Chapter 11: Their Prey Is Strong

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We decided not to go to the guild hall and proceeded to where the undead monsters were.
Because there was a risk that Alice’s true identity might be revealed if we were to accept a quest.

After overhearing the words of the terrified people, we located the undead monsters and came to the plaza of the Royal City.
There we found a tremendous number of undead monsters wandering around, easily over 300 of them.
This seemingly zombie-like horde was confronted by a group of people in armor who appeared to be the Royal Guards.


“!!! What is this thing? How can they be moving so fast!”

“Don’t panic! If we follow our training, we will be able to kill them.”

The Knight Commander pulled out his sword and pointed it at an undead.
Then he chanted a spell.

“Give strength to this holy sword! Sword Master!”

Golden light enveloped his sword.
Then as he swung, the aura of the golden light slashed through the body of the Undead.
The bisected monster stopped moving.
But then, in a flash, the bisected body was reconnected and it stared at the Knight Commander.

“… These can regenerate… but I am the Knight Commander of the Kingdom of Laodecia.
I won’t be defeated that easily!!!”


The furious undead monster leapt at the Knight Commander.

“Reinforced sword! Increased physical strength! Huaaaaahhhh!”

Then, the knight commander slashed the undead monster into pieces with great speed.
Soon the minced-up undead monster stopped moving and it no longer regenerated.

After confirming this, the Knight Commander breathed a sigh of relief and said loudly to the other Knights and the adventurers who had arrived.

“The undead monsters can only be defeated by cutting them into small pieces until they can no longer regenerate! So you have to be class 3 or above to fight it properly! Hey! Class 1 and 2, go back and help the commoners and nobles to take shelter! The rest of you, take down this undead monster! They’re not very intelligent.
So, fight cooperatively as much as possible to defeat them!”

With that, the knight commander resumed the hunt.
Following him, the knights and adventurers joined the fight.

Alice and the two maids were standing next to me.
Since these people were fighting for us, it would be more efficient for us to cover them.



“What kind of magic can you do?”

“I can use ice magic.”

“Then come with me and cover them.
Use your magic to restrict their movements so that the knights and the adventurers don’t get hurt.
There is no need to kill them.
Let’s cover as many people as possible.”

“I understand!”

“Maids, please protect Alice and the others!”

“Yes! We will do as Haruto-sama says!”

“Leave it to me!”

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Fortunately, it was nighttime now.
The chance of them finding out who we were was low.
But you can never be too careful.

“Summon- HK416.”

I chanted (for show), and an HK416 rifle with an infrared scope appeared.
It was my favorite gun when I was in the Special Force.

And then,

“Summon- Silencer…”

I also summoned a silencer and attached it to the muzzle.
I knew the gunshot would be loud, so I needed to be considerate.

“All right, let’s move!”

I aimed the gun at the heads of the undead.
Then the undead fell right after another.
Then, after about 10 seconds, they got up again, but the knights dexterously swung their swords and cut them off.

Alice, without chanting, created an icicle and sent it flying at an undead that was attacking the adventurers.

And the two maids were focused on protecting Alice.

After about an hour of fighting like this, all the undead monsters were finally wiped out.

“It was quite a tough battle!”

“The undead monster that attacked me suddenly collapsed, I don’t know why?”

“Oh! The same happened with me too.”

“No one seems to be injured so far.”

The adventurers and the knights praised each other with handshakes.

So it’s over, I guess?



“It’s not over yet.”


As I tilted my head at Alice, who was pointing at something, the minced pieces of the undead monster’s flesh suddenly began to move.

“What the h**l is going on?”

“Why are they still moving?”

“They’re all gathering in one place!”

The mass of pieces of flesh suddenly lit up in black light in the middle of the square and took on the form of a giant humanoid creature.

“Oh, s**t!… It’s the Undead Nephilim!!!”

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A roar ran through the air as the giant undead Nephilim, which was well over 10 meters long, shouted

“That thing… can’t be defeated unless you’re class 4 or above.”

“No, but we still have a small chance of winning if a dozen of class 4 people were to fight it.”

“You have to be a class 5 who’s used to combat to be able to fight that thing.”

“There isn’t a single hero here who’s a class 5 who’s used to combating undead! And there’s only the Knight Commander and a few adventurers who are Class 4!”

“There’s no way we can win this fight… we will all die…”

Adventurers and knight order members were shaking in despair.


