his special forces uniform shocked Alice.
He always wore only adventurer’s clothes or work clothes, but he was wearing a cool navy blue outfit that she had never seen before.



Alice got off the bed with her mouth half open.
After checking her appearance, Haruto approached and nodded his head as if he had made up his mind.

“I’ll protect Agnes-san, Carol, and Alice.”


“I’ll protect you all… with everything I have.”


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Alice tried to put her hands over her mouth to cover her open mouth, but Haruto wouldn’t let her.

“That’s why I want you to go out with me.”

Of course, her reply was.

“Yes! With pleasure!”

Then they closed the distance and embraced each other gently.

Alice thought as she looked at Haruto now, that this guy was super cool.

Something dusky black ran through her body and gathered in Alice’s eyes.
The lifeless-eyed Alice stared into Haruto’s eyes and injected that dusky feeling into Haruto.
But no matter how much she poured in, it just overflowed and some of it ran down her head, her chest and gathered in her stomach.


And they kissed.


“Nnya… Papa and Haruto-onii-sama are good friends… ehehe.”

Carol was talking in her sleep.


“Oh my goodness… they look so lovely… Haruto-sama… I can’t wait for the next royal party that will be held.”

“Haruto-sama, you’re amazing! So cool!”

“Elyse, don’t yell, they’ll hear you.”

Agnes, Lindsey and Elyse looked at the two of them.

The head maid, Siesta, took one look at the situation and the corners of her mouth lifted slightly.
And then asked Agnes-san.

“Agnes-sama, may I ask you one question?”

“What is it?”

“What would you have done if Haruto-sama couldn’t resist the beauty of Alice and Carol-sama and… something else might’ve happened?”

“Let’s see…”

Agnes looked up at the ceiling and pondered for a while.
No one could tell what she was thinking about, but her cheeks were slightly reddish.

Then she spit out the words sexually.

”If that were to happen.
It would give us an excuse to lock Haruto-sama here forever…”


“But Haruto-sama is not that easy to get into.
That’s why Alice and Carol’s hearts are getting even more nervous.
I mustn’t let such a wonderful man like him get away.
Of all the men I’ve seen in my life, there is no one who can match Haruto-sama except my husband.
They are all animals who can’t even hold a candle to him.”

The three maids nodded to Agnes who said so meaningfully.


“Miss Alice, the only man who would suit you is this Alan.
With that beautiful body and good looks, I must have you all to myself.
I have obtained an overwhelming power, which you must submit to me flatly.
I will then deliver the hammer of judgment to the damn kingdom that has been ignoring my strength and labeling me as Class 4 instead of Class 5!.
Haha… Ahahaha!!!”


Next time we’ll see lots of modern weapons!

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