“How pathetic! I will lead the front.
Those who want to fight, follow me! Those who are afraid, do as you please! You’re slowing me down! Guaaaaaaaaaaaah! For the Glory of Laodecia!!!”

The Knight Commander took the lead, and several courageous Knights and adventurers headed for the Undead Nephilim.

“Mighty might to this holy sword! Sword Master! Strengthen this sword! Increased physical strength! Time to finish you off!”

There was no trace of fear on his face as he attacked.

I was quite impressed.



“Kuaahh!” xn

The Undead Nephilim under attack thrashed their bodies with tremendous force.
Receiving the full force of the impact, the Knight Commander and the others were sent flying more than 60 meters.

They were in no condition to fight, as they groaned.
If they did not receive medical treatment soon, they might lose their lives.

If that was the case…



“Tell me the characteristics of that Undead Nephilim.”

“… Undead Nephilim are very fast and powerful.
They can’t use magic, but it would theoretically take more than 50 Class 4s to defeat them.”

“… I need something to slow this thing down…”

“I can use my magic to trap the Undead Nephilim in ice.


“No, it’s nothing.
I… will do it!”

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Alice clenched her fists, burning with fighting spirit.

“Alright, but there’s one problem.”


“Undead Nephilim is in the middle of town.
We need to drive it to the edge to be safe…”

‘”Haruto-same, let us lead the enemy to the edge.” x2

As I was racking my brains, the two maids replied cheerfully.

“Hm, can you do it?”

“Yes! Though we can’t defeat that monster, we can lure it away!”

“Haruto-sama is a wise man.
So I have decided that the best course of action is to follow your orders.”

“… Then, lure the enemy over there in plain view from this side.
But if there happens to be a problem, run away immediately.
Protecting you will be my responsibility.”

“Yes… I trust you, Haruto-sama!”

“I know how strong you are, Haruto-sama, for saving us from the terrible things that were about to be done to us.
I trust you!”

The two maids signaled with their eyes and then chanted a spell.

”Speed up!”x2

A white light appeared on their feet.
Then the two of them headed towards the monster at great speed.

I de-summoned my HK416 rifle and covered them with my M24 sniper rifle with infrared scope.

“Over here! You filthy-pathetic monster! Look at me!”


The childish maid provoked it with words, and the quiet maid attacked it with magic.

Enraged, the Undead Nephilim came at them with great speed.

I aimed at its legs and fired several shots.
It slowed down a little, and the two maids were able to guide it to a safe distance.

Good, they had managed to lure it to a place where no one was around.

Just a little more.

Almost there.


“Alice! Please!”


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Alice created a block of huge ice without chanting and trapped the Undead Nephilim.
The creature rampaged using the powerful force it possessed, but Alice kept concentrating on keeping the giant ice prison from breaking.

And I turned off my M24 sniper rifle.

“Both of you, protect Alice!”

“Yes!” x2

We switched offensively.

The two maids came over to where Alice and I were.
And I ran to the trapped Undead Nephilim.

“Summon M134 minigun!”

I chanted.

“Eat this!!!”

And I let loose.

In 1.2 seconds, about 100 bullets penetrated the ice Alice created and struck the flesh of the Undead Nephilim.
Once the barrel turned red, I summoned another again, replaced and fired in rapid succession.


The undead nephilim continued to rampage.
But he cannot resist the gift of modern civilization, and its body started to disintegrate into pieces after thousands of shots.

By the time the smell of reddish minigun gunpowder wafted through the air, the undead nephilim emitted a black light and disappeared completely.

“So cool…”

“He must be a hero… a true hero has emerged…”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen such a weapon… and the power of the magic bullet unleashed with a dragon-like cry… he’s definitely class 5!”

[Alice side]

Alice’s heart was on the verge of exploding.

The man who had saved her once again defeated the powerful enemy with style, using a weapon she had never seen before.

He was dressed in work clothes for making takoyaki, but his face and body were dazzling in the moonlight.

His breath, his expressions, his muscles, and his kind heart…


Electricity ran through Alice’s mind.
This electricity traveled from her head to her heart, to her stomach, and down to her… bottom, giving rise to a single desire.

—I want to conceive Haruto’s child.

With this thought in mind, Alice released the ice magic and looked longingly at him.

She was unaware that she had almost lost her footing and then sprained her legs.

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